In the first two months of this year, the area of commercial housing sales declined for ten years.9%

In the first two months of this year, the area of commercial housing sales declined for ten years.9%
Sauna Night News On March 16, the National Bureau of Statistics released the national real estate development investment and sales from January to February this year.First, the completion of real estate development investment 1-2 months, the national real estate development investment was 10115 billion, a continuous decline of 16.3%.Among them, residential investment was 731.8 billion yuan, down 16.0%.From January to February, real estate development investment in the eastern region was 630.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.5%; the central region invested 173.1 billion yuan, down by 25.9%; investment in the western region was 195.3 billion yuan, down by 18.6%; investment in Northeast China was 12.3 billion yuan, down 16.1%.From January to February, the building area of real estate development enterprises was 694.241 million square meters, an increase of 2 every year.9%.Among them, the residential construction area was 487.654 million square meters, an increase of 4.6%.The floor space of houses newly started was 103.70 million square meters, a decrease of 44.9%.Among them, the newly started area of residential buildings was 75.59 million square meters, a decrease of 44.4%.The floor space completed was 96.36 million square meters, a decrease of 22.9%.Among them, the area of residential buildings completed was 67.61 million square meters, a decrease of 24.3%.From January to February, the land acquisition area of real estate development enterprises was 10.92 million square meters, with a decline of 29.3%; land transaction price was 44 billion yuan, down by 36.2%.Second, the sales and sales of commercial housing from January to February, the sales area of commercial housing was 84.75 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 39.9%.Among them, the area of residential sales fell by 39.2%, the sales area of office buildings dropped by 48.4%, the sales area of commercial premises decreased by 46.0%.Commercial housing should be 8203 trillion, a drop of 35.9%.Among them, the residential decline fell by 34.7%, office building costs fell by 40.6%, house prices for commercial business fell 46.0%.From January to February, the sales area of commercial housing in the eastern region was 35.37 million square meters, a continuous decline of 34.9%; the amount is RMB 479.2 billion, down by 30.0%.The sales area of commercial housing in the central region was 21.39 million square meters, a decrease of 45.2%; budget is 142.5 billion, down 46.4%.The sales area of commercial housing in the western region was 25.65 million square meters, a decrease of 41.3%; this is 177.8 billion, down 40.6%.The sales area of commercial housing in Northeast China was 2.34 million square meters, a decrease of 41.0%; 20.8 billion yuan, down 32.1%.At the end of February, the floor space of commercial housing for sale was 530.04 million square meters, an increase of 31.84 million square meters from the end of 2019.Among them, the area for sale in residential buildings increased by 32.24 million square meters, the area for sale in office buildings increased by 310,000 square meters, and the area for sale in commercial business buildings decreased by 2.82 million square meters.Third, the funds in place for real estate development companies 1-February, the funds in place for real estate development companies were 202.1 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 17.5%.Among them, domestic loans reached 454.7 billion, down by 8.6%; the use of foreign capital was 1.2 billion yuan, down 77.2%; self-raised funds were 616.1 billion yuan, down 15.4%; deposits and advance receipts of 560.3 billion yuan, down 23.9%; personal mortgage loans reached 303 billion yuan, down by 12.4%.Fourth, the real estate development prosperity index In February, the real estate development prosperity index (referred to as the “national housing prosperity index”) was 97.39.Editor Wang Yu

The Old Summer Palace director + Wang Jinsong and other drama bones, did not support this documentary

