Drinking carp soup can diuretic swelling

Drinking carp soup can diuretic swelling

Mr. Zhang was suffering from edema, proteinuria, pale and pale, obviously puffy eyelids, fair mental condition, chills and cold, limbs not warm, tongue coating white and more fluid, and pale tongue.

The course of the disease has been more than six months. No problems were diagnosed in the hospital examination, but there was urinary protein. Western medicine said that renal function was impaired, no diabetes, and hypertension.


hzh {display: none; }  综合四诊所见,我认为患者属于阳气亏虚,气不化水,小便不利,水液停留于肌肤,出现水肿,应以补气温阳为主。I advise patients to stick to carp soup.

  Two weeks later, the patient’s chest tightness, belching, edema, bloating, and anorexia were all improved, and she felt comfortable throughout the body.

  In fact, carp has a long history of treating edema.

The carp is sweet, flat, and enters the spleen, kidney, and lungs.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: common carp is better at urination, so it can eliminate swelling, jaundice, beriberi, wheezing, hot and humid diseases, cooking under water, and urinate.

“The Secret of Waitai” records the carp red adzuki bean soup: after boiling the red adzuki bean in water, add one pound of carp and cook it together without any seasoning. 1?
2 times.

Have obvious diuretic and swelling effect, this soup may be used for pregnancy edema.

  If the carp is changed to catfish, it also has the effect of swollen water and swelling.

Therefore, for the treatment of qi deficiency and edema, you can cook astragalus, red beans, and anchovies or carps, and the effect is obvious.

Common diets should be avoided

Common diets should be avoided

Whether suffering from acute or chronic diseases, the problem of dietary avoidance has just become more important than ordinary people, and civilians also attach great importance to it.

Patients with acute illness, if they do not pay attention to diet, it will often prolong the course of the disease and even worsen the disease.

For example, cough due to acute bronchitis, the symptoms of wind and cold outside the bundle, when lung Qi is not appropriate, it should be appropriate to eat Xinsanfenghan, Xuanfei Huatan ginger, light white, Su leaves, carrot soup and the like, avoid cold and cold and greasy productsSuch as persimmon or persimmon, pear, coriander, banana and so on.

If it is eaten, the cold evil must not be dissipated, but the cough will be aggravated and endless.

Patients with chronic diseases, diet should not be avoided, eating and drinking at random, the same kind of disease is prolonged, or the old disease is restored.

For people with chronic skin eczema, it is a hot and humid content that will not heal for a long time. It is only appropriate to take light leaking food all year round, and avoid eating all kinds of hair and spicy, fishy, sticky and sticky products.

Should not be divided, or hard to heal throughout life, or more and more repeated.

These are extremely common facts.

During the illness, the human body has yin and yang feeding, the disease is divided into cold and heat, and the constitution is different from the actual.

Food is like medicine. It is cold, hot, warm, cold, flat, and tastes bitter, sour, sweet, bitter, and salty.

Appropriate diet is beneficial to the disease and promotes healing. Inappropriate diet is like the wrong medicine. The lighter makes the disease repetitive, and the more serious makes the disease worse.

Avoid eating!

  The common diet should be avoided, and based on the guidance of traditional Chinese medical theory, it fully reflects the characteristics of syndrome differentiation and treatment of TCM, distinguishes the condition, understands the diet, and selects the diet.

In the diet of about 60 common complications, the main points of the basic syndrome classification of these common alternatives are briefly described, and the general principle of taboo is pointed out.
In this way, readers can understand the principle of “differentiating and choosing food” and master the essentials of “food should be avoided.”

It ‘s good for women to eat red dates like this

It ‘s good for women to eat red dates like this


Jujube boiled water: It is helpful for women with anemia caused by excessive menstrual blood, which can improve the phenomenon of being afraid of cold, pale and cold hands and feet.

And jujube is gentle in nature, whether before or after menstruation, can be called.

Has a very high anti-aging and beauty effect.

