Mr. C Ronaldo World Footballer, Messi only asked once

Mr. Ronaldo World Footballer’s previous footballers only count Messi once
Cristiano Ronaldo was elected Mr. World Football in 2016, marking the second time in his career.In history, Ronaldo and Zidane won three prizes and tied for the top of the list, followed by Ronaldo and Ronaldinho twice, Messi only won once, and George Weah was the only one of the previous winners from non-Europe and South AmericaThe legendary star of the national team.  In 1991, Matteus Germany Inter Milan’s first World Footballer selection was in 1991. Matteus led Inter Milan to win the UEFA Cup. He was also the captain of the 1990 World Cup champion Federal Republic of Germany, so he scored 128 points.To win the championship, France’s 113-point French player Papan and 40-point English killer Reinkel won the 1991 World Footballer.    In 1992, Van Basten, AC Milan, the Netherlands, as the small World Cup at that time, Serie A almost had the most popular top star. 1992 was the first year of AC Milan Serie A’s three consecutive championships. As the team’s number one star, Van BastenHe won the award with a high score of 161 points, which was higher than the combined score of second place Stoichkov (88 points) and third place Hasler (61 points).    In 1993, Baggio Italy Juventus Juventus won the UEFA Cup in 1993. As the most popular star in Serie A, Baggio, the only career in the title of Mr. Football, scored 152 points, exceeding Romario’s 84 points andBergkamp’s 58 points.    In 1994, Romario, Brazil, and Brazil regained the World Cup in 1994. Romario was the current champion and won the World Cup Golden Globe. Of course, he won FIFA, rising by 346 points, followed by Barcelona teammate Stowe.Ichkov’s 100 points and Baggio’s 80 points.    In 1995, George-Via Liberia, AC Milan, George-Via was the only African winner in the history of World Footballer. In 1995, he led Paris Saint-Germain to the limelight in the Champions League. In the group stage, they played Bayern in double.Opening the record for the first time, Via scored a key goal at the Camp Nou in the quarter-finals to help the team draw against Barcelona. In the end, Paris scored 3-2 to eliminate the La Liga giants. He also won the Champions League Golden Boot with 7 goals.The Ajung Golden Ball Award, Mr. World Football and Mr. Africa Football, has three honors in one.Milan teammate Maldini ranked second with 80 points, and Klinsmann who switched from Tottenham to Bayern scored 58 points with third.    In 1996, Ronaldo Ronaldo, a Barcelona alien, turned out. After transferring to Barcelona in 1996, he scored 47 goals in 49 games in a single season. It shocked the entire football and was finally elected to FIFA with a high score of 329 points.Ah’s 140 points and Alan Shear’s 123 points.    In 1997, Ronaldo Brazil Inter Milan became the most popular player in the world. After helping Barcelona win the King’s Cup and the European Winners’ Cup, they moved to Inter Milan in a shocking way and still handed out outstanding transcripts.After Ronaldo with 480 points, Real Madrid defender Carlos ranked second with 85 points, a huge difference. Bogkamp and Zidane tied for third with 62 points.    In 1998, Zidane France Juventus France was historicly crowned World Cup champion in the country in 1998. Zidane, who scored two headers in the finals, naturally became the best of the year, scoring 518 points, World Cup Golden BallThe award Ronaldo scored 164 points, missed the three consecutive players of World Football, Real Madrid killer Su Ke 108 points ranked third.    In 1999, Rivaldo Barcelona won the double crown in 1999. Rivaldo succeeded Ronaldo and became the darling of Camp Nou. In the same year, he also led the Brazil team to win the Copa America and tied with Ronaldo as the top scorer in the Copa America.Naturally crowned the best of the year with 543 points, led Beckham of Manchester United to win the triple crown, followed by 194 points, Batistuta ranked third with 79 points.    In 2000, Zidane, France Juventus, Zidane led the French team to complete the historic World Cup and European Cup double crown, Qi Zu is naturally the best player of the year, but the European Cup performance eye-catching Figo, thenHe also scored a high score of 329 points, surpassing Qizu’s 370 points and Rivaldo’s 263 points, replacing the consecutive scores.    