4 ways to quickly repair skin after sunburn


4 ways to quickly repair skin after sunburn

In the summer when the ultraviolet rays are very strong, if the sun protection is not in place, the skin of the body will be sunburned. The redness and tanning are only minor problems, and severe pain and peeling will cause blisters.

How to quickly repair skin after sun exposure, and how to whiten quickly after sun exposure?

Xiaobian teach you 4 ways to first aid sunburn caused by improper sun protection.


Redness and hotness When you feel that your skin is tanned and it feels hot to the touch before you feel pain, this is a minor sunburn.

At this time, as long as the sunburned area is cleaned with ice water, apply the mask on the hot place for 15-20 minutes with the iced sunscreen.

If the area of the redness is relatively large, you can use a cotton pad or gauze to penetrate the ice water and wrap the redness and heat until the skin is completely calmed.

Particular care should be taken on the red part of the face. In addition to using a cold film after the sun, restore skin care products such as essence first, and only use a moisturizing lotion or moisturizer after cleaning.


Pain, redness, and swelling When your skin is already hot, and you feel pain, even when you see obvious redness and swelling, your skin is already sunburned.

The most direct and effective method is to use ice gauze or a towel to penetrate the ice water, put it in the freezer for 5 minutes, and then wrap the sunburned area.

After calming the skin, apply the aloe repair gel evenly on the skin, completely covering the sunburned area.

After the swelling, the skin is very easy to dry and tighten, so it is necessary to replenish moisture in time.

It is recommended to cut a highly moisturizing mask into an appropriate size and apply it to the red and swollen area, and apply 3-4 times more moisturizing moisturizer than usual to the face or body, slowly massage for a few minutes, and then apply the cream that is not absorbed.Wipe gently with a towel.

Do not rush to do the whitening work first, make sure the skin is completely calmed, no more pain and redness, and then add whitening ingredients to repair the product.


Peeling and blistering more serious sunburn will cause blisters. At this time, using skin care products or cosmetics may further damage the skin. Avoid rubbing the skin, otherwise the blisters will break.

It is recommended to go directly to the doctor for care, and after diagnosis by the doctor, apply anti-inflammatory ointment.

If you do not have medical conditions while traveling, use a soft sterilized cotton swab with ice water to gently pat the skin, try not to break the blisters, and let the blisters absorb and dissolve through the body.

After the blisters have ruptured or absorbed, apply anti-inflammatory ointment or aloe vera gel to the sunburn with a cotton swab, and avoid using skin care products before healing.


Severe tanning Regardless of whether the skin is red, swollen or peeling after sunburn, tanning is the cumulative end result.

Tanning is a normal protective reaction of the human body to ultraviolet rays, and is a manifestation of skin health.

When tanning, in addition to icing and hydrating, use a whitening night cream with vitamins to dilute melanin.

It is recommended that you suspend complex skincare routines and replace products with mild and low sensitivity, and the simpler the steps, the better.

For example, you can use clean water directly or use a non-foaming cleanser with good moisturizing feeling.

The lotion can be replaced with a soothing and calming hot spring water spray. Never use exfoliating or fragrance-containing products.

And then pay more attention to sun protection, it is recommended to use physical sunscreen, avoid chemical sunscreen.

  Whitening is a long-term process, especially after being tanned, if you want to return to the original white people may continue to whiten for up to 3 months to half a year.

After severe sunburn, if you want to restore the retina as soon as possible, but you cannot use whitening skin care products too much, you must use some natural whitening products to care for the skin.

Here are some tips for quick whitening after sun exposure.

  Milk: Use gauze or woven mask to repeatedly penetrate ice milk, and apply it to the suntan for 10 minutes. It can be used on the face and eyes.

  Brine: Use a concentration of 1.

9% ice-cold saline (dissolving one tablespoon of table salt in one liter of water) is applied to the wound and can also act like a milk lever.

  Pearl powder plus yogurt: Choose the finest powdered pearl powder mixed with yogurt, apply it to the sunburn, do not massage.

Usually pearl powder massage can press the effect of exfoliating, but the skin is still fragile after sun exposure, just apply for 5-10 minutes.

  Cabbage: Cut the cabbage into thin slices and stick it to the tanned area to help dilute melanin.