“The Old Summer Palace” director + Wang Jinsong and other drama bones, did not support this documentary
“Country of the Warring States” is a rare documentary this year >>>, with 7 episodes about the rise and fall of the seven warring states such as South Korea, Wei, Zhao, Yan, Chu, Qi, Qin, etc.The fate of the country and the story of the hero are interspersed with it, hoping to explore the secrets of the rise and fall in the strange history of Bo Yun.Of course, these are essential elements of historical documentaries.The most striking feature of the stills is the “Factual History Documentary” titled “Country of the Winds and Warring States”, which gathers actors such as Wang Jinsong, Li Liqun, Hai Yitian, and Zheng Zeshi.Deductive drama conflict.The labeling of strength faction, documentary, and gold iron wood mixed together, which really drew the appetite of the audience.But after watching the first episode, he was greatly disappointed.Is this a TV series or a documentary?Said it is a documentary, a large number of performance plots dilute the documentary and artistic; said that it is a TV series, in addition to Wang Jinsong, Li Liqun’s performances are storytelling, the rest of the performance plot storytelling is lacking, most of them walk through the scene instead of narration.There are many definitions of documentary films, but they are all inseparable from the word “true”.In an interview with the media, Jin Tiemu said that the content and lines of the film are derived from Zhengshi, and there is no fiction or fiction. Is this really the case?The history is fascinating and confusing at the same time. Taking pre-Qin history as an example, due to the long age and the prohibition and destruction of the past dynasties, the lack of historical materials and a large number of forgeries, it is very difficult to restore, and the historical records are far less exciting than the novels.”Country of Warring States” fell into this narrative trap.First of all, in addition to the narrative framework in line with historical records, the film cannot withstand scrutiny in many plots and details.For example, the relationship between King Yanzhao and Su Qin portrayed as “CP both visual sense”, although the “Warring States Strategist Book” in the book of Ma Wangdui proves Su Qin’s life, the authenticity of the book is still one of the focuses of academic debate, More and more people tend to think that this is a falsification of the Han Dynasty.As a documentary that objectively describes history, it is easy to draw conclusions and fail to endorse from an expert’s point of view, which is very abrupt. This is a lot of retrogression compared with works such as “Daming Palace”.The switching of many historical scenes and the narrative of historical events in the film are also far from the documentary and artistic nature of the documentary. For example, the plot of Yan Wang ‘s Zen concession, lack of historical background, the plot is processed more like “over”Home”, Jing Ke stabbing King Qin’s plot, lacking the tragic suicide of Fan Yuqi-“Historical Records” contains Fan Yuqi’s “self-existence”, the film is a dagger stabbing chest; there is no “strong man go”The tragic feeling of “no return”-Jing Ke is like a mourning dog.Involving wars between princes such as Yan, Qi, Zhao, etc., they are often handled in a formal way, without narration and expert perspective, and the whole film seems to be a piece of historical reading together, “Daming Palace” and “Yuanmingyuan”There is little left for the constructed scientific spirit.”Drama-style historical documentary” is a major innovation claimed by the film side. Using powerful actors to carry the plot, it sounds a pioneering act, but it seems to be a joke.There are two difficult problems to avoid.One is that actors perform too much, unlike previous historical documentaries. Most actors are “props-like” and use expressions and actions to assist the plot.”Countries of the Wind and Warring States” went the other way, allowing actors to perform and lead the plot forward. The truth told in the past through text, pictures and animation became the bridge.The need to shape the character collides with the main purpose of expressing the truth, the former marginalizes the latter.For example, after Wang Yanzhao heard that Qi Guo was defeated, Wang Jinsong played this and ran to the temple to cry. This is completely a movie and television performance. As audiences, they often marvel at Wang Jinsong’s acting skills and ignore the seriousness of history.Second, the overall performance of the actors is lacking in performance. Wang Jinsong and Li Liqun are seniors in the film and television industry. A documentary with limited capacity is familiar to them. The performance of other actors has a gap between them. The performances of Su Qin, Jing Ke and others have no laps.It seems that the props have been given action capabilities.The cost of Wang Jinsong’s documentary is limited, and the pay of well-known actors must account for the bulk, and the remaining budget is not enough to support a good team of actors.Moreover, the director had the idea of finding actors to shape the characters two months before the start of filming. It is important to know that the schedule of powerful actors is also saturated enough-see the number of movies and TV dramas that Wang Jinsong recently played in the movie.The time of the month is too hasty for a documentary that pays attention to texture.The truth of history is stretched in front of the actor’s halo.Maybe this film is a bold experiment. How effective it is now is difficult to draw conclusions.But for now, it is not optimistic.□ He Shuwo (reviewer) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Baoqing

