Watch out for 12 lifestyle items that are more dangerous than lead


Watch out for 12 lifestyle items that are more dangerous than lead

As long as they are parents who take care of their children’s health, I am afraid that they will avoid three points of lead poisoning.

However, according to US media reports, in fact, there are many daily necessities in life, which are more dangerous than lead paint.


Amalgam fillings Do not use amalgam fillings (also known as mercury fillings) to fill your child’s teeth, otherwise once the baby replenishes the mercury vapor or even swallows it, it may cause mercury poisoning.


Why are antibacterial soaps antibacterial?

Because it contains a small amount of toxic substances.

It is also harmful to the human body, especially for children whose nervous system is developing.

Therefore, to avoid all suspected “antibacterial” products, it is best to use natural soaps to allow your child’s immune system to function and kill general bacteria.


Sports drinks Just because of the word “sports”, some parents think that the drink is healthy, and they think it can help potassium supplementation.

In fact, the chemical sweeteners contained therein are harmful.

Drinking water is the smarter way.


Almost all over-the-counter medicines have some toxicity.

Many children’s medicines are more toxic than adult medicines because they increase the content of chemical sweeteners and artificial colors.


Sunscreens in suntan lotions Sunscreens in many suntan lotions can cause skin cancer because they contain many toxic substances.

What’s more serious is that the sunscreen blocks ultraviolet rays and prevents the skin from making vitamin D normally, which affects bone growth.


Children with processed milk under 10 years of age develop heart disease, in part because of the processed milk they drink.

Because some of these processed milks contain pesticides and other chemicals.


Pure snacks are extremely unhealthy, not only because these foods are often fried, but also because they contain additives, monosodium glutamate, and pigments.

Strangely, many parents reward their children for good performance by buying unhealthy fast food for them.


Laundry detergents There are many toxic substances in laundry detergents, and the fragrances are carcinogens.

It is also harmful to the environment, as well as to children’s health.


Flame retardants On new children’s mattresses, flame retardants are often sprayed. They can be easily absorbed by children’s skin and damage their immune and nervous systems.

In addition, many garments, carpets, and blankets now also contain flame retardants.


Carbonated drinks, which can cause diabetes and obesity, also contain phosphoric acid, which can damage teeth and cause osteoporosis.

In addition, children who drink carbonated drinks often are more dangerous, because they contain chemical sweeteners that are linked to poor learning ability and neurological disorders.


Air fresheners Air fresheners contain carcinogens that can cause high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases.

If you know your child’s health, use orange peel instead.

12 Synthetic Vitamins Some children’s special vitamins are artificially synthesized, and some artificial colors and chemical sweeteners are often added.

Therefore, avoid buying cheap synthetic vitamins for children, and choose products with guaranteed quality.
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Ten ways to use milk diet

