Haiqing, Gao Mantang and others won the Youth Model Award in the Second Initial Heart List

Haiqing, Gao Mantang and others won the “Youth Model Award” in the Second Initial Heart List
On the evening of November 13th, the second initial heart list award ceremony was held at the Beijing Convention Center.Bai Tao, director of “Passionate Time”, Zhang Xiewei, screenwriter of “Golden Eyes”, and Yang Xiaopei, producer of “Full-time Master”, won the 2019 Influential Young Director, Young Screenwriter and Young Producer Awards; Gao Mantang, Hai Qing,Gong Yu won the “Youth Model Award”.Hai Qing said that he did not dare to be the winner, saying that he was just a representative of the actor.Gao Mantang encourages young film and television creators to insist on story personality, line personality, character personality, and have their own independent narrative style.Haiqing.Yang Xiaopei, who won the 2019 Influential Young Producer Award for the photo provided by the organizer, said that he has been very entangled, pained and happy since he participated in the “Full Time Master” for four years.What is most gratifying is that outside the “Full Time Master”, the industry has seen the sincerity of the young creative team in production, and it has made the industry and the outside world have a lot of understanding and interest in e-sports sports.”I think the success of a work is fully reflected in the technology, but also in the change and guidance, and in the transmission of spirit, we need to pioneer the spirit.”” Yang Xiaopei.The initial list of pictures provided by the organizer is jointly sponsored by the China TV Drama Production Industry Association and the Capital Radio and TV Program Production Operations Association. The China TV Drama Production Industry Association Youth Work Committee (Yonggong Committee) undertook an industry commendation list that deeply focused on young film and television talents.According to Director Guo Jingyu, director of the Youth Work Committee, the second initial heart list received more than 2,000 people from across the country to apply for the evaluation. The nomination list covers the recent broadcasts from 0:30 on September 30, 2018 to 24:00 on September 30, 2019.In the 100 excellent TV series, online dramas and online movies, all the participants are young and talented young film and television talents under the age of 45. There are more participants than last year, and the competition is more intense.Several programs were presented at the awards that night. In addition to the transformation of the three “2019 influences” of the “elite unit”, the competition of the “big five” units was also fierce.In the end, Qiao Bingqing, Li Qiong, Ying Liangpeng, Xu Run, and Xu Su won the titles of the top five young screenwriters in 2019; the top five young directors in 2019 were Mao Kunyu, Chen Jialin, Jinsha, Zhu Dongning, and Guo Hu; the top five young people in 2019The creative producers are Zhang Weiwei, Gao Boyang, Liang Chao, Han Bing and Cai Jia.In addition, the “Excellence Innovation Award” in the second initial heart list is vacant.The jury believes that this year’s industry continues to explore and move forward in terms of content and mode, but no work or creator has enough weight to win this year’s initial list of outstanding innovation awards.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Shihui

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of One Round Tour this year

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of “One Round Tour” this year
Tonight in the first round of the World Badminton All England Open men’s singles, Lin Dan turned against the wind in the second round and defeated Thai newcomer Kun Lawut 2-1, finally breaking the “one round of tour” curse this year.Lin Dan thrilled through the first round.After the start of the 2020 season, Lin Dan’s Olympic earning journey was quite tortuous, and all three races in January were out of the first round.Since then, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, he has lost at least three competition opportunities.The National Badminton team went to the UK for training. Lin Dan was stranded in Beijing for more than 2 weeks due to visa problems. He went to Germany earlier this month to apply for a British visa. He won the whistle before the All England Open this week.Lin Dan Air Force once played against the Thai teenager once, and he won three games.In this encounter, he had been passive since the start due to no actual battle for more than a month, and lost the first game 13-21.In the second half of the second inning, Lin Dan struck 20 to 13 after falling behind, then scored 2 key points and dragged the game into the tiebreaker on the edge of the cliff.Lin Dan’s status in the battle against the water finally broke out, and a 6-0 victory was started.Thailand’s small feet are in chaos, Lin Dan fully grasps the initiative, and finally wins 21 to 10 to complete the shocking reversal!After scoring into the top 16 in the UK, Lin Dan will have at least 4800 points into the account, and there is hope to enter the top 16 of the Olympic points list.His opponent in the second round will be the winner between teammate Chen Long and Indian player Srikante.Sauna, night net editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofread Liu Yue