White-collar workers: Don’t let worry worry you

White-collar workers: Don’t let worry worry you

White Collars: Don’t Let Anxiety Overcome You Someone around us often shows varying degrees of worry, depression, interpersonal relationship disorders, sleep disorders, and other unhealthy mentalities; if these common psychological problems are not adjusted in time, it will bring seriousPhysical symptoms and diseases.

  People around us often show varying degrees of worry, depressive symptoms, interpersonal relationship disorders, sleep disorders, and other unhealthy mentalities; if these common psychological problems are not adjusted in a timely manner, serious physical symptoms and diseases will be brought about.

  Psychological health makes work easier. If you want to achieve morality and health, you must first start with adjusting your mentality and maintaining mental health.

  In the “White Collar Health Survey”, there were 1,524 Zhongguancun employees who participated in the psychological test. Among them, 797 showed “anxiety”, accounting for 52%; 567 showed “interpersonal abnormalities”, accounting for 37%; “hostile””There are 158 people, accounting for 10%.

Bao Xuejuan, director of the Health Management Department of Beijing Baizhong Health Examination Center, believes that the proportion of “worry” and “abnormal interpersonal relationships” is relatively high, and it can be said that a considerable number of white-collar workers in Zhongguancun have mild psychological abnormalities.

  Don’t let anxiety defeat you. Mr. Zhang is famous for his strong ability in the company. There are problems in the company and he is always asked to take people to solve it. Now he is the deputy general manager of the company.

But recently he always feels uncomfortable when driving or working.

Another thing also stimulated his nerves. His father died of heart disease the year before, and he was worried about the inheritance of the disease.

Although no problems were found during the hospital inspection, he was still not assured.

One day, while driving, he suddenly felt pain in the front of his heart and called an ambulance.

This time he didn’t dare to care, and after staying in the hospital for two months, nothing happened. Mr. Zhang was confused.

  Mr. Zhang’s situation is typical. In psychological clinics, he often sees such strange “heart patients”.

A large part of these “criminals” are suffering from psychological disorders: anxiety.

  Anxiety is very common among white-collar workers.

Due to work pressure, interpersonal competition is high, and I am in high tension every day.

They may be tired from working for a long time, may encounter some stressful events, or feel aggrieved because they are criticized by the boss, or they may gradually develop nervousness, dizziness, and other symptoms due to emotional problems, which gradually become chronic diseases.

  Although “anxiety disorder” is a kind of mental illness, it has some obvious manifestations, such as fast heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, and may also feel fear, feel dead, go crazy, or even lose control, within a few minutesAfter half an hour, I often die without treatment; I am restless, or I am always worried that I or my family may have something bad, and I am worried about going to work every day; I always feel nervous, muscle trembling, sweating, dizziness, stomach discomfort, etc., but the doctorAn inspection of the spindle body of him was inconclusive.

  Physicians recommend that you learn to actively adjust your own psychology: optimism, mental illness is related to human personality and external attitudes, so you must have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; tolerance, understand the characteristics of human nature, and treat others as generously as possible,Learn to forgive the people and things around you; troubleshoot and find social support systems, such as loved ones, friends, classmates, talk to your heart, grievances, and seek relief; vent, find a way to gather the distress, sorrow, and grievances in your heart,Resentment is vented; transfer, when you are angry or sad, consciously divert your attention to the activities you usually pay attention to; exercise, reduce fetters through outdoor activities, and gradually calm down the mind; at the same time, goodMusic is also an effective tool to troubleshoot and calm down anger.

  An expert in the relationship between tension resolution told reporters that the stress caused the ambassador to worry, then it will cause tension in the relationship, and finally create hostility.

  At present, computers have become one of the important contents of many people’s daily work or life. People who often deal with computers, because of overcoming the face of inanimate computer screens, will cause them to be incompetent in dealing with interpersonal relationships and suffer setbacks.Different mental disorders.

  Analysis by psychologists shows that computer operation mainly uses conversational form. After giving instructions, the computer will obey.

Some people who are accustomed to communicating with computers often have difficulty understanding each other. They even insist on their opinions, or they give up completely, and they are trapped in a set of minds.

But in social communication, dealing with interpersonal relationships is far more complicated than computer communication. Even if your request is reasonable and correct, it may not be accepted immediately.