  Jujube contains a variety of nutritional ingredients, which is very effective for women’s beauty and skin maintenance.


A folk rejuvenation recipe: use wolfberry powder and red date powder to soak in water.

  1 to 2 cups a day, even drinking for a month, the complexion will be naturally rosy and shiny.

  The MM that is pale and dull on weekdays is especially suitable.


Black Fungus and Red Date Soup:[Materials]15 grams of black fungus powder and 20 grams of red date powder.

  [Practice]Rinse black fungus powder and red date powder with an appropriate amount of boiling water.

  [Efficacy]The colloid in Auricularia auricula can absorb the impurities and wastes remaining in the digestive tract and excrete it out of the body; accumulated, the nucleic acid-like substance in Auricularia auricula can reduce the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, continuouslyConsuming 1-2 months can hydrolyze the effect of slimming and breast enhancement.

Interpersonal mentality is annoying


Interpersonal mentality is annoying

When people are in the workplace, they must participate in social interactions. The scope of socialization has a lot to do with everyone’s occupation, hobbies, lifestyle and location.

In real life, some people can’t make friends in social life, or they don’t make friends for long, their friends leave him again, and their relationship with colleagues is usually not harmonious.

The reason is that the bad psychological state in social affairs hinders the normal development of interpersonal relationships, that is, the socially ill psychology caused by psychologists.

The more common ones are the following, which should be avoided: 1.

Inferiority: Some people are prone to inferiority, and even look down on themselves, lack self-confidence, do not have the courage to do things, be fearful, and echo, without having their own opinions.

If this psychology is not overcome, it will wear away the unique personality of the person.


Cowardly Psychology: It is mainly found in people who are not deeply involved in the world, have relatively little experience, are introverted, and are not good at speaking. Due to cowardice, they even think that they are right in social affairs, but after careful consideration, they are afraid to express it.

This kind of mentality can also be observed by others, and as a result, they have an opinion on themselves and do not want to be good friends.


Suspicion: Some people are social or entrusting their friends to do business. They often like to look at each other with distrustful eyes. They have no reason to doubt, catch the wind, and make irresponsible remarks. For example, some people ask friends to do business, but ask other people about their work.What happened, the result affected the relationship between friends.


Rebellious psychology: Some people always like to raise the bar with others to show that they are different. For any matter, right or wrong, I think it is bad; if you are right, I say it is wrong, so that others have a problem with themselves.Disgusting.


Psychology of play: Some people treat friends as if they are playing in the field. When they are in the Qin Dynasty, they change their minds and cope with each other. They love bragging and love to talk beautifully. When they have met someone, they will say how deep they have been with someone.

This kind of person-to-person interaction is just a superficial article, so there are no deep-seated friends.


Money greed: Some people think that the purpose of making friends is to “use each other”, only to see friends who are useful to them and can bring benefits to themselves, and often “break bridges across the river.”

This kind of bad psychology for gaining money and gaining the light of others is enough to damage one’s personality.


Indifferent psychology: Some people treat indifferent things as long as they have nothing to do with them, or ignore them, or mistakenly think that their words are sharp and arrogant, that is, “personality”, which makes others dare not approach themselves, thus losing some friends.

Fruit can also increase your masculinity

Fruit can also increase your masculinity

When it comes to fruit, our general understanding is its weight loss and beauty benefits.

In fact, fruits can also treat sexual dysfunction and urinary tract infections.

  ▲ Litchi: Use 15-20 lychee kernels, and then add water to decoction after breaking, which can cure testicular swelling and pain.

  ▲ Lotus seeds: Take 15 grams of fresh lotus seeds (do not peel off the green small bud core in the center of the lotus seeds), decoction, and take with the lotus seeds. If you have too many dreams, you can also take 10 grams of fresh lotus seeds (with lotus heart) and put them on the riceAfter steaming, chew twice a day for two days.

  First, improve the quality of spermatozoa.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sperm are scarce, and are mostly due to insufficient congenital endowment, or excessive damage to kidney essence by room labor, or chronic illness, qi and blood loss, wasted kidney energy sources, and fatigue, which eventually leads to deficiency of kidney essence and cost symptoms.