Guoan meets the Devil’s schedule in April and May, the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese Super League is unknown

Guoan meets the Devil’s schedule in April and May, the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese Super League is unknown
The Chinese Football Association issued the 2020 Super League match and scale arrangement. From the schedule, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan will play the first round of competition with Hebei Huaxia at home on February 23. On October 31, the Guoan LeagueThe closing game is away against Chongqing Swey.Guoan will play at home in the first game of the new season.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang She Guoan will face the “highlight” in April. According to the schedule, the first two rounds of the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team are played at home. The opponents of the two rounds are Hebei Huaxia and Shijiazhuang Yongchang.After the AFC Champions League group match at home on March 3, the Guoan team will usher in a continuous away game in the league: March 8 to challenge Shanghai Shanggang on the road and go to Henan to fight against Jianye on the 13th.Genesio ‘s team will usher in the “Devil schedule” in April: after home games against Guangzhou R & F on April 3, the Guoan team will start a double-lane four-seater, except for the AFC away game on April 8 and 22In addition, April 12 and 17 will have to go away to challenge Qingdao Huanghai and Shandong Luneng.On April 26, the Guoan team returned home to face Tianjin TEDA, ending the continuous away game.On May 6, the Guoan team will play the final round of the AFC Champions League group match with Chiang Rai United at home. If the team advances to the knockout stage, the first round of the knockout will be contested on May 26.In the league, the Yulinjun will also play four rounds in May, with opponents Jiangsu Suning, Tianjin Tianhai, Shanghai Shenhua and Wuhan Zall.The prospects of the league may be affected by the epidemic. In addition to the release of the new season Super League matchup, the Chinese Football Association today announced the cancellation of the 2020 national adult female football team spring training due to the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan.Whether the Super League will start as scheduled, the outside world has begun to speculate.In accordance with the schedule arranged by the Chinese Football Association, Wuhan Zall started with “four consecutive players”, and did not return to the home until the fifth round of the league on April 4th. It met the Dalian people and realized that it was affected by the epidemic.However, in the eyes of the outside world, the degree of epidemic control will also affect the entire alliance. In 2003, the last generation A A was interrupted for 83 days due to the outbreak of SARS.After that, the schedule was forced to be rescheduled, and even appeared in the 7 rounds of the month in July.The Football Association official has not yet formulated a resolution on this, but the clubs have issued corresponding preventive notices, requiring team members to “pay attention to personal hygiene and minimize visits to public places.” It is still unknown whether the team ‘s next training preparations will be affected.The 2020 Super League Guoan Team sauna schedule, night net editor Zhou Xiao Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

Master Bao in 2 cottages in Beijing was investigated again

“Master Bao” in 2 cottages in Beijing was investigated again
Sauna, Yewang was informed today that the Beijing Dongcheng District Market Supervision Administration accepted the report of the “Bao Shifu” trademark holder Beijing Baocaisheng Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd., and recently confronted a number of cottage “Bao Shifu” pastries on Gulou and Gui StreetThe shop was investigated.Law enforcement officials found that the reported multiple stores evenly used the words “Master Bao” on the door, and the words “Master Pastry Bao” and “Master Bao” were also used on the price tags and cake paper cups.After investigation, some of the above stores did not obtain the authorization of the “Bao Shifu” trademark owner, and in March 2018, they used the “Bao Shifu” to engage in business activities. The original Dongcheng Industry and Commerce Branch ordered it to stop in June 2018.Ownership behavior, and confiscation of related commodities, the nominal value of 2 trillion US dollars in the name of the administration, but after the two stores are selected, they still continue to use “Master Bao” to engage in business activities.According to the relevant provisions of the “Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the Dongcheng District Market Supervision Bureau has ordered it to stop conducting investigations into corrective actions, and then will correct this particular emphasis.It is understood that Beijing Baocaisheng Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd. obtained the trademark ownership of “Bao Shifu” in 2017, and its approved category is Class 30. The scope of trademark use covers pastries, cakes, bread, filled cakes (snacks), etc.The company has only opened more than a dozen stores in Beijing, and the cottage shop was once more than 300 years.Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Tie Picture Weibo screenshot editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Xiangling

Why is Kapoor just red?