The way of thinking and problem-solving is simple, unable to reach a good agreement and understanding with others. It is a problem that people who often deal with computers tend to commit. Over time, they will become irritable, physically and mentally exhausted, and mentally exhausted. Eventually they develop to lose confidence in themselves., Resulting in psychological disorders.

  Physicians recommend that you talk to your friends and family about your inner distress and troubles; shout loudly in an empty place, and you can even use simulated attacks on the people you hate.

It turns out that although this method may be contrary to moral principles, it is very effective for evacuation and depression; change the way to meet psychological needs and find new ways of spiritual sustenance, such as: enrich and enrich family life and personal hobbies; strengthenInteractions with friends and relatives; appropriate part-time or second-career activities within the military.



A walnut or citron is native to Xiqiao (that is, Sichuan), an integrated area in western Gansu. Zhangye in the Han Dynasty brought the western region, so it is also called walnut.

Genus Juglanaceae.

It is commonly cultivated in northern China.

Seed kernels, fruit separators, peels, and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.

Seed kernels are squeezed out for oil consumption.

  Sexual taste: sweet, flat, warm.

  Cereal seeds (walnut kernels) contain stool oil, protein, sugars, niacin, vitamins B1, B2.

The pulp contains walnut leaf nevus and is implanted.

Leaves contain volatile oil, gum, sulfide, gallic acid, condensed gallic acid, hydrogenated walnut leaf nitrate; core shell contains five carbon sugar.

  Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, moistening phlegm, warming lungs and kidneys, and benefiting life.

Walnut meat is a nourishing and strong product, nourishes the lungs and kidneys, relieves asthma and coughs, walnut oil and leaves can cure skin diseases.

Juicy skin decoction, can be used as shampoo and mange medicine, soaked in wine can relieve pain.

Isolate enuresis.

  [肺肾两虚,久咳痰喘(包括老年慢性支气管炎,咳喘,肺气肿等)]  核桃仁1-2球,生姜1-2片,一并细细嚼吃。Every morning and evening.

  [肾虚,小便频数,遗精,阳萎,痘疮不起浆及慢性化脓病等]  胡桃隔、芡实、薏米仁各9-15克,水煎服。  [肝胃气痛,胃神经痛]  未成熟的胡桃皮(绿色肉皮)60克浸入240克烧酒中,密闭7-10日后可用,每次饮少许(约3毫升~5毫升),可以止痛。This wine is for external use for the first time.

  [急、慢性胃痛]  取青核桃3000克,烧酒5000毫升,放坛中浸泡20天,待酒变成黑褐色,去渣过滤备用。Take 10-15 ml each time when you have stomach pain.

  [呃忒]  胡桃核15克,生姜6克,水煎服之。  [肠鸣腹泻]  核桃壳烧存性,研细,每服3克,温开水送下,一日2次。  [疥癣,顽癣]  走油的胡桃仁研细,以纱布包裹,抹擦患处,一日2-3次。  [顽癣(包括体癣,股癣,牛皮癣)]  用刀削下鲜嫩胡桃绿色外皮,纱布包,用力拭擦患部,每日2-3次,一般约需10-20天见效。Or peel off the green skin, dry it, fry it, and scrub the affected area.

This recipe is also used for tinea capitis and alopecia.

  [全身搔痒]  胡桃树叶煎水擦洗。  [跌打外伤]  胡桃肉皮(生胡桃外皮)捣烂敷伤处。  [尿路结石]  胡桃肉120克,麻油120克,炸酥盛起,和白糖120克,共研细,仍以麻油调和为一剂,分2天服,每天服3次。

Thinking triggered by celebrity depression and suicide

Thinking triggered by celebrity depression and suicide

Core Tips: Throughout the Internet, articles such as “Depression stars one by one” and “Crashing celebrity artists” appear from time to time, which also allows us to see that in addition to having more banknotes, there are more houses and even “illness” than ordinary peoplemany.

Most suicide stars are caused by depression, while the direct cause of star depression is invisible stress.

  Young actor Shang Yubo’s depression and suicide induced deep thought. As a kid, everyone had a dream to grow up to be a star, but the stars haunted the halo and in addition to their fame and pressure, the pressure also came. Under this pressure,Celebrities with psychological problems can be seen everywhere in the entertainment industry. Sometimes, recently, young actor Shang Yubo committed suicide by jumping from a building in Beijing on the 25th and was only 28 years old.