What is the absolute number of sperm? As long as it is caused by kidney deficiency, use aphrodisiac food to help improve it. Grapes: Take 250 grams of fresh grapes, peel them, and smash them, add an appropriate amount of warm water to drink, once or twice a day.Serving for two weeks can cure prostatitis and urination.

  ▲ Kiwi: 50 grams of fresh kiwi, smashed 250 ml of warm water (about 1 tea cup), mix and drink after mixing, can cure urination and pain after prostatitis.

  Second, there is also Viagra in the food.

  There are many foods in the daily diet that have a kidney and aphrodisiac effect. If you want your husband to be alive and well, and full of manliness, don’t stop it.

  ▲ Mango: take 10 grams of mango kernels, decoction after smashing, twice daily for two weeks, can cure insulin pillitis and retinal pill swelling and pain.

  ▲ Ginkgo: take 10 ginkgo biloba fruits, stir-fry them with shells and eat them with kernels. Take them twice a day for two consecutive weeks to cure excessive nocturnal emission.

  Third, the love medicated pot detonates the love spark.

  At the end of the year and at the end of the year, you may wish to try the medicinal diet “love pot” designed by Chinese medicine practitioners with you (he). Couples or couples can cook together. In addition to enjoying the sweetness of cooking together, they can also make women nourished.Yin and beauty, males replenish their aphrodisiac, replenish the explosive love ▲ Papaya: 250 grams of papaya, sliced and added to 1000 grams of rice wine or low-alcohol, soak for two weeks, use, about 15 ml each time, two dailySecond, even serving for two weeks, can cure kidney deficiency and premature ejaculation.

  ▲ Red dates: Red dates are good for blood and strong spirits. Red regular consumption can guide the function of nourishing blood, which has a good therapeutic effect on patients with premature ejaculation and impotence.

Fourth, male aphrodisiac tonic soup.

Men need to make up more.

But medicine is not as good as food, and soup is the most suitable supplement for men.

Male friends can choose different supplements according to their physical condition.

Let men regain the male virility ▲ Walnuts: Eat two to four times a day, which can be combined with kidney and blood replenishment. It can also help treat kidney stones and urinary stones, and can delay aging.

12 bedroom sleep aids to sleep well


12 bedroom sleep aids to sleep well

The development of sleep disorders is related to excessive excitation of the central nervous system, excessive excitement of the sympathetic nerves, or the large amount of hormones secreted by stress.

Investigate its social reasons: fast-paced life, high work pressure, unstable family, and unharmonious interpersonal relationships . these can put us in a state of worry, distress, and sleep disturbances.

So, how do we do good sleep health and improve quality of life?


hzh {display: none; }  着重改善:睡眠觉醒周期不规则、睡眠浅、半睡半醒.

  Bedroom layout plan 1, a zen-like white snow cave-like bedroom is like white space when painting, and it always leaves space for viewers to imagine.

After that, the designer worked like a Zen-like picture scroll and put it on a bed, a few cases, a chair.

With a few strokes, a quiet place was outlined.

This space design technique is very similar to the dry landscape in Japan. The artificial style of natural creation exudes a beauty beyond nature.

It is not difficult to imagine that when our minds are assimilated silently day after day, perhaps that ethereal mood will also be transformed into our dreams.

And this kind of sleep is the high quality sleep defined by the authority.

  Bedroom layout plan 2, the privacy is decorated in a private space such as the bedroom, and the decoration is an embellishment with privacy and personality.

These decorations are sometimes like bears on the pillows, soothing.

If we say that the accessories in the living room always bring out some majestic meanings, which are unquestionable Chinese clothes on the scene, these delicate and delicate furnishings in the bedroom are just like the nightgowns that allow us to face in nude colors.

After that, whether it is a wooden hanging picture or the table lamp placed on the bedside table, it should be the owner’s favorite object, and it can be the scenery that can enter the dreamland together.