In 2001, Figo retired from Portugal Real Madrid Figo a year ago, regretting that he moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid to win the reset exposure. At the same time, he also led the Galaxy fleet to the La Liga championship in 2001, plus the remaining European Cup 2000With the superstar effect, the Portuguese players finally won the first World Footballer.Beckham’s 238 points, not far from Figo’s 250 points, the third place is 96 points, another Real Madrid ace Raul.    In 2002, Ronaldo Brazil, Real Madrid, Korea, Japan and World Cup Brazil won five gold cups. The Ronaldo King, who was seriously injured, returned and took off the World Cup golden boots with 8 goals. In the end, he scored twice to rule the game.In the summer of that year, Da Luo moved to Real Madrid, and at the end of the year, he successfully became a double winner of the Golden Globe and World Football.World Cup Golden Globe winner Kahn, 171 points lost to Ronaldo’s 387 points, became the highest ranked goalkeeper in the history of Mr. FIFA, Zidane, who immediately won the Champions League championship after transferring to Real Madrid, ranked third with 148 points.    In 2003, Zidane Zidane, who won the Champions League trophy one year before but missed the World Football Championship, was compensated one year later. In 2003, Real Madrid also won the La Liga title, which is also the last time Zizou won the league title.Behind Qi Zu with 264 points was Henry, a 200-point national teammate, and Ronaldo with 176 points.    In 2004, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Brazil, Ronaldinho, after joining Barcelona, quickly conquered the world’s fans. In the 2003-04 season, he led the Red and Blue teams to 18 points, reversing Real Madrid and winning the La Liga runner-up. The 2004-05 season started with La Liga and led the way.Mr.The gun king Henry regretted that he missed the supreme honor. At that time, he led Arsenal to historically dominate the Premier League with an undefeated record, but the European Cup was disappointed and made it miss the sample. 552 points lost to Ronaldinho’s 620 points, and the third was 253.Shevchenko assigned.    Ronaldinho Ronaldo, Brazil, Ronaldinho, Brazil, helped Barcelona win the La Liga title for the first time in 2005 and won the Spanish Super Cup, which successfully won the World Footballer and won a surprisingly high vote of 956 points, followed by the new Premier League champion Chelsea’s core Lampard, 306 points, Eto’o 190 points ranked third.    In 2006, Cannavaro Real Italy won the German World Cup with a dark horse. Captain Cannavaro swept the awards ceremony of the two major men at the end of the year. If Mattus, who kicked the scavenger late in his career, was not considered a defenderIn other words, the current coach of Tianjin Quanjian is also the only defender to overcome today’s World Footballer Award.After the Italian with 489 points, Zidane, the 454-point World Cup Golden Globe winner, had a very small gap. Ronaldinho, with 380 points, replaced three consecutive championships.    In 2007, Kaka Brazil AC Milan AC Milan won the Champions League trophy after an interval of 4 years, Kika, a pillar of the sky, easily took over the two major moments at the end of the year, which also made up for the regrets of the red and black senior Shevchenko, and the Ukrainian nuclear warhead won goldThe award, but never won the title of Mr. World Football.Kaka with 1047 points doubled Messi with 504 points and Ronaldo scored 426 points.    In 2008, Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United C Ronaldo led Manchester United to complete two consecutive Premier League championships in 2008. At the same time, he won the Champions League Big Ear Cup and the World Club Cup. He also won the European Golden Boot Award that year, so he easily won first with 935 points.World Footballer, Messi scored 678 points, staying in the second place, and the European Cup final lore player Torres scored 203 points over Kakalie third.    In 2009, Messi Argentina, Argentina, Barcelona, Messi and Guardiola led Barcelona to an unprecedented six-time champion in 2009. The Argentine certainly did not have any conflicts. The first to win the world footballer, some of the 1073 points also created a vote.Historical record.Cristiano Ronaldo, who just transferred to Real Madrid, scored 352 points, Harvey 196 points, and Kaka ranked third with 6 points.    In 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid returned to the World Football Team after seven years of restoration. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 34.54% support rate was elected. In 2016, he won the Champions League and the European Cup two championship titles, easily won the Golden Globe and FIFA.Messi scored 26.42% support rate ranks second, pressing 7.Gretzman with a 53% approval rating.