Ten ways to use milk diet

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is sweet and slightly cold, and has the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, nourishing the intestines, clearing heat and purging, and tonicing the spleen.
Properly processed milk or blended with other foods can be made into a variety of “therapeutic milk”.
  do you know?
Eating too much milk may also affect health 1.
Milk congee, 250 ml of fresh milk, 60 grams of rice, and moderate sugar.
  First cook the rice into half-boiled, remove the rice soup, add milk, cook the porridge with gentle heat, add sugar and stir, fully dissolved and serve.
  Take warm morning and evening, keep it fresh and don’t spoil it.
  Can make up for deficiencies, strengthen the spleen and stomach, moisten the internal organs.
It is suitable for the symptoms of weakness and strain, insufficient blood and qi, false victory after illness, old and weak, malnutrition, etc.
Milk jujube soup with 500 ml of milk, 25 grams of jujube, 100 grams of rice.
  First boil rice and jujube together to make porridge, then add milk, boil it to replenish qi and blood, and strengthen the spleen and stomach.
250 grams of mutton, mutton, 20 grams of ginger, 100 grams of yam, and 250 ml of milk
  Wash and cut the mutton into small pieces, cut the ginger into pieces, put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 7-8 hours, stir well to remove the unrotten residue, leave the mutton soup, add sliced yam, cook, and pourAdd milk and boil.
  This product is used for tonifying deficiency and warming tonic energy, and is good for invigorating qi. It is suitable for post-ill (postpartum) limb cold, tiredness, shortness of breath, etc.
Can be taken several times a day, even for 5 to 7 days as a course of treatment.
It is not advisable to take other medicines at the same time, it is best to supplement Xiaomi Jujube and lotus seed porridge once a morning (60 grams of millet, 10 jujubes, and 18 grams of lotus seeds).
60 grams of fresh milk and indica japonica rice, 80 grams of fried walnuts, 45 grams of raw walnuts, 12 grams of sugar, and 200 ml of milk.
  Wash the japonica rice, soak it for 1 hour, remove it, filter the water, stir and grind with walnut kernel and milk, add a small amount of water, filter with a funnel to extract the juice, pour the juice into the pot, add water to the boil, stir with sugar, and wait until it is completely dissolvedThe residue is filtered off, and the filtrate is poured into a pot and boiled.
  This product can nourish the spleen and kidney, moisturize and nourish the lungs, and is suitable for cough, asthma, low back pain and constipation due to intestinal dryness. It can also be used as post-ill body weakness, neurasthenia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, low sexual function,Diet for elderly patients with constipation.
It can be taken on an empty stomach or served sooner or later.
Ginger Leek Milk Leek 250 grams, ginger 25 grams, 250 ml milk.
  Chop and smash the leeks and ginger, twist the juice with clean gauze, pour it into the pot, add milk and boil.
  This product can warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for stomach cold ulcer, chronic gastritis, epigastric pain, vomiting, etc. It can be taken daily in the morning and evening.
Thick milk ravioli boil the milk and add 3% to 7% starch or dried cake powder, rice flour, etc. to thicken the milk, just add a little sugar.
  This product is suitable for patients with habitual vomiting, nausea and need to increase energy.
For egg custard, first boil the eggs, remove the eggshell and egg whites, use a spoon to grind the egg yolks, add milk and mix well.
  In addition to protein, fat, and vitamin A, egg yolk also contains iron and phosphorus.
  This product is suitable for infants with iron deficiency anemia and those who need calcium supplementation for four or five months.
Homemade skimmed milk boil and boil the milk, let stand for several hours, remove the upper layer of milk skin (ie fat, this method can generally remove 80% of fat) and serve.
  This product is suitable for feeding infants and young children suffering from intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and enteritis.
  Because fat-removed milk is low in calories and lacks vitamins A and D, it can be supplemented with other foods. After the illness, you should continue to feed whole milk.  9.

Milk tea Milk tea is prepared by pouring it into the boiled milk.

Add sugar or salt, depending on personal taste.

After adding tea to milk, the unique flavors of the two are integrated, and the nutritional components complement each other, which suppresses the fishy taste of the milk and the bitterness of the tea, making it richer and longer.

  Milk tea can be greasy, help digestion, refreshing, diuretic and detoxify, and eliminate fatigue. It is also suitable for patients with acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenal ulcers.

It also has a detoxifying effect on those poisoned by alcohol and narcotic drugs.


Milk weight reduction method is suitable for athletes to lose weight.

Weightlifting, wrestling, judo and other sports are classified according to weight. Athletes must adjust their weight before the competition to limit it to the corresponding level. The methods often used in the past are to limit the amount of heat absorbed, sweat and diureticsWait.

  The earliest foreign people used the milk weight reduction method. There are two specific methods. One is called the Procop’s method. That is, one day a week is a milk day. On this day, you only eat milk 1?

5 liters, yogurt 0.

5 liters of cheese?
200 grams, and a small amount of cream; the other is called Karel’s method, drinking milk for 1 liter in 5 times a day for 3 consecutive days, while eating some vegetables, fruits, and meat.