According to Shang Haobo ‘s head teacher, Chinese drama Professor Hao Rong, confirmed on Weibo that Shang Yubo was not “stuck in love” and committed suicide, but chose to end his life in order to reduce the invasion of depression.

  Throughout the Internet, articles such as “depression stars one by one” and “crash artist celebrities” appear from time to time, which also allows us to see that in addition to more banknotes, more houses, more cars, and even “ill” than ordinary peopleneed more.


Depression again!

Most suicide stars are caused by depression, and the direct cause of star depression is invisible stress.

  In China, singer Yang Kun, actor Jackie Chan, and host Cui Yongyuan have all exposed to depression.

And related statistics in South Korea show that 40% of Korean artists have depression, and 30% even said they had thought of suicide.

Zhang Li, a psychologist at Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital, pointed out that the reason why stars are prone to depression or even go to a dead end is basically that they are overstressed, easily lost, and depressed.

  Expert Leader: Stars “depress” can not be delayed. Psychologist Zhang Li from Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital analyzes that in the entertainment industry, if a star is treated in the hospital because of a psychological problem, he will be hyped. Therefore, many stars have depression problems.Can’t help in time.

However, unless we can understand the pressure on the celebrities, suicide is still a very wrong choice, but the blasphemy of our lives will have a possible impact on society because of the special status of the celebrities.

How to maximize the entertainment value provided by celebrities and minimize the physical harm suffered will be a dissertation that requires the attention of the entertainment circle and the whole society.

  ”Actually the biggest concern for celebrities is being exposed, so in addition to depression, most celebrities are also accompanied by insomnia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and often feel fear and anxiety.

“Zhang Li said.

Most celebrities lack security because they are worried that they are not popular, and their work is special and mutated. The identities of the celebrities become incompatible with the personality around them, and few people can touch their hearts. The vast majority of celebrities are talking with them.When others are together, they will feel lonely, not to mention making close friends.

  In addition, celebrities are often reassured about what they have done or said. Such symptoms have constituted obsessive-compulsive disorder. The purpose is only to prevent their private life from being exposed or false and alternative news.

  Experts remind: Alternate seasons between autumn and winter, the mind must beware of “cold” Zhang Li pointed out that in the autumn and winter seasons, people’s moods often become depressed. Recently, some citizens have come to Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital for psychological consultation.Is it easy to cause depression?

How do people learn to adapt to climate change and make them feel better?

  Zhang Li said that the occurrence of depression is related to the natural environment such as the climate of the patients. The bad weather makes the mood of depression patients even worse, and even leads them to a dead end.

However, the fundamental reason why people suffer from depression is because of cognitive biases.

In life, most of us can change ourselves in the face of stress, learn to adapt to society, and master more life skills, but some people have developed extreme thinking in the face of stress, unable to adapt to various changes in society.

This is clearly unrealistic.

As time goes on, it is easy for him to produce bad self-suggestions, and he always feels that he is inferior to others.

  So how to deal with depression in autumn and winter, Zhang Li reminded everyone that we must first carry out the necessary self-psychological adjustment, take the initiative to adapt to the changes of nature, and “not to be happy with things, not to feel sorry for ourselves”.

In addition to finding a professional psychiatrist when necessary, you should usually go out and talk with people around you. When there is sun, you should bask in the sun outdoors. People can only carry out activities in such light conditions.Mobilize emotions, increase excitement, reduce or eliminate depression.

The origin of yoga asana

The origin of yoga asana

The origin of yoga asanas Thousands of years ago, yogis meditated in the forests of the Himalayas. When they were meditating, they occasionally observed wild animals and shared their wonderful poses to pass the time they lived alone.

After deep observation, they perceive the birth of nature, teach animals to maintain healthy, sensitive and alert skills, and at the same time give various animals a natural way to heal themselves, relax themselves, sleep or stay awake.

These ancient yoga practitioners did experiments based on the postures of these animals and personally, and found that there is a lot of stress on the body. Then through deep intuition and judgment, they finally created a series of physical exercise systems. We call them asana.That is yoga asana.

Many of these thousands of asana yoga poses follow the names of animals, for example: cobra, peacock, fish, scale insect and so on.

  What is yoga asana? Yoga asana means “maintain the body in comfortable movements”. In slow movements, the body keeps relaxing and breathing deeply, so that the bloody night can naturally carry a large amount of oxygen and absorb.
Yoga asana affects all parts of the body. They activate the muscles and nervous system, strong and stiff ligaments and tendons, make the joints sensitive and massage the internal tissues.