Why is Kapoor just “red”?
Works “Symphony dedicated to the dear sun” “My Red Hometown” “Narrow Board” (left) at the exhibition site of Taimiao Art Museum, “Void” (right) “Will become a cross-section of a unique single-celled individual””Your Travel” was prepared in Beijing, China’s first gallery-level solo pavilion, divided into two pavilions, Central America and Taimiao. It was the masterpiece of his 35-year creative career. Most of the works are colored by red artist Anisch· Anish Kapoor’s first art gallery-level solo exhibition in China was officially unveiled at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This month, the Tai Temple also opened a series of Kapoor’s series of stainless steel and pigment sculptures. By inverting and mapping the surrounding environment, KapoorHis unique artistic techniques will continue to stimulate the senses of the Chinese audience.  Walking into the lobby of the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, what stood before people’s eyes was a large-scale work.Red wax bricks dropped dramatically from the end of several rising conveyor belts into a piece of polymer of the same material.Above the conveyor belt, a huge red sun floated over the mechanized, unmanned scene.As the wax block slowly rose and fell rapidly, a sea of visually impactful red pigment accumulated on the ground, and the audience took out their mobile phones to record the moment when the wax block fell . This shockingThe installation is called “Symphony dedicated to the dear sun”, which is one of the four large-scale works arranged by Anisch Kapoor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum.Along with these four works came to Central America, as well as models of important public project works in his artistic practice over the past few decades, including “Cloud Gate”, “Track”, “South Bank Center” and so on.It can be said that this exhibition presents the artist’s artistic creation spanning over 35 years and is an important review of Anisch Kapoor’s artistic history.  Author / Jia Qingfan The images in this edition are provided by the organizer A. A mix of Chinese and Western artistic ideas Anish Kapoor was born in Mumbai, India in 1954. His father is Indian and his mother is Jewish.Kapoor grew up in a Christian family in India. After studying electrical engineering in Israel, he came to London in the early 1970s to study art and became a Buddhist.The curator of this exhibition, Zhang Zikang, director of the Central American Art Museum, said at the opening ceremony that it is precisely because of such a complex cultural growth background, “In Kapoor ‘s works, ancient Greek mythology, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, Hinduism allusionsAll have their explanations.And Kapoor himself often participates: “I am just an artist working in the UK!”In his view, different cultural forms all contain the same truth. Multiculturalism is also the source and foundation of Kappel ‘s keen perception. In his works, we can see the fusion of Western thinking and Eastern philosophy.  Anisch Kapoor’s creations are often metaphysical, and his reflections on the binary opposition between matter and immaterial, existence and extinction, tangibility and intangibility, consciousness and unconsciousness are reflected in his works.In particular, Indian philosophy and religion are the source of inspiration for Kapoor. He said: “As an artist, I want to make every piece of my work not only an object, but also a carrier of philosophy. Many works are the embodiment of my oriental thought.”Eastern thoughts that have been conceived since childhood, combined with the expression of ideas and forms in the Western art world, these two together created the special charm of this” mixed “artist.  B. Excellent use of space and materials. Kapoor is a master of materials. In his creative career, paint, stainless steel, mined raw stones, etc. are all unique art works in his hands.The exquisite grasp of space is another characteristic of Kapoor ‘s artistic creation. He often uses the properties of various materials to interlace between natural landscapes and works of art, or to eliminate the boundaries between each other, letThe audience can get a new feeling when watching.His masterpieces “Cloud Gate” and “Sky Mirror” are positive. The artist uses the reflection of stainless steel to make the audience have an illusion in the illusion. Standing in front of such works, the fantasy of the inner world seems to be mapped; andIf the audience chooses to give up fantasies, the polished stainless steel face becomes an ordinary reflective surface, and this contrast also guides people to reflect on the authenticity of the landscape society.  