  Focus on improvement: insomnia caused by environmental factors such as noise, poor air quality, and sleep problems caused by restlessness after drugs that help sleep.

  Bedroom layout plan 1, soft hypnosis temperature Do you believe in hypnosis?

In fact, there is no need to use the hypnotist’s induction words, as long as you choose the right bedding, it can also help you sleep peacefully.

Highly ergonomic pillows, quilts that can maintain a reasonable temperature, and soft and hard mattresses can greatly improve the quality of sleep.

Clinical data from the American Sleep Research Center show that room temperature is within the range of 18-24 ° C, and the temperature inside the quilt is 32-34 ° C. People feel most comfortable during sleep, and the quality of sleep monitored is also the best.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a quilt with a moderate thickness. Generally, the weight is 3kg. The quilt is too light to achieve the effect of heat insulation and warmth. The quilt is too heavy, which not only presses up and down, leads to reduced vital capacity, it is easy to have nightmares, and it is easy to make the temperatureExceeding 35 ° C makes the body’s metabolism over-excited, energy consumption increases, sweat increases, fatigue and drowsiness are felt after waking up, and it is easy to get cold.

  In this case, the designer re-laid a dream garden-like interior space, replacing it with a soft blanket on the bed and wrapping up a dream-like dream like a cloud.

It makes you feel dawn.

  Bedroom layout plan 2, one of the benefits of large-scale comfortable American furniture is that it is large enough.

In this bedroom, the designer deliberately chose this traditional American-style bed in order to give sleepers ample sleeping space.

Obviously, this is a modern version of the American country style design. The designer removed the tedious carvings at the head and foot of the bed, and redefined the style’s consistency and thickness with a simple and refined brush tone.

The quiet environment is an alternative to ensuring good sleep. On the advice of the health doctor, the floor design uses a two-color parquet log floor. This arrangement coordinates the visual effects of the space and reduces the decibels generated by walking.

  Focus on improvement: lethargy (including excessive sleep after trauma, continuous excessive sleep, etc.).

  Bedroom layout plan 1, why does the power of luxury always fall asleep?

Come and look at this bedroom.

Obviously this is an oversized room with a high roof, windows covered with wallpaper, and exquisite interior furnishings, all of which exudes a strong sense of luxury.

  Of course, people also focused on the low-hanging four-poster bed in the middle of the room.

It should be the protagonist here.

The main idea of design is to give people a stunning visual effect.

This room exudes joy, gorgeous style everywhere, and at the same time, vitality is contained in every detail here.

Yeah, the details that people feel inspiring are all there. Is the day away from drowsiness going to be far away?

  Bedroom layout plan 2, obliquely opened window + disappearing curtains + bird song In this room, even lying on the bed can overlook the mountains on the horizon.

The bedroom has a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide field of vision. It feels like being on the top of a mountain, so that the spirit can be refreshed in an instant.The windows are not closed and can be opened at an oblique angle, allowing fresh air to circulate continuously in the room.

All arrangements are for the sleeper to wake up from sleep as soon as possible, causing drowsiness.

The designer did not hang curtains for the four-poster bed in the room, in order to maintain a clear view and completely eliminate the drowsy atmosphere from here.

  However, don’t worry, you have to wait for another character to come out to wake up the sleeping sleeper . In the early morning, when the crisp bird sounds accompanied by the sound of dawn, everything is just ready.Ying Ying cried and went to the door of light dream, the moment of awakening has come quietly.

hzh {display: none; }  着重改善:压力大、焦虑所引发的失眠,而且常伴多梦、易觉醒等症候。   Bedroom layout plan 1, Qingming in the cold tone. Many people rationally summarize the male thinking mode.

But when the night comes, how many of them can still rationally manage their sleep process and control it as they wish in their own plans?

To avoid sleep disturbances, designers like to use color to coordinate the layout of male bedrooms.

Cool tone is a color commonly used in a certain space.