  Yoga asana regulates hormone secretion Yoga practitioners have an important discovery that the intricate and coordinated function of the body is directed by the glandular system. These secreted chemicals are known as hormones by modern scientists.

Hormones have a great impact on the body, such as growth, digestion, energy, mood, etc. For example, the thyroid gland secretes too much thyroid hormone, which makes normal people nervous and irritable.

  Yoga asana adjusts internal habits. Yoga physiology describes that human beings have fifty psychological symptoms, such as scourge, shyness, anger, etc., which are controlled by the seven plexus nodes from the spine to the top of the head. The affected glands are determined.Because of the distraction and inattention of the mind, these trends, habitual cravings, manifested through different states, vented, and crusted caused psychological imbalance, and also made the mind turbulent and unable to rest.

These habits and tendencies are all affected by the glands. As long as we exercise and adjust the secretion of the glands, we can control the habits and psychological balance.

  Yoga asana helps to calm the mind. It concentrates on the movements of yoga asana and keeps it still for a while. It can compress the glands and help endocrine balance, so you can avoid illness and keep your body soft.

Yoga movements can adjust those bad habits and tendencies alone, and the mind will become quiet, peaceful and concentrated.

  Yoga asana helps meditation and develop the mind. If you want to learn, practice meditation, and do yoga asanas regularly, it is the most basic and necessary. When you explore the vast innerity through meditation, you will experience that a healthy body is an extension of the conscious mind.Necessary, in fact, the body and the mind are inseparable. The body is the outermost layer of the mind and the bastion of meditation. A complete yoga course should include physical exercises, yoga asanas, to purify and strengthen the body, and makeThe soul goes all out to achieve the unity of cosmic consciousness.

Test how many romances you will experience

Test how many romances you will experience

Translation: If you have friends with men and women, what do you think will be your favorite thing to do next?

  A, stroll to the beach together B, go shopping together C, go to the cafe for afternoon tea D, chat together or watch a movie Answer analysis: A: The romance you will encounter is less than 2 times.

You are a very affectionate person, and cherish the feelings of the two sides at the moment, so you will not take the initiative to betray, if it is smooth and happy, this life may be old forever, and stay for life.

It’s just that you can’t bear the betrayal of your lover. If the other party is sorry for you, you may indulge yourself, and you may even be short-lived.

  B: The romance you encounter may not even count yourself.

You are very casual, and you also like to make different heterosexual friends. Often you are together when you see the right eye and separate when you are not comfortable with the eye. So you are always in love, but almost never have a relationship that really impresses you.

Maybe after getting older, or the promise and restraint of marriage, you can put away that arrogant and frivolous years.

  C: The romance you will meet is 3-5 times.

You are not used to chatting with the opposite sex. Even if you have an object, it is unpredictable, and you have no sense of security for you.

So if there is a misunderstanding, even if you are unwilling, the other party may leave angrily because you always do not explain the reason.

Your relationships are long, but not easy to maintain properly.

  D: You will meet in love more than five times.

You are too accustomed to defining love, and you also like to use the other half as an impulse, and refuse to really care about his feelings. After you lose, you may suddenly realize that you want to cherish it, but the other party no longer gives you any chance.

There is an experience to learn to be good once, generally about five times, you will know how to handle the psychological emotions of the opposite sex.

Outline beauty equipment

Outline beauty equipment

Core tips: After sitting firmly, hold your toes forward with both hands, and hold the crossbar with both hands. The grip distance of each hand is about one palm wider than the shoulders, and your body is tilted slightly backward.

The main action is to pull down the crossbar to the chin.


After the high-level dragger is seated firmly, with your toes forward, hold the crossbar with both hands. The grip of each hand is about one palm wider than your shoulders, and your body is tilted slightly backward.

The main action is to pull down the crossbar to the chin.
It is faster when dragging towards the direction and slower when going back.

When you drag the crossbar towards you, you can feel the tightening feeling behind.

  Note: It is usually done under the guidance of the coach, so the problem is not big.

Pull down on the crossbar without pulling to the chest, just to the chin.


When the barbell is forward, your toes are forward, and your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders.

Straighten, straighten your chest, hold the barbell with your hands at the same width as your shoulders.