In another of Kapoor’s representative work “Sinking”, the turning black vortex seems to draw the audience into the unknown abyss. Is this abyss the other end of the earth?Or is it an illusion deep inside?Every audience will have their own feelings when gazing into and being stared at by the abyss.As Kapoor said, “a real object can often lead to an intangible feeling”, his work of art seems to be a gap in the real world, through which people can see various possibilities.Kapoor uses materials, light and dark convexities in the space and other characteristics to guide the audience to engage in a spiritual dialogue with the artwork itself.  This time, Chinese audiences can see Kapoor’s stainless steel and paint sculptures in Taimiao.”S Curve” is an “S” shaped sculpture formed by the seamless connection of two large pieces of stainless steel, while “C Curve” is a huge piece of curved stainless steel.The convex and concave surfaces on both sides of the two pieces of art reflect the surrounding scene directly and backward.Surrounding these works is another group of Kapoor’s important stainless steel sculptures.These works all present upside-down images, blending the audience into the surrounding buildings and environment, challenging the viewer’s perception experience.  The use of C red pigment is expected to use high-purity colors to increase the visual impact of the work, which is another great magic weapon for Anisch Kapoor’s artistic creation.Among many colors, his favorite is red. Kapoor once said, “Red has some implicit and active sexual characteristics, which fascinates me. I always want to create works with red.”In addition to” Symphony dedicated to the dear sun “, the other three large-scale works in this exhibition of the Central American Art Museum are all based on the theme of” red “.  On the third floor of the museum, we can see huge red cubes. Although they seem to be regular in appearance, they are actually scattered with curved surfaces of different shapes. This work is called “A Cross-Sectional Body That Will Be a Unique Single Cell.”It explores the relationship between interior and exterior, body and space, and presents a fascinating biological form design to the audience.When the audience walks into the hidden door, they enter the mysterious cell body, and they can see that the bright red and bright holes are mysteriously connected and intertwined, generating a metaphor about the body, existence and faith.When the audience walks into the work and becomes a part of it, different moods and feelings are transformed into the present, and this mysterious cell structure will also be given different meanings.  In addition, the artist’s “Travel” at the location of the Argentina Memorial Park in 2017 also came to the Central American Art Museum. This is an industrial landscape work. We can see that the excavator painted in high purity blue is stoppedOn a few hundred tons of red toner, the two colors are in sharp contrast, which strongly stimulates the viewer’s eye, and the red layers over the mountains and the mountains give a very warm and spectacular feeling, which makes the audience can not help but praise this magnificentVisual effect.  The large-scale work on the fourth floor of the museum is another large automatic device “My Red Hometown” by Kapoor. In this work, the machine drives the metal arm to insert into the surface of an open container of 25 tons of red soft wax.During an hour of rotation, the waxy surface around the metal arm moves slowly, as if stirring, constantly shaping the shape of the wax and repeatedly forming a unique landscape.Although the volume of this work is not as huge as the first three, the visual impact it brings is not inferior. When the audience faces it, it will be involuntarily attracted to it. All materials and forms are no longer important.With the audience’s meditation and meditation and the imperceptible metal arm moving, time seems to be still at this moment.  How can we “understand” Anisch Kapoor?This seems to be the first question that every audience walking in the progress hall thinks about when they face the work of this “red” artist.On this point, perhaps Anisch Kapoor has already expressed the answer-“As an artist, I really have nothing to express.”But, I want to invite people to pursue.”This season, we are all the objects he invites. Everyone has the opportunity to swim and talk in his art, to discover, to feel, to explore, to become part of the imaginary world of Kapoor.

