Emotional care for dementia elderly

Emotional care for dementia elderly

△ worries—Dementia patients are prone to loss and insecurity, symptoms are fidgety, repeatedly picking clothes, constantly rubbing their hands, barking around or walking around, and even refuse to eat and treat.

Based on: Give the patient enough lighting, keep the room quiet, arrange fun activities, and put a relaxing music.

  △ Depression – specific manifestations of sluggishness, withdrawal, loss of appetite, upset, sleep disorders, fatigue and so on.

Prevention: Patiently listen to the patient’s narrative, do not force the patient to do reluctance, encourage participation in sports, and walk is appropriate.

  △ agitation — emotional instability, often ignoring small things, escaping, stubborn, not cooperative.

Note: Analyze the specific cause of the surge, comfort the patient, avoid irritating language, and encourage regular exercise to achieve relaxation.

  △ euphoria—often showing satisfaction, easy to nostalgia, self-satisfaction, increased words, facial expressions give people a naive, stupid feeling.

Prevention: Prevent patients, increase activities, play chess, read newspapers, and play Tai Chi.

  △ indifferent—expressed as retreat, loneliness, avoiding contact with people, lack of interest in the environment.

Reason: Increase the degree of illumination, indoors place the patient’s favorite items, such as calendar, clock, photo, radio, etc., tell the patient some caring language, establish a trust relationship, and encourage the patient to do things.

Beautiful legs, weight loss, 6 steps, stovepipe

Beautiful legs, weight loss, 6 steps, stovepipe

Summer stovepipe has a trick, now come to give you a small recipe for stovepipe!

  It’s almost summer, and summer is the season to show off the curves of the legs. Many girls are unable to do anything about their slightly thick legs.

We invited the fitness instructor He Dong to design a very effective 30-minute leg training program, which was selected from the supermodel Cindy Crawford’s daily fitness program.As long as you work with low-fat, low-calorie diet during exercise, it will produce obvious results in 3-6 weeks.

  This training program consists of 3 groups each time, 10 times each (using 5-10 pounds of dumbbells) and trained twice a week.


Lateral leg (reducing excess meat in the thigh) is upright, legs are separated, hand-held dumbbells are placed on the shoulders, the body is squatted and slowly pulled out to the right, and the right knee is above the big toe (do not exceed the toes), control 2In seconds, keep the upper body straight, move the body, the body’s center of gravity acts on the heel, slowly return to the middle, and move the body to repeat in the opposite direction.


The lower jaw jumps (the overall stovepipe) with the feet apart, wider than the shoulders, and the dumbbells are placed in front of the body to move the center of gravity to the heel.

Continue to squat and then jump up, while holding a part of the dumbbell to the head, when jumping, lock the elbow joint and abdomen.


The lower step of the lunge (outside the thigh) holds the dumbbell on the body part, and the right leg steps forward a large step at a 90 degree angle, bends the knee until the right knee touches the ground, steps on the sputum, and then slowly restores.


Hold the dumbbell body and bend forward, hold the legs upright and stand upright, and put the dumbbell in front of the leg.

Slowly bend forward until the upper body is parallel to the ground, keep the hips straight, focus on the heel, and slowly restore.


Windmill kicks a, erect, inserts into the head, gently turns to the left, the left foot is extended, the right foot is forward, the heel is lifted, and the right leg and front straight are kept.

  b, the left knee is 90 degrees, when the combination moves to the left leg double, the right foot does not leave the ground, thereby reducing.


Lying on the back side, the legs are lying upwards, the left hand is supported on the right side, the abdomen, the left knee is at a 90-degree angle, the right hand is placed in front of the body to maintain balance, and the right leg is forward to the buttocks, and the leg is pulled higher than the other side, keeping 2Second, slowly reduce 10 cm.

Coarse grains need to be eaten by age to be healthy

Coarse grains need to be eaten by age to be healthy

The nutritional advantages and coarse grains of coarse grains are many types, which can be roughly divided into coarse grains and fine grains.