Tighten the lower limbs to maintain stability.

Use the front end of the contraction force to pull the barbell towards the middle of your abdomen, pause for a few seconds and then slowly lower it.

  The main effect of barbell exercise is to make the back end firm.

The barbell weight that a person can lift 15 times in a row should be the standard weight during practice.

For women, try to be light.

  Note: You must be careful when doing so, otherwise it is easy to be injured and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

In addition, keep your hips straight and not bent during the entire process.

When returning the barbell downwards, the movement should be slow. It is necessary to use muscle strength to control the restoration movement, instead of using inertia. This is also a common problem.


The sitting flat puller keeps the toes forward and merges forward.

Keep your knees away from your wife, and keep the distance between your feet shorter than your shoulder width.

Keep your chest straight, eyes straight ahead.

With both hands, pull the handle horizontally and backwards. When you reach the elbow joint, that is, when the upper and lower arms are at a 90-degree angle, pause, then slowly extend forward.

  Note: It should be noted that you must stand up and do not bend over, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve exercise results.


With the feet of the rowing machine steady, holding the lever, the eyes look forward and the waist is straight.

First use the pedals, pull the lever with both hands when you press halfway, and pull down to the middle of the abdomen.

Always try to extend as far as possible.

It is necessary to know the absolute axial speed, so the force must be fast when pulling.

  Note: When starting, you must step on the pedal with your foot. Many people are used to pulling with both hands before they think of stepping on the foot. This wrong method must be overcome.


Dumbbells Dumbbells are similar to barbells. For example, hold the dumbbells and shrug your shoulders, and spread your feet apart, slightly wider than your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells tightly with your hands, with your hands facing forward.

Lift your shoulders upwards and relax, leaning down. Rowing is to lean down with your legs upright or bent.

This exercise mainly exercises the latissimus dorsi, and other muscles can also be assisted.

  Note: As with the barbell, the weight of the dumbbells must not be too heavy, otherwise you will not be able to complete the exercises of each group 10-15 times, or grit your teeth and breathlessly complete the paralysis on the ground all at once, and the soreness will be a few days laterIt can’t bring up the excitement of exercise, and may even strain the muscles.

How to prevent diseases in autumn? Be careful with these 7 diseases!

How to prevent diseases in autumn? Be careful with these 7 diseases!

Be careful with 7 diseases in the fall!

1 acute gastroenteritis into the fall after the fall health, but also need to pay special attention to prevent acute gastroenteritis, after entering the fall, our body’s digestive function is gradually reduced, so the disease resistance has also begun to weaken.

This season is the time when all kinds of fruits and vegetables are on the market. If you eat a lot of cold fruits and vegetables, it is very likely that there will be acute and chronic diseases such as diarrhea, diarrhea and loose stools.

In the daily routine, the diet should be regular, the diet should be regularly quantified, and never overeating.

Pay attention to eating and drinking when eating and eating.

Try to eat less irritating foods, and not drink and smoke.

Keep your spirits happy.

Excessive mental stimulation, such as long-term stress, fear, sadness, depression, etc., can cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, promote vagal dysfunction, lead to contraction of vasospasm in the stomach wall, and cause gastritis and gastric ulcer.

2 The dry autumn of oral ulcers makes us very easy to get angry, and oral ulcers are the most direct manifestation of getting angry.

In addition to the cause of the dry climate, oral fluid damage, nutrient deficiencies, and hormonal changes can directly lead to oral ulcers.

Usually should pay attention to keep the mouth clean, commonly used salt water to gargle, quit smoking and alcohol, regular life, to ensure adequate sleep.

Light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy, thick and irritating food, keep the stool smooth.

In addition, oral ulcers are largely related to personal physical fitness, so oral ulcers are also considered to be signs of weakening of the body, so patients should strengthen physical exercise and improve physical fitness.

In the case of oral ulcers, if the patient feels tired at the same time, he should check whether his usual nutrition is balanced, whether the rest is enough, and should supplement various vitamins and minerals.

3 cold autumn weather is fickle, cold and hot climate characteristics make our body’s immune system difficult to adjust in time, so in such a changing season, the cold is always around us.

In order to prevent autumn colds, in addition to paying attention to the timely increase or decrease of clothing, you need to pay more attention to exercise in your daily life, so as to improve your immunity.