Lijiang shares lost 21.46 million in the first quarter, and Shambhala Moonlight City trial operation in the second half of the year

Lijiang shares lost 21.46 million in the first quarter, and Shambhala Moonlight City trial operation in the second half of the year
On April 26, Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lijiang Shares”) released the first quarter report of 2020.According to the report’s average value, Lijiang shares achieved revenue of 41.4 million yuan, an annual extension of 67.77%; realized net profit -2145.920,000 yuan, at least 160 a year.76%, from profit to loss.According to the statistics of the annual report in recent years, the revenue in the first quarter of each year accounts for about 20% of Lijiang ‘s total revenue.However, in response to the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Spot was closed from January 25, and the Impression Lijiang Performing Arts Project affiliated to Lijiang Corporation was suspended on January 24.Long Yue’s catering and other businesses were suspended on January 25.From January 25th to January 30th, hotels under Lijiang Co., Ltd. also announced their closure.Affected by the closure of attractions and hotels, Lijiang’s performance indicators fell in the first quarter of 2020.In addition to revenue and net profit, the reported net cash flow from the merger of Lijiang ‘s operating activities was -67.260,000, at least 102 per year.03%; deduction of non-net profit -2251.150,000 yuan, a ten-year average of -166.9%, from profit to loss.Lijiang said that it will actively formulate corresponding marketing policies based on the development of the epidemic situation and market recovery, promote the progress of project construction, accelerate the research of development projects, gradually replace, and gradually break through the impact of the epidemic on the company.At present, Lijiang Co., Ltd. has resumed the orderly reception of tourists according to the type and nature of the business from February 20th; the Shambhala Moonlight City project is basically completed, and it is expected to trial operation in the second half of 2020.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Yijia editor Wang Sheng boys’ school on Zhai Yongjun picture Lijiang shares official website screenshot

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of One Round Tour this year

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of “One Round Tour” this year
Tonight in the first round of the World Badminton All England Open men’s singles, Lin Dan turned against the wind in the second round and defeated Thai newcomer Kun Lawut 2-1, finally breaking the “one round of tour” curse this year.Lin Dan thrilled through the first round.After the start of the 2020 season, Lin Dan’s Olympic earning journey was quite tortuous, and all three races in January were out of the first round.Since then, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, he has lost at least three competition opportunities.The National Badminton team went to the UK for training. Lin Dan was stranded in Beijing for more than 2 weeks due to visa problems. He went to Germany earlier this month to apply for a British visa. He won the whistle before the All England Open this week.Lin Dan Air Force once played against the Thai teenager once, and he won three games.In this encounter, he had been passive since the start due to no actual battle for more than a month, and lost the first game 13-21.In the second half of the second inning, Lin Dan struck 20 to 13 after falling behind, then scored 2 key points and dragged the game into the tiebreaker on the edge of the cliff.Lin Dan’s status in the battle against the water finally broke out, and a 6-0 victory was started.Thailand’s small feet are in chaos, Lin Dan fully grasps the initiative, and finally wins 21 to 10 to complete the shocking reversal!After scoring into the top 16 in the UK, Lin Dan will have at least 4800 points into the account, and there is hope to enter the top 16 of the Olympic points list.His opponent in the second round will be the winner between teammate Chen Long and Indian player Srikante.Sauna, night net editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofread Liu Yue

62 world champions cheer for Wuhan with championship spirit!

62 world champions cheer for Wuhan with “championship spirit”!
Beijing News News The new crown pneumonia epidemic affects the hearts of all people. In order to express support for all medical staff, staff and people in the epidemic area, dozens of world champions and dozens of media have startedVideo recording and promotion activities to cheer for Wuhan.The theme of the event was “Championship, Overcoming Difficulties, One Heart, Overcoming Epidemic Situation” and “Believe in this Flag, Believe in the Power of Belief”, which lasted two weeks.As of February 12, a total of 88 world champion personal videos and 62 world champion video collections were released.More than 60 media, represented by the Beijing News Sports, have published personal videos and collected nearly 1,000 articles on the media matrix of dozens of platforms.All the world champions recorded videos for the first time, and highly praised the event.Gymnastics Olympic champion Guo Weiyang added in his poem: “Only words show true feelings, and the champion spirit fights the sickness.Frontline medical care is the most respectable and frontline staff is the most lovely.All sectors of society offer love, you have me and my motherland.Sun Yiting, the world champion of air swimming, said: “It is an honour to participate in the activities of world champion cheering for Wuhan and cheering for China, so that the people of the whole country can seize the power of our world champion.Lin Heqin, the world champion of comprehensive fighting, interpreted it from another angle: “Many people left me a message saying that the slogan is of no practical use.And I want to say that the slogan is cohesion, support, hope, and our goal for this event.Xu Lijia, the Olympic champion of sailing in the UK, said: “The activity of cheering for the world champion to cheer for Wuhan not only brought high-level athletes together, but also sent the gritty and positive energy of the sports people.”