Fine grains mainly refer to white rice and white flour; coarse grains include rough-processed rice, noodles and various miscellaneous grains such as millet, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, and buckwheat.

Coarse grains contain a large amount of B vitamins, minerals and fiber supplements, which are essential nutrients for the body.

It has been determined that the B-vitamins contained in the coarse grains are higher than the refined white rice, white noodles, and vitamin B 0 per 100 g of millet.

33mg, corn 0.

27mg, cornmeal 0.

34mg, raising wheat 0.

28mg, soba noodles 0.

39mg: For every 100g of ordinary white rice, the white noodles contain vitamin B 0.

15mg, high quality standard rice only contains 0.


09 mg.

It can be said that the finer the fine grains, the less vitamin B is contained.

In addition, the content of trace elements such as iron, zinc and selenium in coarse grains is also high, which is beneficial to the human body.

  Although coarse grains have many nutritional advantages, they also have shortcomings.

First, coarse grain processing is rough.

The grain is removed and added, and it is not easy to digest; the second is that the coarse grains contain too much phytic acid and supplementary fiber, and excessive absorption will affect the digestion and absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals: the third is coarse rice, the rough surface is in the senses.It is not as good as fine white rice, noodles, and taste is poor.

All of these will affect the use of coarse grains by the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to make good use of coarse grains and to formulate diet plans according to different ages and health conditions.

  To eat coarse grains, children and children should not eat too much coarse grains, because the development of children’s digestive organs is not perfect, the secretion of digestive enzymes is not enough, the ability to digest and absorb is poor, and eating too much rough food can cause indigestion.

In addition, coarse grains can affect the digestion and absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, which is not good for children’s growth and development.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend that children under the age of 3 should not eat coarse grains.

Larger children can eat coarse grains in moderation, 1-2 times a week, 25 times each time?
50 g, especially pay attention to cooking methods to help children digest and absorb.

For example, a mixed method of coarse and fine grain can be used, such as two-meter porridge (rice + millet), coarse grain cake (corn noodles + flour, sorghum noodles + flour, millet noodles + flour, etc.), which can supplement B vitamins and trace elements.It also contributes to the complementary function of proteins, which is beneficial to improving the nutritional value of proteins and improving taste.

  Middle-aged middle-aged people are better to eat coarse grains 2 per week?
3 times, each time 50-100 g, to facilitate the supplement of B vitamins and increase the intake of replacement fiber.

In particular, prevention of fiber can prevent constipation, lower blood lipids and prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes, but patients with stomach diseases should eat less.

  Older people are more likely to have constipation and have the least amount of food invaded daily.

There are also fewer vegetables.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly eat appropriate coarse grains, 1 per week?
2 times, about 50g each time, to prevent constipation and vitamin B supplementation.

  Eating coarse grains can help prevent chronic diseases. In addition to genetic factors and metabolic problems, unreasonable diet is also an important factor causing obesity.

In diet therapy, in addition to maintaining a small balance and eating less greasy and high-sugar foods, you should also eat more foods that are expected to consume fiber, and you should choose coarse grains in the staple food.

Replenishing fiber can delay the emptying of the stomach, produce a feeling of fullness, reduce the transfer of intake, and inhibit the absorption of sputum and sugar.

At the same time, low-doped substances in coarse grains have a better effect on weight loss.

It is best for obese people to eat 50-100 g of coarse grains per day. The method of eating can be selected according to the type of coarse grains and personal preference.
  In addition to excessive B vitamins and replacement fibers, high-lipidemia coarse grain supplements also contain antioxidants such as vitamin E and B-carotene, which are beneficial to eliminate excretion and prevent low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C).Oxidation to prevent atherosclerosis.

Low-doped substances in coarse grains also have a better effect on lowering blood fat.

Therefore, people with hyperlipidemia should always eat coarse grains.