If you are already suffering from a cold, you should try plenty of water and rest at this time. In the diet, you need to eat some light food.

And you can also eat more foods containing vitamin C in peacetime, it improves self-resistance and helps you recover from illness as soon as possible.

If the symptoms of colds are not serious, then alternate Chinese medicine Forsythia, honeysuckle, Daqingye, Banlangen and other drugs, under the guidance of a doctor.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to rest in peacetime, and pay attention to clean the mouth in time, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid spicy food stimulation, control emotions, dilute the smoldering anger in the body, and also add vitamins B and C.

4 Itchy skin Itching is a very common disease in autumn. It is usually dominated by the trunk, the thigh bone and the calf flexor, and the joints are also common.

This itch is mostly paroxysmal, and the weight is not the same as the duration. However, it is easy to induce or aggravate when eating irritating foods or when the temperature rises.

Many people like to take a bath every day, whether it is summer or autumn. Experts point out that this is unscientific.

This season, bathing should not be too much, and soap and shower gel can not use some alkaline perforated ingredients.

Keep the stool as smooth as possible, and eliminate the accumulation of sensitizing substances in the body to avoid itching.

5 Habitual constipation After the fall, due to the dry climate, it is easy to cause dry stools. The main manifestations are reduced stools, hard stools, patients often accompanied by left lower abdomen bloating, poor desire, etc.
Therefore, patients who have habitual constipation in the fall should drink at least 2000-3000 ml of warm water every day, so they can effectively prevent constipation.

6 rhinitis in autumn, the temperature is usually large, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, such climatic characteristics lead to recurrent episodes of rhinitis, especially for some people with allergies, it is difficult to adapt to this climate change in autumn, so it is easy to suffer from rhinitisOr rhinitis attacks.

If there is a frequent sneezing, headache, chest pain, stomach pain, etc., you must pay attention because this is a typical symptom of allergic rhinitis.

At this time, you should pay special attention to keep warm to avoid cold, and ensure that the diet is light, so as to get rid of the sensitivity.

7 anti-autumn dry autumn should also pay attention to prevention is autumn dry, it is the most harmful to the human body is the lungs, dry evil is the most vulnerable to lung injury and consumption of fluid, which leads to our nose dry throat, dumb dry cough,Dry stools and other “autumn dryness.”

And autumn dryness is also easy to cause upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis and so on.

Therefore, in the autumn, you should eat more foods such as sesame, pear, alfalfa, banana, apple, white fungus, lily, persimmon, etc., to moisturize and nourish the lungs.

Top ten nursing methods for air conditioning diseases

Top ten nursing methods for air conditioning diseases

First, the use of air conditioning for long-term ventilation, while the doors and windows are closed, easy to cause indoor air pollution, accumulation of toxic and harmful substances, increased density of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby increasing the chance of infection.

Keep indoor air fresh: turn off the air conditioner regularly, open the window and breathe.

Best every 2?
Open the window for 3 hours, once every 10?
15 minutes to ensure convection of indoor and outdoor air.

Second, the optimal temperature for the built-in indoor and outdoor temperature difference air conditioning room is 25 ° C?
27 ° C, if it is lower than 25 ° C, susceptible to “air conditioning disease.”

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is best not to exceed 5 °C.

Do not set the air conditioner temperature too low due to greediness.

Third, avoid smoking Do not smoke indoors, is an important measure to reduce air pollution.

Fourth, wipe the sweat and enter the air-conditioned room when sweating and sweating, immediately change the wet clothes and dry the sweat.

Do not blow the cold air from the air outlet directly onto the person.

Fifth, the negative ion generator installed in the air conditioner room with negative ion generator can avoid the negative ions in the air due to the easy absorption of negative ions in the air.

Sixth, keep the air duct of the air conditioner clean air conditioner, the hair dryer is suitable for the survival of germs and viruses, and the bacteria and viruses are blown out by the air conditioner, which is easy to cause infection.

Therefore, check the filter membrane of the air conditioner once a month, cool the disc, and replace or clean it in time.

Seven, increase exercise in the air-conditioned room, if there is a sense of cold, you can do some exercise to promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Eight, drink water and moisturize for a long time in the air-conditioned room, to drink plenty of water, to maintain indoor humidity, you can use wet mats to mop.