Here, the designer chose a water blue wallpaper. This color, after following the thinking logic of the male bones, also brought his mind into a realm of clarity.

  Bedroom layout plan 2, the traditional return to relax, relax again.

This is the designer’s design plan for this space.

A beautiful iron frame bed is especially warm against the afternoon light.

This warm look is integrated into this scene, spanning twenty years of time and space.

The floor lamps with aligned floor lamps are all black-lacquered. This traditional process continues the traditional style. It also relies on the person leaning on the bed to be surrounded by a leisurely thinking mode.The event began to fade away, and in the increasingly soft light, our mood began to be as clear and peaceful as the water of the pond.

Take a nap, or sleep here for a night, presumably even the dream will be so beautiful that people don’t want to wake up.

  Focus on improvement: difficulty falling asleep, and sleep problems caused by alternating jet lag or overtime.

  Bedroom layout plan 1, let reading become a prelude to sleep. How to avoid light is the first problem to be solved when designing a bedroom with a corner window.

The heavy curtains even blocked the entry of light and blocked the fresh air.

In order to solve this problem, the designer has set up a small reading area near the window, this area is not far from the bed, especially suitable for people who have a night reading habit.

Face-up windows are always open day and night, reorganized, and side-lighting dates have no effect on sleepers. In addition, the continuous influx of fresh air also ensures a healthy indoor sleeping environment.

  Bedroom layout plan 2, personalized “induces” life as gorgeous as summer flowers, the designer here to pass to the residents is a breath of life.

  In this case, the designer intentionally created a kind of rough space texture, and then put it into a log frame bed, a traditional style corner cabinet . And all these designs are just a kind of pavement, and the viewer is looking aroundAfter that, they all kept their eyes on those beautiful flowers, because the designers believed that these bed-covered flowers were not only printed on the soft fabric, but also in the sleep of the sleeper.

Indeed, this arrangement accommodates too many sensory components, but the addition of these sensory components must be based on the personal characteristics and preferences of the occupants, because “tailoring” is essential to create a good sleeping environment.

  Focus on improvement: emotional sleep disorders, excitatory insomnia (including insomnia caused by stress before the test).

  Bedroom layout plan 1, the theme of “easy” women are women, nothing can change their fascination with romance in their bones.

Many times, everything that has happened in society has tempered them as if they were all super-girls, pretty women. Maybe they can only take a breather if they return to their boudoir.”At last, he disappeared.

But don’t worry, maybe just adjusting the furnishings of the lower bedrooms will make them feel dawn again and say goodbye to the trouble of insomnia.

Falling bedspreads, soft carpets, crystal chandeliers, drooping window veils . The comfort zone decorated with these objects will instantly return them to their nature.

  Bedroom layout plan 2, harmonious subtraction seems to be minimalist style is a prominent feature of the Japanese style.

In this case, the sloping roof that folds up sweeps the low of ordinary day homes, bringing more fresh air and imagination to the bedroom.

After that, the designer deleted the expected details, and the rest of the furnishings were indispensable elements in this scene.

This harmony has extraordinary benefits for people with insomnia.

Because this kind of contour implies a kind of quietness from the heart. Maybe you can also play a tune before bedtime, so that the same simple and refreshing melody, while responding to space, becomes a prelude to guide you into the dream.

Yoga breathing method shakes out your bad mood

Yoga breathing method shakes out your bad mood

I recommend a simple and practical yoga technique especially suitable for white-collar women.

This group of exercises can be completed in about 30 minutes, and the time is up to you.

You can do it during work breaks or during breaks.

  Basic breathing method: Yoga believes that humans rely on the energy of the universe to survive, and in the air, sunlight, soil, moisture and food known as vital elements, breathing air is the most important. Breathing contains magical power.

  Method: Sit on a chair with your legs together.

With one hand on your thigh and one on your abdomen, lower your jaw and straighten your spine.

First relax the abdomen, inhale with the nose, and expand the throat and chest with force to fill the chest, abdomen, and belly; then relax the jaw, exhale, and relax at the same time, the belly gradually goes down.