Sleep is the most affordable way to lose weight

Sleep is the most affordable way to lose weight

Starting today, there is no longer an excuse for losing weight, except those who do not have time to sleep.

Give an extra hour to sleep, and you can lose weight scientifically in winter.

As the saying goes: “One inch minus one inch” is currently popular in a powerful shocking sleep weight loss method called “the last chance of slimming”, has received good feedback, even people who lose weight can be significantly thinnerCome down!

Especially in the winter, an extra hour of sleep, you can scientifically lose weight in winter.


hzh {display: none; }  睡眠是最经济实惠的减肥方法。  The latest research by French scientists shows that sleep is the most economical way to lose weight.

  Because regular sleep is enough to effectively solve the problem of overweight, and can save a lot of money, sleep is the most effective way to lose weight without any cost.

  Regular sleep can effectively solve the problem of overweight.

  There are many factors that lead to overweight, and scientists at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) say there are many factors that lead to excessive weight.

  One of the well-known factors is incorrect eating habits and lack of physical exercise, but few people know that lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain.

  Women need extra sleep for health. Researchers also say that women’s lack of sleep is enough to affect their body shape, and it can lead to high incidence of cardiovascular disease, depression and various mental illnesses.

  According to the results of Duke University in North Carolina, the ratio of men and women requires more sleep for health.

At the same time, there is also a research index weighing, the lack of sleep will lead to the following “symptoms”: depression, aggressiveness and susceptibility.

  A survey conducted by French scientists who are prone to obesity and easily lead to obesity shows that if a person sleeps for an average of four hours for two consecutive days, the hormone ghrelin responsible for hunger in the body will nearly double.Hormonal leptin, which regulates the amount of apes and appetite in the body, will be relatively reduced.

  At present, a powerful shocking sleep weight loss method in Japan is called “the last chance of slimming”. Growth hormone is called HGH. It is a natural hormone secreted by the human body. Its main function is to promote bone and muscle growth, and it can also accelerate the body.Burning.

  The amount of HGH secreted will decrease with age and will decrease rapidly after the age of 30.

So why is the closer to middle age, the more bloated, the body is not easy to maintain, or even deformed?

  Even if we maintain the 20-year-old exercise volume and eating habits, it is still difficult to maintain the standard weight.

It is mainly caused by the lack of HGH growth hormone secretion in our body, which leads to the natural phenomenon caused by the decrease of metabolic rate in the body.

  HGH is secreted only during sleep at night, especially in the “anti-sleep” after about 90 minutes of sleep.

  Bone growth and intramuscular hyperplasia are produced by the dominance of HGH growth hormone at night.

Therefore, the transients we absorb on weekdays exceed the displacements consumed by our bodies, and the extra nutrients accumulate over the years to form trace excess meat.

  If the basal metabolic rate of the body itself is low and the conversion cannot be consumed at the right time, it is easy to cause obesity.

In fact, the burning of free radicals and the growth of various tissues, more than 70% of them are in a resting state, especially in sleep.

  American scholars first discovered that supplementing high concentrations of complex amino acids before bedtime can promote the increase of HGH growth hormone secretion in adults, can quickly burn excess amount in the body, and unconsciously restore bodybuilding in sleep.

  Because complex amino acids can help the body to effectively use fatty acids in the energy production process, and help the formation of collagen, help bone growth and cartilage, knotty tissue, fibrin composition.

  This amazing discovery called “sleep weight loss” mainly affects the physiological functions and sleep time in sleep. It can be said to be an epoch-making new method of slimming.

Promote metabolism during sleep, increase metabolism and reduce trace amounts, easy and convenient.

  Scientists also use the Americans as an example to warn people that as the sleep time is gradually decreasing, the trend of Americans’ obesity in the past 50 years is still strengthening.

  According to scientists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, even if you sleep an hour a day, the incidence of obesity is reduced by 9 percentage points.