Nine, insisting on outdoor sports exercise outdoor exercise can enhance the body’s disease resistance, thus achieving the purpose of preventing disease.

People who live and work in air-conditioned rooms for a long time are more likely to do outdoor sports.

Ten, once the drug has symptoms similar to air-conditioning diseases, you can take Huoxiang Zhengqi water for treatment, and you can also drink some green bean soup for diet.

If the symptoms are not relieved, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

What to do if my baby girl lives with someone else

What to do if my baby girl lives with someone else

Now it ‘s not easy to be a parent-you have brought up your child after a lot of hard work, and at an instant when you have reached the age of starting a family, he / she doesn’t say goodbye, and has lived a life of “Let’s live together without marriage””” Days.

  In the United States, there are now more than 5 million cohabiting men and women; in Europe, the marriage rate of each country has declined year after year, and young people would rather live together than in the auditorium; and in Taiwan, China, statistics show that the island may have more than 440,000Cohabitation, this does not include college students living together.

  Although the story of young people living together has long been strange, but when it falls on their heads, parents still have a kind of heartfelt feeling that the world has changed.

Has the time really changed?

What should parents do when their child is alone?

Recently, experts from Taiwan’s “Health” magazine provided a few tricks to parents facing such problems.

  Cohabitation risks make parents worry that 24-year-old Angie grew up in the cohabitation trend.

After graduating from college, she courageously lived with her boyfriend.

She had an abortion in 3 years.

After the second pregnancy, the two argued because their boyfriend didn’t approve of marriage and children.

Who knows that after a few days, her boyfriend “evaporates the world”, leaving An Qi alone surrounded by despair.

  A 10-year study from Rogers University in the United States found that the longer you live together, the less likely it is to get married.

A report from American “Psychology Today” also pointed out that the divorce rate of cohabitants before marriage is higher than that of non-cohabitants, because couples who live together before marriage often start quarreling when they live together, and young people may be indifferentMind communication, lack of commitment, and satisfaction after marriage.

  Parents’ worries are more practical: girls in cohabitation relationships expect or wait to get married and have children, but boys are still waiting to see that they can find better people.

If it ‘s just to save the rent and you ‘re afraid of sending your girlfriend home after a date, and you want to stay together for easy reasons such as having sex and having someone to take care of in your life, it means that both people lack “want to live together forever”
This is the most dangerous.

  Discuss four issues with your children. Seeing that your children are in danger, how can a parent stand?

Experts believe that it is better to discuss the following four questions along with the question of cohabitation of children: Can you cope with money?

Peng Huaizhen, Dean of Tunghai University in Taiwan, has seen many university boys who choose to live together. In order to “support the family”, they worked excessively and ended up dropping out of school because of failing grades. There were also many children who were employed, interpreting cohabitation relationships like marriage and masterPeople with great economic power always have contradictions in power, and as a result, the equal relationship is unbalanced.

  He said that cohabitation allows children to quickly learn to divide labor according to traditional concepts. Boys are responsible for all expenses in cohabitation, and girls are responsible for housework and taking care of the lives of two people.

Often, they don’t really control their lives, and many people have to pay for their living expenses.

At this time, parents should talk about the most practical aspects of life, let their children think about how money and time should be allocated and used, and remind children that in healthy sexual relations, they must not distort or give up for each other.

  Is he / she what you want?

Some parents may not be able to accept their child’s lover at all, thinking that he / she has broken his child.

Experts believe that parents’ concerns are sometimes not unreasonable, and make children think “Is this person you want?

What kind of happiness can he / she give you?

“What would you do if the other party was empathetic?” Might help them face up to cohabitation.

  What do you expect from each other?

When parents worry that their children haven’t lived together for many years, they can try to talk with their children about the purpose of living together.

If the two people live together as a co-habitant and have enough commitment, parents do n’t have to worry too much, but do n’t forget to invite the child and the other ‘s parents to come and eat together to increase their feelings and understanding.Remind, even force children to imagine the cohabitation of unsuccessful encounters, so that the party who wants to get married finds it difficult to retreat.

  Do you have proper contraception?

Sex is the hardest word.

Yan Hanwen, dean of the Taiwan Normal University’s College of Education, who has been a long-time gendarmerie for gender education, said that it may be difficult for a father to talk to his son, but it may be easier to leave a condom.

In addition, parents should do sex education from a young age to avoid trying sex easily.