It is said that the use of milk to reduce weight can reduce water in the body, and there is no osmotic interference, which will not affect the performance of athletes.

TCM health sleep is key

TCM health sleep is key

According to the sleep theory of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the midnight night is a yin and yang meeting, and when the water and fire meet, it is called “heyin”, which is the time when the yin is the heaviest and the time to enter the best sleep state.

  Sleep is an important means to balance the yin and yang of the human body, it is the best energy saving, it is also the best reserve and recharge, it is the best way to restore fatigue and get out of sub-health.

  The mechanism of TCM sleep is: Yin Qi Sheng is stunned (sleep), Yang Qi Sheng is stunned (wake up).

So you should go to bed at night (21-23), and enter the best sleep state at night.

Because according to the Sleep Theory of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the middle of the night is the yin and yang meeting, and when the water and fire are at hand, it is called “heyin”. When the yin is the heaviest in the day, the yin master is quiet.

  There are four magic weapons to improve the quality of sleep: the first is to promote napping.

“Zi, noon” is the time when the body’s energy is “heyin” and “heyang”, which is good for nourishing yin and nourishing yang.

It is best to fall asleep before 11pm.

Because rest at this time, you can nourish the yin most, sleep best, and can do more with less.

It is only necessary to take a 30-minute break at noon (11-13 pm), because it is the “Heyang” time and the yang is strong, so the work efficiency is the best.

  Also, slow down your breathing before going to bed.

Before going to bed, you can sit quietly, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to slow music, etc., to make your body gradually quiet, and then you will be overcast and overcast, and it is best to lie in bed for a few minutes to do qigong.Inner spirit.

  Before going to bed, you can eat something that supports the heart and yin, such as rock sugar lily lotus root tincture, millet red date porridge, lotus root powder or longan meat water . Because the heart is still working hard after sleeping, among the five internal organs, the heart is the hardest, so it is appropriateTonifying the heart and yin will be good for health.

  Patients with insomnia do not forget to soak their feet with warm water before going to bed, which can promote heart-kidney intersection.

The intersection of heart and kidney means that water and fire are in harmony, and it can promote the combination of yin and yang. The combination of yin and yang, sleep, of course, reaches the best state.

  First, due to various factors such as physical fitness, age, and personality, the sleep needs of each person are different, and the depth of sleep is also alternated.

For example, adolescents sleep deep and sweet, while seniors sleep lightly?

Awake; sputum is soaked in obese people, sleep time is often shortened, and people who are thinner?

Xu Huowang, sleep time is often applicable.

In general, you should go to bed and get up on time, and the actual sleep time should be determined by people.

  Second, the bedroom bedding sleep must have a suitable and quiet environment, the bedroom should be soft light and air?

Pass, keep cool in summer and windproof and warm in winter.

It is not advisable to sleep in the wind or place the stove near the bed.

  The bed should not be too small or too low. It should be convenient to get in and out of bed and make sleeping movements comfortable.

  The bedding should correspond to the four o’clock climate. For example, summer mats can include bamboo mats, rattan mats, or pudding mats, while in winter, warm and soft cotton duvets and down duvets can be used. The height of the pillows varies from person to person, usually the heightIt is flat with shoulders when lying on the side, and feels comfortable when lying on your back, about one fist or half-high.

The wide band should be able to rest the head and the rails on it, and it should be considered slightly higher.

There are many types of fillings in the pillow. The traditional Chinese medicine is used as the pillow to connect the volatile odors of the drug through the nasal cavity, acupoints, and pores to enter the body to play a soothing and soothing effect.Mung bean shell is used as a pillow core, and millet can be used in children, which is not cold and dry, and has spleen and stomach benefits, which is beneficial to children’s health.

  Third, conditioning before going to bed?