What should I do if I lose more and more hair?

Do these 3 things before washing your hair, and raise your scalp for hair loss!

What should I do if I lose more and more hair?
Do these 3 things before washing your hair, and raise your scalp for hair loss!

The development of the current era is also relatively rapid. Many people have caused some adverse consequences, such as hair loss, due to work pressure and poor eating habits.

I believe that everyone should have been damaged by hair loss, especially when washing their hair, the hair is very much.

Although our hair will grow out, it will gradually drop more every day.

It will even become bald and affect the appearance, and will even cause some diseases.

So, we must take good care of our hair.

Especially in middle age, don’t eat too salty, because salty food will retain moisture, causing black hair to become hay. In addition, too much salt in the hair will provide a better place for bacteria to breed, dandruffIt will increase, which will aggravate hair loss.

How should we prevent such situations as it is easy to lose hair when washing hair?

So let’s share a few mitigation methods today, so don’t miss it.

1. Some people who comb their hair before shampooing are lazy. When you wash your hair, you don’t always comb your hair. When you wash your hair, your hair will be messy and it will be easy to lose hair.

Therefore, we should first comb the hair before shampooing.

And when combing the hair, the hair is tied and the mess is smoothed, and then combed from the end of the hair, until it can be smoothly combed from the hair root to the hair, it can prevent hair loss very well.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to, it is best not to start from the hair roots to start combing, so as not to damage the hair roots.

2, to wet the hair with dry hair now is a popular practice, and many people continue to use at the same time, but they do not know, dry cleaning hair is easy to cause harm to our body.

Because our shampoo contains chemical substances, the action of scalp massage when we wash our hair will open the scalp capillaries and absorb the shampoo chemicals. If it accumulates for a long time, it will easily cause cerebral infarction.So everyone still wash their hair with water.

3, when washing your hair, don’t force your hair. Some people like to use your hair when you wash your hair. Otherwise, you don’t feel that your hair is not cleaned. In fact, this method of shampooing is wrong.

Therefore, when we wash our hair, we should first completely wet the hair, then pour a proper amount of shampoo on the hands, wait until the foam is removed, then put it on the head and gently rub it to make the hair foam.That is, you don’t need to use your hair too much to avoid hurting the hair scales.

In daily life, many people will lose hair, but don’t worry, according to the three correct methods of shampoo mentioned above, you can prevent hair loss, we must remember.

Because the correct shampoo will help us to lose less hair and better maintain our hair.

Yuexiu | Dadong Street issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits: enjoy free tuina, listen to health lectures, take health blessing bags!

Yuexiu | Dadong Street issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits: enjoy free tuina, listen to health lectures, take health blessing bags!


As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, many people have received material and welfare benefits from the company.

Xiao e learned that the carnation family of Dadong Street received a “three-piece health package”: health lecture + health massage test + Mid-Autumn Health Blessing!

I hope that people will live for a long time, and they will be a beautiful wish and a good blessing.

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Here, we sincerely wish every friend present happy Mid-Autumn Festival and good health.

Yesterday afternoon, after the host’s greetings and blessings, Dadong Street was organized by the Dadongjie Family Planning Association, the Dadongjie Women’s Federation, the Dadongjie Family Comprehensive Service Center, and the Antai Chinese Medicine Museum’s “Dongyue Mid-Autumn Festival Carnation Family” Dadong Street.In 2018, the special support family Mid-Autumn Festival condolences series activities health health lectures kicked off at the Antai Chinese Medicine Museum.

The Chinese medicine museum is filled with faint medicinal herbs. The carnation family sits in it. Listening to the Chinese medicine practitioners teaching the autumn and winter health and health, and then freely enjoying the free massage, testing services, and receiving the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The neighbours expressed their satisfaction with the event and hoped that similar activities could continue in the future.

Volunteers said that the event was very accumulated, allowing special families to go out to the community, to understand the government’s love for them, and to learn a lot of health tips and benefits.