Three men’s U23 men’s and women’s basketball team ushered in their first victory, but the World Cup still faces many challenges

Three men’s U23 men’s and women’s basketball team ushered in their first victory, but the World Cup still faces many challenges
The women’s team ushered in the first victory.Photo courtesy of the organizing committee Today, the 2019 FIBA Triple Basketball (U23) World Cup continues, the Chinese Basketball Association Secretary-General Bai Xilin attended the opening ceremony last night, the Chinese triple basketball U23 women’s team defeated on the first match day yesterdayThe Swiss team and the men ‘s team also defeated the Romanian team this afternoon, and the two Chinese teams both won their first match of the tournament.According to reports, the Chinese three-person basketball U23 women’s team is composed of Ha Wenqian, Pan Xuemei, Zhang Lingge and Wang Haimei. They have participated in this year’s FIBA three-person basketball U23 National League all 6 stations and won the Asian and European teams.The runner-up of 5 races and a third place, and won the third place in the finals that ended not long ago.Yesterday’s first match day, the Chinese three basketball U23 women’s team debuted with a poor offensive feel, losing 11-11 to the European powerhouse Netherlands.After a short adjustment, the girls made full use of home advantage and beat the Swiss team with a 21 to 12 disparity score to win the first victory of this World Cup.This afternoon, the Chinese trio basketball U23 men’s team defeated the Romanian team 21-16, and the first show made a good start.Although this is only the three-person basketball World Cup in the U23 age group, it is inseparable from the three-person basketball Olympic qualification.In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, three men ‘s basketball will have 8 men ‘s teams and women ‘s teams. On November 1st of the last year, the top three teams in the world will directly receive tickets for the Olympics.Depending on the adult team, and even linked to the scores of some domestic players, the performance of national teams at all levels is very critical.Therefore, the Chinese three-person basketball U23 men’s and women’s teams must strive for higher rankings and more points in this World Cup.According to the format of this World Cup, two Chinese teams need to be able to play and advance to the top 8 before obtaining the group.In the next game, the Chinese three-person U23 men’s and women’s basketball team will face no small challenges.

Tolstoy’s Resurrection opera version premieres next week, with lyrics adapted to the Chinese audience

Tolstoy’s “Resurrection” opera version premieres next week, with lyrics adapted to the Chinese audience
From December 11 to 12, the opera “Resurrection” of the same name, adapted from Tolstoy’s original novel, will be premiered in the Beijing Theater.It is reported that this play is the world’s first opera adaptation of Toweng’s “Resurrection”, with Feng Yuping as the chief planner, Wang Haiping’s screenplay, directed by Duan Xingtao, Zhang Yang, and Song Yuanming as the leading male and female protagonists, and the male protagonist Nehryudov andEmotional story of the heroine Maslova.Opera poster.Photo courtesy of the organizer. On December 6, at the rehearsal site of the opera, director Duan Xingtao introduced that the play was created according to the structure of the big opera. The prelude, chorus, big aria and the inheritance of the plot can make the various opera elements get full display space., “We took the freehand and realistic way to express the emotion and spirit of the script, while enriching the expression form, adding scene expression and dance rendering and narrative.”In terms of music and singing style,” Resurrection “adopts a joint collaboration between Chinese and Russian artists.The overture, chorus and cutscenes were created by famous Russian composers, and the singing and other music were created by the famous Chinese composer Liu Sijun.Actress Song Yuanming said that how to interpret Russian culture in Chinese is a very challenging thing. “The composition part should try to be closer to the Russian style. The vocal part re-planned and adapted by Wang Haiping should be close to the Chinese audience.It is hoped that the result will be a personalized music with a fusion of rich Russian style and mellow Chinese charm.”Sauna, editor Yang Chang Tian Ai Ni proofreading Li Xiangling