Anxiety and anxiety before going to bed Chinese medicine believes that “sleep first, then sleep” means that you must keep your mood calm before going to bed. If anxiety eliminates sadness, anger can make your liver flaming, and your restlessness will affect sleep quality.

Therefore, before going to bed, try to avoid disturbing things, which can cause your body and mind to relax, read, take a walk, or take a hot bath to help you fall asleep with peace of mind.


Less speech before bedtime. Speaking aloud before bedtime can consume your lungs, disturb your mind, change your mood, and affect your sleep. Therefore, you must “sleep without talking and sleep without talking”.


Should not be hungry and full before bedtime. If you eat too much or drink too much water at night, you will feel full stomach or drink more urine, which will affect your sleep.

Therefore, dinner must be diet-oriented and separated from the bedroom. At the same time, the food should be light and easy to digest, and drink less stimulant drinks such as strong tea and coffee, so as to avoid excitement and difficulty falling asleep, and reduce the number of waking up and going to the toilet at night.

  Fourth, sleep posture Chinese medicine believes that “the heaven and the human are corresponding”, therefore, when sleeping, head to the east or east and west, can respond to the yang qi to develop health.

There are many kinds of lying postures, and it is better to sleep on the right side with a “lying like bow” posture.

Because when lying on the right side, the limbs flex naturally, which relaxes the muscles and bones of the whole body, and keeps the internal organs in the body in a natural position, which helps to eliminate fatigue and maintain airways and blood vessels.However, the lying position is not fixed during sleep, and you will unconsciously turn over. Therefore, you do not need to force a certain lying position.

  Fifth, siesta is good for health. TCM health declaration of sleeping “noon siesta” means that you should sleep in the middle of the night and take a nap at noon. This can avoid the lack of nighttime sleep, benefit health, and improve afternoon learning andWork efficiency.

Siesta usually go to bed half an hour after lunch to sleep, so that the stomach food has a certain digestion time, about 15 minutes to 1 hour is appropriate, but also to prevent cold.

Post-fit diet decisions

Post-fit diet decisions

A meal after training is essential for fitness.

Improve proper carbohydrates (burning muscles to provide energy) to transform into anabolic states (increasing muscle volume).

Success or failure depends on how you capture platinum.

Supplementing plasma energy after training promotes the secretion of insulin (an anabolic hormone). Insulin plays thirty important roles in muscle recovery: 1.

Can “drive” sugar from carbohydrate food into the muscles and reserve energy for the next training session.


Can “drive” amino acids from protein foods to muscle tissue and promote muscle growth.


Can inhibit the catabolism of adrenocortical hormone (a hormone secreted by the human body during high-intensity training).

Plasma supplementation is generally 2-2 per pound of body weight per day for women.

5 grams, male 2.


5 grams.

In order to make better use of the anabolic opportunity after training, it is best to arrange 25% of daily glucose immediately after training.

Combining composite polycarbonate and simple complications after training in a ratio of 3: 1 is conducive to rapid and long-lasting compression and avoidance of hypoglycemia.

Don’t absorb simple carbohydrates lightly, because they digest quickly, and the secretion of alternative islands quickly peaks and falls.

In itself, it stimulates terrible catabolism, because the body will secrete another hormone in order to prevent rapid changes in insulin levels, which can cause catabolism and damage muscle tissue.

  Heavy training consumes muscle amino acid and glycogen reserves (in addition, it is the main energy source during training).

As the training progresses, the body continuously consumes muscle glycogen reserves.

If glycogen reserves are too low, it will cause the body to change its energy source: using more protein as fuel.

A part of the protein comes from food and most comes from muscle tissue.

After training, the self-quality supplementation of eggs should avoid ingesting protein foods that are more difficult for humans to digest, such as chicken, beef, steak, etc., but should choose milk, eggs, high protein powder and other easily digestible food.

The purpose of eating at this time is to deliver excess amino acids to muscles and provide raw materials for muscle growth.