It is reported that the members of the carnation family are mostly outside the age of 50. Due to illness or accident, they have suffered the misfortune of the only child. After experiencing the great sorrow of the “old bereavement”, they have lost their ability to reproduce and can only bear the pressure of old-age care.Spiritual emptiness.

“There are not many families who can really get out of society.

“The staff of the Dadongjie Family Planning Association said.

Dadong Street has 126 special support families, of which 56 are carnation families, ranking the top in the region.

“By supplementing public policies, organizing activities and other forms, soothe the spirit of creation, give spiritual comfort, let them go out of trauma and reintegrate into society.

The organizers said that they hope that through this event, the special support families will bring the care of the party and the government and the warmth and care of the community, so that the carnation family can understand the common sense of Chinese medicine, enhance the awareness of health care, and know how to maintain the body during the autumn season.Spread a healthy lifestyle while providing them with a platform for sharing and sharing.

[Reporter Wang Shan][Edit Chu Yun]Picture from Dadong Street Family Integrated Service Center Source: Micro-community e-home Tong Yue Xiu Dadong (micro signal: xxsbejtdd)

How do you feel horrified?

How do you feel horrified?

The horror of the human body’s liver and yang is gradually rising, the yin and blood are relatively insufficient, the health should follow the yang’s rise, the characteristics of all things, so that their own spirit, emotions, blood and blood are as smooth as the spring day, vitalityabundant.

So what is the horror from the perspective of health, the horror weather is obviously warmer, the diet should be warm and dull, eat more fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods, eat less animal micro-foods, eat more duck blood, spinach, aloe, water radish, bitter gourd, fungus, rape, yam, lotus seeds, white fungus, spring bamboo shoots, celery, chicken, eggs, milk, etc., enhance the body’s resistance to attack by the pathogen.

During the horror season, it is warm and cold, and the climate is relatively dry. It is easy to make the population dry and coughing.

The pear is cold and sweet, has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. The folks have the custom of eating pears.

Pears eat a lot, may be raw food, steamed, juiced, roasted or boiled water, especially rock sugar steamed pear has a very good effect on cough, and is simple and convenient to make, usually does not hinder the replacement of it as a dessert.

In addition, patients with cough can also eat lotus seeds, wolfberry, mangosteen and other foods to alleviate the pain, diet should be light, greasy food is best not to eat, irritating foods, such as pepper, onion, garlic, should also eat less.

  Health Tips “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen.

Heaven and earth are born, everything is proud.

The night lays early, and the steps are wide in the court, the hair is slow, and the brakes are alive.

“The meaning is that in the spring, everything should be revived. You should go to bed early and get up early, walk slowly, and make your spirits happy and healthy.”

This summarizes the basic points of convulsions in the daily life.

Because the spring corresponds to the liver, if the health is improper, it can hurt the liver.

Modern epidemiological investigations have also confirmed that convulsions are a high season for liver disease.

In addition, for example, influenza, meningitis, chickenpox, herpes zoster, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, etc. are prone to outbreaks in this solar term, so it is necessary to prevent such diseases.

Angina pectoris first type and then take medicine

Angina pectoris first type and then take medicine

Nitroglycerin is a classic drug for the treatment of angina pectoris. In order to prevent angina pectoris, many families will store nitroglycerin.

In fact, drugs for preventing angina include nitrates, beta blockers, and calcium ion antagonists, while nitroglycerin is only one of the nitrates.

In order to achieve the best preventive effect, patients should choose a drug based on the type of angina.

  Labor-type angina pectoris – beta blocker beta blockers have a feature that makes the heart “rest”.

It can slow down the heartbeat, reduce myocardial contractility, reduce work done by the heart, and reduce the need for oxygen.

In this way, the “supply and demand contradiction” between the myocardium and blood oxygen is alleviated, and angina is effectively implanted.

Commonly used drugs in this category are Betaloc, Propranolol, Bosu, Carvedilol, etc.