When exhaling, slowly exhale from the nose for two hours when inhaling, and hold your breath after exhaling 1?
2 seconds.

  Consciousness: Place on the abdominal breath.

  Note: Yoga breathing has deep breathing, light breathing and quiet breathing.

Different breathing methods are used depending on the magnitude and difficulty of the action.

Absolutely what to do, adjust the breathing like this before and after training for 5 seconds each time.

  Efficacy: It is beneficial to the stable and happy mood and feels very comfortable.

Can I get a high salary at the end of the year?

Can I get a high salary at the end of the year?

One of the purposes of work is to make money.

Choose from thousands of choices, you must choose a good career; which line of investment is not as affordable as career investment.

Good careers are like real estate investment. They are scarce resources and will only increase in value and rarely depreciate.

In a word, career needs investment and financial management!

  Youth is fragile and work is volatile. With spending a lot of money on cosmetics, it is better to find a golden rice bowl that gets older and more valuable.

But where do you start?

What kind of occupation in the military can not be “eliminated” by age, or the more money it gets, the more it does?

Recently, in a survey conducted by Lianhe Hexun.com, 10 types of occupations with “seniority as a treasure” were selected.

  Nearly a thousand people participated in the online voting, and among the data obtained, the “doctor” occupation received 89.

A 6% click rate, in fact, nearly 90% of the survey participants believe that “physician” is definitely a “older and more valuable” profession.

The first is the antique appraiser (81.

19%), auditors, accountants, cashiers and teachers are all comparable, all 64.


Beyond that, lawyers (76.

13%), scientific researchers (62.

38%), actuary (56.

69%), skilled workers (54.

04%), consultants (48.

61%), architectural designers (48.

12%) also won the top 10 “employee is a treasure” occupation.

  In fact, “older and more valuable” “antique” occupations are mostly empirical industries. There are no shortcuts to success, and “older and older are not afraid of losing their jobs.”Go downhill.

Xiong Ge, executive director of Shanghai Guanpu Management Consulting Co., believes that the survey results are of great significance and basically cover the existing “older and more valuable” occupations, and the salary trend of these occupations will not change much within the continuous change.

He made a specific analysis of each type of occupation, starting from the current market compensation market, and analyzed the reasons for “older and more valuable”, hoping to speed up the acquisition of high-paid practitioners to make some suggestions.

  Physician: The most profitable “doctor” occupation for medical treatment and health care has always been envied by people.

Doctor surgery is a high-tech and high-risk occupation, and the talent training cycle is also larger than other industries. Therefore, it is natural that doctors are more and more valuable.

Under normal circumstances, the monthly income of the attending physician is around 2,000 yuan; after “boiling” as the chief physician, the income also rises to 3500-4000 yuan, and some senior professor-level chief physicians can reach 6,000 yuan.

  Of course, if you can’t wait to “boil” so slowly, you can also “speed up”.

For example, private hospitals generally openly recruit young backbone doctors as training objects, and may also be placed abroad for further studies.

In addition, foreign hospitals generally stipulate that physicians need to provide patients with daily nutritional health advice. Therefore, if you have knowledge of health nutrition, you may have the opportunity to enter foreign hospitals and get high salaries.

And from the perspective of long-term development, no matter what type of hospital, it is a development trend for practitioners to have health and nutrition knowledge, because modern people pay great attention to self-care.

  Lawyers: Two doctors who work in the professional field to develop lawyers. They belong to the experience industry.

All trainee lawyers are bound to experience a relatively short period of “poverty”, but once they turn positive, their income will rise rapidly year by year.

With the increase of working hours, the popularity of the industry will continue to increase, and income will enter a gradual process.

  The future development of lawyers should strive to develop in a certain professional field, grasp the development trend in this field, and become an expert in some fields.

In particular, professional directions such as business lawyers and corporate legal consultants are relatively easy to get high salaries.