Summer infants and pregnant mothers should eat peach carefully

Summer infants and pregnant mothers should eat peach carefully

Now is the season to eat peaches. Is the delicious juicy peach suitable for all ages?

  Four types of people want to eat less or not eat peaches1.

People who are usually hot inside and prone to ulcers should not eat more.


It is best not to feed peaches to infants and young children, because peaches contain a large number of macromolecular substances, infants and young children have poor gastrointestinal dialysis ability, cannot digest these substances, and easily cause allergic reactions.


Patients with multiple illnesses and weak bodies and those with too weak gastrointestinal function should not eat it, because it will increase the burden on the stomach.


People who eat peach can cause allergies, of course, have to resist the temptation.

  Obviously, it is best not to eat peaches that are not fully ripe, as they can cause bloating or diarrhea.

So how to eat peaches healthy?

  Before eating, you can rub the skin of the peach directly with salt and then rinse it with water to remove the peach hair relatively cleanly.

In addition, if the peach is just picked from the tree, it is best to let it eat for a long time, and it is better to wait for the summer heat to dissipate.

It is best not to eat peaches that are not fully ripe. Eating them can cause bloating or diarrhea.
  ”When you eat peach, you have allergies again. When the symptoms are mild at first, sometimes the corners of your mouth become red, peeling, and itching. At this time, parents should stop their children from eating and wash their faces and hands.

If your child’s symptoms are more serious, some lips, lips, lips, perioral, ears, large erythema may appear, and even slight edema, you should be aware that severe cases may even cause diarrhea.


  Make some green tea, put some salt in it, and wash the allergic area with hot tea.

Then dry it with a dry towel, and then apply Liuyi scattered.

If the symptoms are serious, you can change Liuyi San to Wuji cream.

If there is edema on the surface, apply some ice yellow skin cream.

  Symptoms are mild. Apply twice a day. Symptoms are severe and can be applied three times.

Thoroughly cooperate with some heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, such as honeysuckle and chlorpheniramine.

If your skin is edema, you can usually eat more radish and drink more water.

  If you have diarrhea as soon as you eat peach, some people can take some medicine for summer heat, like Huoxiangzhengqi water or Huoxiangzhengqi capsules.

But if the symptoms are particularly serious, you should go to the hospital.

  In addition, although peach kernels have the effect of breaking blood, stasis, and bowel movements, but peach kernels contain volatile oil and a large amount of small amount of oil., Headache, dizziness, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat and other phenomena, severe cases can cause heartbeat to stop.

Especially pregnant women, not to eat.

Six movements of shrugging up and down to improve brain blood supply to relieve dizziness

Six movements of shrugging up and down to improve brain blood supply to relieve dizziness

Due to the continuous acceleration of life rhythm, some people often feel dizzy and bloated after getting up in the morning. This is mainly caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. The following are some simple exercises that are effective to relieve dizziness.

  Shrug your shoulders up and down with your feet standing apart, about the width of your shoulders. Both shoulders try to lift up, and for a moment, your shoulders suddenly occur.

Do it 8 times.

  Lift your arms in the back. Cross your arms and straighten behind them. Then lift them up hard, like pushing the root of your head with your shoulder blades. After holding for two or three seconds, your arms will fall suddenly, as if you are hitting your waistCan run into).

Do 2?
3 times.

  The fork hand stretches forward and bends its elbows. The ten fingers cross the chest. Both hands are extended forward swiftly. At the same time, they lower their heads forward so that their heads are sandwiched between the straight arms.

Do 5?
10 times.

  Cross your shoulders with your fingers crossed your chest, palms down, and try to turn your shoulders left and right.

Turn your head backwards. Pay attention to maintain the initial posture. The rotation must be equal to or greater than 90 degrees.

Alternate left and right, do 5?
10 times.

  The forward and backward curved shoulder movement first makes both shoulders try to bend backwards, as if the two shoulder blades should meet together.