  Beta blockers are particularly suitable for labor-type angina, including stable angina, angina pectoris, and angina pectoris.

In fact, the onset of labor-type angina is related to overwork and emotional agitation. At this time, the myocardial oxygen demand increases, but the severely fractured coronary artery causes the oxygen supply to fail to keep up, and the beta blocker plays a role.It has played a role in solving the “contradictory supply and demand”.

In the case of supine type, variant angina is not required for such drugs, and the drug is not suitable for severe heart failure, bronchial surgery and heart rate depression.

  Self-style angina-calcium antagonists are different from beta-blockers. Calcium-antagonists mainly rely on dilating blood vessels to increase the blood supply of the heart to prevent angina.Bo Yiding and so on.

Calcium antagonists are indicated for patients with spontaneous angina, especially in patients with variant angina.

Self-style angina has nothing to do with fatigue and excitement, but mainly due to contraction and contraction of coronary arteries, resulting in insufficient myocardial oxygen supply, including nocturnal angina, variant angina, and post-infarction angina.

Calcium antagonists can alleviate the contraction of coronary arteries and exert therapeutic effects.

  Patients need to be aware that beta blockers, like calcium antagonists, cannot be suddenly interrupted, otherwise “rebound” may occur, which may aggravate heart cramps and may even cause myocardial infarction.

The patient should slowly reduce the amount under the guidance of a doctor.

  Acute hypertension – nitroglycerin nitrates include heartburn, long-acting nitroglycerin, Lunan Xinkang, etc. These drugs can dilate the coronary arteries, lower blood pressure and blood pressure, apply to all types of angina, but are prone to reduce.
  Among them, nitroglycerin is only used for first aid. If it is used for a long time or supplemented with excessive blood pressure and excessive reduction of coronary artery graft pressure, it will cause sympathetic excitation, rapid heartbeat, strengthen myocardial contractility, increase myocardial oxygen consumption, and induce or aggravate angina.attack.

Therefore, take nitroglycerin from a small dose (0.

3 mg) Start, try to take medicine in the sitting position.

In order to enhance efficacy and reduce adverse reactions, nitroglycerin is agreed to be combined with propranolol.

Nephritis diet Chinese medicine 18 recipes

Nephritis diet Chinese medicine 18 recipes

When it comes to nephritis, many people may not agree that it has re-emerged into renal failure – uremia, which is as harmful to humans as some cancers.

Kidney damage can occur at any age range, with acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, and urinary tract infections.

Here are a few prescriptions for your reference: single-flavored squid takes 1-1.

5 kilograms of heavy black mullet, washing the intestines by laparotomy, sealed with yellow mud, calcined in a charcoal fire, take out white smoke, wait for cold, and grind at the end.

3 times a day, each time warm water to send 2 tablespoons, served as a dose, avoid salt.

The edema effect of this side is better.

Applicable to acute cold kidney inflammation of the lungs, three-joy qi stagnation, and spleen and kidney yang deficiency of nephritis, water and wet flooding type.

Corn mustard corn must be 100 grams, add 1000 ml of water, boil for 20-30 minutes, knead into 300-400 ml of liquid, and filter, 2 times a day.

The prescription is suitable for patients with edema and hypertension, and can be used for acute nephritis, such as wind and heat, lung and dampness, or liver and kidney yin deficiency of chronic nephritis.

Ume Ume Charcoal, 3 grams a day, divided into 2 servings.

Take seven or eight weeks.

The prescription is good for eliminating urinary protein, and can be used for spleen and kidney deficiency of nephritis, and deficiency of blood.

Rhizophora is the best diuretic.

Use 60 grams of fresh roots (30 grams of dried) to fry the soup.

Suitable for edema, hematuria patients.

Can be used for acute nephritis, wind and heat, lung and dampness.

Hot poisonous meat attack, burning yin blood type and chronic nephritis spleen and kidney yang deficiency, water and wet type.