  Teachers: Application-type + methodology is popular In many large, medium and higher cities, teachers’ income levels have exceeded ordinary white-collar workers.

Taking universities as an example, the monthly income of teaching assistants is between 1500-2,000 yuan; the lecturer is between 3,000-4,000 yuan; the associate professor is between 5,000-6,000 yuan; and the monthly income of professors is 8,000-9,000 yuan.

In the general education system, in addition to the normal salary income, a part of the income comes from supplementary courses other than 8 hours.   In the future, application-oriented teachers will be more likely to get high salaries, but teachers who teach such courses must be rich in cases, the teaching content represents advanced ideas, and is instructive.

Therefore, teachers must also often enter the enterprise and continuously accumulate “practical combat” experience to enrich their knowledge structure.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools are facing students who are under pressure to advance. Therefore, it is extremely important to teach “methods”. If they can improve their academic performance in a short period of time, it will inevitably increase the sampling code for quickly obtaining high salaries.

  Antique appraiser: It is equal to “antique” occupational identification treasures.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call this profession “older and more valuable”.

  There is only one quick way to grow fast in the antiques appraisal industry: “Look at it, study it more, study it more.”

In addition, according to the current market operation mode, if you can become a senior appraiser, you can contract a certain department to conduct auctions independently, and the pawn business will become flexible.

  Actuary: The starting salary is 200,000 yuan. Now that the economy is becoming more and more dynamic, the demand for economic talents is naturally increasing.

The general and junior financial staff are currently in oversupply, but the senior financial talents are hard to find.

In particular, the monthly income of senior actuaries can reach more than 10,000 yuan, ranking first in each position.

As the actuarial industry is still in its infancy in some countries, there are currently only 43 national actuaries and 18 quasi-actuaries in the country.

  If you want to develop in this industry, getting the corresponding qualification certificate is only the first step. Rich experience can realize your efficient management ability and emergency response ability.

Since the actuarial industry in China started late and the working environment is not very mature, the second step towards a high-million salary is to grasp the industry trends in time, absorb advanced foreign ideas, and accumulate experience in the industry.

  Architects: scarce talents Architects are scarce talents.

Because, the architectural designer must have deep cultural heritage and extensive experience, because the architecture reflects only the shape of the building itself and the internal spatial relationship, and it also reflects the designer’s outlook on life and the art and culture contained in the architecture.

Therefore, most of the architectural design talents in the market currently require more than 5 years of work experience, with years of research and practical experience support, the salary must be able to climb higher.

  Consultants: Emerging industries have opened up markets in China through the consulting industry, and consultants’ salaries have increased rapidly.

At present, the annual salary of consultants in Shanghai is conservatively estimated at more than 150,000.

The job of a consultant is to diagnose “difficult diseases” and prescribe “prescriptions” for enterprises, and to use the most cutting-edge vision to make the most strategic analysis for enterprises.

Therefore, paying close attention to cutting-edge science and cutting-edge theories is of great benefit to consultants in obtaining high salaries.

  In addition, “researchers” and “skilled workers” supplement the annual increase in funding while “rising to higher levels” needless to say.

In addition to the above 10 categories that are generally recognized as “older and more valuable” occupations, the “editor” and “horticulturalist” also received more than 40% of the votes.

Work out, build a broad shoulder muscle

Work out, build a broad shoulder muscle

There are many purposes for men to do fitness exercises. Many of them want to strengthen the muscles of their bodies and repeatedly lack the body shape to make them look better when they wear clothes.

  Some people, due to insufficient weight, can’t carry clothes like hangers when they wear clothes, so they want to exercise their shoulder muscles, hoping to add “horizontal” shoulders.

Here are two simple actions that will allow you to build a wide shoulder muscle in a short time.

  First, lift 1 on the shoulder, hold the two dumbbells in your hands, and slightly bend your hands to the same level as the synchronization.

  2. Lift your hands up. When your hands are straight, stay for two seconds, then put your hands back to the starting position.

  Tips When doing this, you must remember to keep your back straight, or you may hurt some muscles when you exert force.