Then force the shoulders to bend forward, in which both shoulders will close in front of the chest, and become two hands leaning back together, do 5?
10 times.

  Turn your shoulders forward and backward to move your elbows at right angles. Rotate your shoulders from front to back, then back to front.

  The purpose of the above 6 small movements is to fully open the shoulders and improve the blood supply to the brain.

It’s better to do it once a day, it takes about 6?
10 minutes.

Lack of sleep, beware of drowsiness

Lack of sleep, beware of drowsiness

Sleep is the best way to replenish your strength quickly, especially now that it is beginning to fall. The cool weather makes people feel very comfortable, so sleep comes more comfortably, but some people have symptoms of drowsiness. Why?

  A few students recently went to the sleep center for treatment.


  The problem of adolescents with a higher incidence of boys than women’s “sleep” caused many people. They suffer from insomnia and sleep all day long. These students came from different schools. After examination, they were diagnosed with narcolepsy.Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the time of eating, nap and exercise, and cooperate with medication, I hope they can return to normal student life after school.

  There are more and more patients seeking treatment due to sleep problems at the far end. In addition to insomnia, there is also an increase in narcolepsy.

The main symptom of this disease is that you want to sleep all day long, whether you drive, eat, talk on the phone, or in a meeting, you can fall asleep. It occurs in the age group of 15 to 30 years. This is a neurological disease that canCauses the occurrence of unsuppressive sleep.

  There are four major causes of narcolepsy. The main causes of sleep awakening in the brain stem are problems with excessive sleepiness, sudden collapse, sleep paralysis, and hallucinatory hallucinations.

  Drowsiness (especially daytime sleepiness) is often seen as lazy, inattentive, irregular in life, and lack of willpower.

Patients often develop illnesses on inappropriate occasions, causing them to be in danger, such as when driving; if they occur in the classroom, they are mistaken for dozing off by the teacher; if they are at work, they are considered by the boss to be inadequate and lazy。
If patients are not properly diagnosed and treated, they can cause a lot of social, learning, and psychological intervention.

  Irregular sleep cycle is also the reason that about 85% of patients have the obvious predisposing factors before the onset of narcolepsy, such as severe lack of sleep, very irregular sleep awakening cycle, long day and night shift work and head injurySuch as head trauma, brain tumors and multiple sclerosis).

  The prevalence of this disease is about 6 per 10,000, and it can occur in every age group, especially in adolescents in their teens, and the proportion of men is slightly more than that of women.

  The cause is unknown, but it can be found to be related to genetics, environmental factors and certain central nervous diseases.

To treat narcolepsy, we must rely on the correct diagnosis, understand the underlying cause, and intervene in treatment according to different diseases to effectively improve the drowsiness symptoms of patients.

  There are currently many effective and relatively small drugs that can be used to control the four major symptoms of excessive sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations.

In addition, according to the individual condition of the patient, design the behavior therapy that meets the needs, and use the minimum dose of drugs to achieve the maximum effect and improve the quality of life.

Pediatric summer cold may wish to use some Chinese medicine

Pediatric summer cold may wish to use some Chinese medicine

The baby has a cold in winter and spring, and sneezing, runny nose, and fever are common. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this belongs to the wind evil’s lungs, while in the summer, it is sneezing, the runny nose is not obvious, fever and headache are common, and the spleen and stomach are dysfunctional.Nausea and vomiting and thin stools. Reader Ms. Chen said that her child was 7 months old. The effect of western medicine and cold medicine was basically to relieve sneezing and runny nose, but it could not solve the baby’s symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Professor Wang introduced that for the cold of summer heat, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the method of clearing the summer heat, such as adding and subtracting fragrant tea, the medicine is composed of silver flower, forsythia, citron, tempeh, magnolia, lentils, perennial, and fragrant incense.