Black sesame seeds and black sesame seeds are fried and ground. Add sugar and boiled water.

It can be used for people with chronic nephritis who have been debilitating for a long time.

Winter melon winter melon 500 grams, 3 bowls of soup, 3 times service.

Applicable to acute rheumatism, wind and heat, lung, wet poisoning type and heat poisoning internal attack, burning and blood type.

Puffiness is obvious, urine volume is gradually reduced, should eat more radish, winter melon, loofah, red beans, black beans, squid, bamboo shoots, watermelon and other diuretic alternatives; urine test with red blood cells, should eat leeks, eggplant, peanuts, whiteMaogen, even thrifty and other hemostatic effects; nephritis with high blood pressure, should eat sea bream, celery, spinach, tomato, ear, fresh corn, glutinous and other foods with antihypertensive effect.

  Compound prescription squid red bean drink 1 big squid, 60 grams of red bean, cook and drink juice, one serving.

Be careful not to add salt.

This prescription is suitable for patients with acute and chronic nephritis with edema and urinary redness.

Pepper chicken protein pepper 7 capsules, 1 fresh egg.

First drill the egg into a small hole, then put the white pepper into the egg, seal the hole with flour, wrap it in wet paper, steam in the steamer, peel off the eggshell when serving, and eat the egg and pepper together.

Adults are 2 per day and children are 1 per day.

10 days is a course of treatment, after 3 days of rest, take the second pass.

Applicable to chronic nephritis spleen and kidney deficiency, blood deficiency type.

Erqi soup red bean 120 grams, commercial land 9 grams, for 1 day, add water, boiled soup, and even served 3-5 days.

Applicable to acute nephritis, wind and heat, lung and dampness.

60 grams of leeks and psyllium soup, and 60 grams of plantain, add water to decoction.

Applicable to nephritis edema and obvious both yellow and greasy tongue coating.

Red bean mulberry white soup 60 grams of red bean, 15 grams of mulberry white skin, add water to cook, go to mulberry white skin, drink soup beans.

For chronic nephritis, there is a slight edema on the body surface, and there are often a small number of pus cells in the urine test. It is very suitable to use adjuvant therapy.

The roots of boiled red bean white crab root 250 grams, 120 grams of red bean, add boiled water to dry, remove the roots, the beans are chewed in fractions, acute, chronic nephritis complications.

How to treat the elderly with cervical spondylosis how to self-treatment these 5 methods are very practical

How to treat the elderly with cervical spondylosis how to self-treatment these 5 methods are very practical

Looking up at the sky: take the station or seat, hands on the hips, head and neck back to look at the sky, and gradually increase the range.

Restore after a few seconds of pause.

Do 8 times in total.

This is one of the methods of self-treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Look around and look forward to: take the station or seat, hands on the hips, head and neck turn to the left, right rotation.

At least when it changes to a moment, it will turn back slightly and then exceed the original range.

Both eyes also tried to look back or up.

Rotating 10 times on both sides is one of the methods of self-treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Turn around and look back: take the station, right front lunge, body to the left, while the right palm tries to lift, the left palm is pulled down hard, and look back at the left hand.

Replace the left front lunge after the restoration, the direction is reversed, and the action is the same.

Alternately left and right, a total of 8 to 10 times.

This action contributes to the self-treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Neck arm resistance: take the standing position or sitting position, hands crossed to the back of the head and the occiput.

The head and neck are stretched out with force, and the hands are resisted by force, and continue to fight for a few seconds to restore.

Do it 6 to 8 times.

Another method is to take the standing position or the sitting position, the two hands are gripped at the back of the head, and the forearms are clamped and aligned.

The head and neck are forced to turn left, and the left forearm is forced to resist. After a few seconds of continuous resistance, the reduction is relaxed and then reversed.

Do 6 to 8 times each.

These are all self-treatment methods for cervical spondylosis.