In order to strengthen the effect of stimulating muscles, the slower you do, the better.

When pushing the dumbbell to the front, the elbow should be slightly bent, and it should not be stretched too straight, otherwise it will easily cause strain on the elbow joint.

  Second, hold the shoulder flat 1, hold the dumbbells vertically with both hands.

  2. Keep the elbows of both hands straight, and slowly raise both arms upward to slightly over the shoulder arms. After staying for two seconds, slowly return to the starting position.

  It is suggested that when people do this exercise, it is easy to commit the problem of leaning forward, which will cause damage to the lumbar bone.

In addition, the elbow must be straightened. If you just use other muscles, the stimulation will be reduced, and the exercise effect will be greatly reduced.

In addition, when your shoulders stay at the top, don’t force your breath. Inhale or exhale slowly.

When father-daughter relationship surpasses mother-daughter relationship

When father-daughter relationship surpasses mother-daughter relationship

When my daughter was just sensible, I used to joke with her like this: “Dad originally wanted his mother to have a son.

In front of the delivery room, his father almost fainted when he heard that he had a daughter.

“It was meant to keep the mouth open and make the children happy, but unexpectedly, this kept her daughter in mind.

In the future, she took this out from time to time, as the father did not like the tandem of her daughter.

I do not know the reason for this sentence, or for other reasons, the relationship between my daughter and me has not been as close as the relationship between her and her mother.

  I have been working hard to win the love of my daughter.

In order to improve the relationship between father and daughter, I make a gradual emotional investment.

I get up early every morning to send my children to school.

After school in the afternoon, as long as I can find time, I must pick her up.

My daughter’s favorite books, magazines, toys, and children’s food, as long as I don’t think it’s too outrageous, will be satisfied one by one. I look forward to the day when “material becomes spiritual”, which will make our father-daughter relationship surpass the “unbreakable” mother-daughter relationship.

  In order to realize this dream at an early date, I often exchanged my experiences with my wife, and humbly asked my wife for the secrets.

The wife said that because children are young, they need more motherly love in life, so when the children are younger, they will naturally be closer to their mothers.

After listening to these words, I felt that the mother and the child made sense, and my future is very bright.

  However, after years of practice, I feel that the prospect is not very optimistic.

I found that the daughter even treated her mother well. Even when her mother criticized her severely, she didn’t talk back and listened convincingly.

And when I criticized her, she was always unwilling to accept, not convinced, and even spoke with me with integrity, regardless of the majesty of her father at home.

Sometimes I was annoyed and said, “As long as my mother likes me.

“I had to ask my wife again for advice.

Fortunately, the wife is also enlightened and instructed.

The lady said that you must be your child’s friend first, then she can be good to you. You have to help her solve practical problems and difficulties, and let her convince you from the bottom of her heart.

When criticizing a child, as long as you are right, the child will not know that it is unreasonable and insist on making trouble with you.

  I got a call from my wife, and I tried it consciously.

But it never seemed to work, and miracles never happened.

  One day finally came!

Daughter wants remote-controlled car as her New Year gift.

I bought her a very beautiful remote controlled toy jeep, and gave her a New Year gift in advance.

Unsurprisingly, the overjoyed daughter blossomed.

I felt that the opportunity had finally come. I quickly held my daughter’s hand and asked her, “Who is the best with you?

“She didn’t hesitate to confront the black man with a bright smile:” It’s best to talk to dad.

“Suddenly delighted me.

Great, the hard work of the past few years has no white flowers, this day has finally arrived.

Really worth the effort!

Unexpectedly, the daughter looked at me proudly, and added: “The best with my mother.

“Oh my God!



All these efforts have gone to waste.

I just had fun floating in the sky, and was hit hard on the ground again.  When will my daughter be the closest to my father?

I often hear people say that their sons are close to their mothers, and their daughters are close to their fathers.

Is there a phenomenon of opposite sex attraction at home?

Give me some more time and wait for a miracle.