The citron has antipyretic and anti-dampness properties, and is used for the treatment of summer colds, colds, fevers, headaches without sweat, abdominal pain, vomiting, and urination.

  For summer baby diarrhea, Chinese medicine should also be typed to treat it. For example, babies with hot and humid diarrhea have thin stools, lots of water, yellowish smell, or see a small amount of mucus. Children have abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Pueraria huanghuang Huanglian Tang is the preferred choicePueraria, Pueraria, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, talcum, and licorice can relieve heat and dampen heat. If the baby vomits, add Pinellia ash and Chenpi, and if the baby is wet, add Atractylodes, Aquilaria and Magnolia.

For babies with hot and cold diarrhea, if you want to take a medicine, you can alternate the Gegen Qinlian pellets.

If the diarrhea is caused by the cold, the baby’s stool color is thin, there are many foams in the middle, the smell is not too smelly, and the child’s bowel sounds and abdominal pain. At this time, Huoxiangzhengqi powder can be added and subtracted.

Professor Wang specifically pointed out that babies can also eat Huoxiangzhengqi liquid, but can not eat Huoxiangzhengqi water, because water is a tincture, and some components are extracted by alcohol, so the water contains a small amount of alcohol, so it cannot be taken by the baby.

Parental quarrel is more terrifying than divorce

Parental quarrel is more terrifying than divorce

The latest survey shows that 32% of children in families where parents often quarrel are detected and corrected, 30% in divorced families and 19% in harmonious families.

  Wang Limin, a professor of medical psychology at Harbin Medical University who surveyed by the host, said that children who often face family “fights” are likely to encounter each other, often have obstacles, lack confidence in future life, and are particularly prone to fear of marriage. Some children said,I don’t want to repeat the tragedy of my parents. When I grow up, I will definitely not marry. ”

  Wang Limin said that compared with the divorce, the child’s psychological experience of parental quarrel is more obvious, and the degree of direct harm suffered.

It is suggested that if there are conflicts between the husband and wife that need to be resolved, the child’s psychological feelings should be taken into consideration and not vented at will.

If noisy, you should also avoid your children.

It is the minimum responsibility for parents to make their children feel safe. The husband and wife attack each other and scold each other. The psychological impact on the child is hard to overcome for life.

Shape Crystal Litchi Skin


Shape Crystal Litchi Skin

In the summer when the sun is shining, people are most afraid of tanning their faces. They often focus all their attention on the sun care of the skin on the face. It is unknown that the skin of the body exposed to the sun also needs special care.Facial skin contrasts with exposed body skin in black and white, affecting the overall image and becoming an awkward “black and white match.”

Therefore, if you want to create perfect skin from head to toe, you should first solve the “color” problem of different shades of skin.

  Shaping the crystal “litchi skin” We know that the moisture in the skin epidermis is an important factor in maintaining the normal shape and texture of the skin.

The complete cuticle and the multilayered structure of the skin prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture.

As the skin exposed to the sun in summer is affected by ultraviolet rays, the stratum corneum increases, affecting the skin’s absorption of moisture, making the skin easy to dry, and it is difficult to present a fresh and tender state like lychee.

At this time, you should choose a moisturizing bath product to fully meet the moisturizing needs of different skin types, keep the skin hydrated for a long time, and let you easily have fresh and tender “lychee skin”.

  Enjoy Bath Conditioning Tips 1.

Drink a glass of water or juice before bathing to replenish body moisture and promote metabolism.


When bathing, the water temperature should be controlled between 38 ℃ -42 ℃ as much as possible, so that the body can feel cold and hot.


Bathing time is appropriate, just a simple shower for 10-20 minutes in the morning and 30-40 minutes at night.

Do not take a bath immediately after meals, or the blood that promotes digestion will be concentrated on the skin surface, causing indigestion. Wash at least one hour after eating.


Bath products are very important. When the climate is dry or you spend too much time in air-conditioned rooms, it is best to choose a good moisturizing bath lotion.