He sang the river in his hometown, and touched the hearts of generations of audiences

He sang the river in his hometown, and touched the hearts of generations of audiences
Upon hearing the news that the singer Kelimu passed away due to illness, I silently turned on the phone and revisited the melodies that had been sung for many years, “Take your hijab”, “The Girl of Dakaban”, “Song of Avanti””The River in the Hometown” . For more than half a century, these songs did not go away with the times. Under the brisk and lively interpretation of Kelimu, they still have fresh vitality, and this artistic power through time and space, Not just anyone can have it.>>> Krimu’s death, Yu Junjian recalls: He let us hear the Kirimu when Uyghur music was young.Krim has his extraordinary features.After the death of Kerim, CCTV host Nigel Maidi issued a Weibo tribute, “The old guy who is alive and kicking on the stage . he likes to talk to the audience, talking about everything . Put on that clothes, he hooted awayGoing on stage, like the 18-year-old Maotou who first came to Beijing . “This evaluation is kind and in place, depicting the image of Klimu as seeing art as life, cheerful performance and humor, and a sense of distance from the audience.It can be called “old man” by the younger generation, and it can be seen that he is an old man without a shelf.This Uyghur artist who was born in an artistic family. At the age of 11, with his parents joining the army, he began his art career in the 1950s. Basically, he has experienced various periods in the literary and art circles since 1949.As the first singer to sing Uyghur songs in Chinese, his works incorporate a large number of regional cultural features of Xinjiang, and he also has a lot of talents and integrates the artistic experience of many ethnic groups. For example, a song in “Talimu River” has Uyghur,The musical styles of the three ethnic minorities of Tajik and Kazakhstan can be regarded as a “musical messenger” for national cultural exchange.Although the main melody works formed in the 1950s and 1960s have a profound imprint of the times, in the context of changes in the times, with the efforts of a large number of people who have high hopes for a new life, there are many masterpieces handed down.Take Kelimu for example. His appearance catered to the needs of the times. In the 1950s, the country needed a large number of works that met the needs of the times and had new creative ideas to celebrate the new era.A large number of new-generation artists and works are also the reason why Klimu, who was only 18 years old, was able to emerge in the second literary and artistic performance of the whole army in 1959.Kerim is wearing a national costume.Words and words are not far away, and good works can have more vitality.The lucky thing for Kelimu is that he met Wang Luobin, who lived in Xinjiang for more than 50 years, and organized and composed many excellent music works. These works have rich national characteristics and can respond to the needs of the times.It can be said that Wang Luobin’s creative concept has greatly influenced the development of Xinjiang folk music after 1949.Wang Luobin also had a sense of understanding. After he heard that Uncle Kurban Turum went to Beijing to see Chairman Mao in 1958, he created “Miss Chairman Mao Day and Night” and named him to sing Kelimu.It was a blockbuster.Crimu was deeply influenced by it. Not only “Day and Night Miss Chairman Mao”, “Girl in Daban City”, “Alamu Khan”, “Take Your Hijab” and other representative works are mostly works of Wang Luobin.Uncle Urban’s Where Are You? “Tarim River” and other works also have Wang Luobin’s shadow in concept.In addition, there are many highlights in Klimu’s performance, such as the theme song sung for the feature film “Afanti”, which very accurately constructed the image of Afanti, making people think that the uncle holding a microphone is alsoAvanti himself.It takes some time to sort out and appreciate the traditional culture, and it needs to endure loneliness. Many of Klimu’s works show the artist’s solid basic skills.In addition, Kerim’s personal style also laid the foundation for his lasting artistic life.According to the data, Kelimu has been humorous since he was a child. In his later artistic performances, he very organically blended his personal character and stage style. The performance is also a combination of singing and dancing, and he is very good at mobilizing the atmosphere, even if it is a performance in the rare years.This is scarce for the main melody artists. Many people’s performance and life are very clear. Of course, this is not blameworthy.Nowadays, many main melody creations have fallen into the embarrassing situation of propositional composition and even squeal performance. The artistic image of Kelimu and his idea of keeping artistic vitality are still worth learning by many young practitioners.Over half a century has passed, and times have changed dramatically. The things that were very popular in those days may have been annihilated in the dust of history today, but the cheerful melody that Kelimu sang still echoed in the streets and all over the world.Stage, this is the memory of the times and the traditional generous reward.Today, the death of Klimu must have gone with joy, as in the song “Avatar’s Song” “I ride on that little donkey, and the song will accompany me to take the wind . take the wind .”□何殊我(评论人)桑拿夜网编辑 吴龙珍 校对 李世辉

Guoan meets the Devil’s schedule in April and May, the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese Super League is unknown

Guoan meets the Devil’s schedule in April and May, the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese Super League is unknown
The Chinese Football Association issued the 2020 Super League match and scale arrangement. From the schedule, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan will play the first round of competition with Hebei Huaxia at home on February 23. On October 31, the Guoan LeagueThe closing game is away against Chongqing Swey.Guoan will play at home in the first game of the new season.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang She Guoan will face the “highlight” in April. According to the schedule, the first two rounds of the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team are played at home. The opponents of the two rounds are Hebei Huaxia and Shijiazhuang Yongchang.After the AFC Champions League group match at home on March 3, the Guoan team will usher in a continuous away game in the league: March 8 to challenge Shanghai Shanggang on the road and go to Henan to fight against Jianye on the 13th.Genesio ‘s team will usher in the “Devil schedule” in April: after home games against Guangzhou R & F on April 3, the Guoan team will start a double-lane four-seater, except for the AFC away game on April 8 and 22In addition, April 12 and 17 will have to go away to challenge Qingdao Huanghai and Shandong Luneng.On April 26, the Guoan team returned home to face Tianjin TEDA, ending the continuous away game.On May 6, the Guoan team will play the final round of the AFC Champions League group match with Chiang Rai United at home. If the team advances to the knockout stage, the first round of the knockout will be contested on May 26.In the league, the Yulinjun will also play four rounds in May, with opponents Jiangsu Suning, Tianjin Tianhai, Shanghai Shenhua and Wuhan Zall.The prospects of the league may be affected by the epidemic. In addition to the release of the new season Super League matchup, the Chinese Football Association today announced the cancellation of the 2020 national adult female football team spring training due to the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan.Whether the Super League will start as scheduled, the outside world has begun to speculate.In accordance with the schedule arranged by the Chinese Football Association, Wuhan Zall started with “four consecutive players”, and did not return to the home until the fifth round of the league on April 4th. It met the Dalian people and realized that it was affected by the epidemic.However, in the eyes of the outside world, the degree of epidemic control will also affect the entire alliance. In 2003, the last generation A A was interrupted for 83 days due to the outbreak of SARS.After that, the schedule was forced to be rescheduled, and even appeared in the 7 rounds of the month in July.The Football Association official has not yet formulated a resolution on this, but the clubs have issued corresponding preventive notices, requiring team members to “pay attention to personal hygiene and minimize visits to public places.” It is still unknown whether the team ‘s next training preparations will be affected.The 2020 Super League Guoan Team sauna schedule, night net editor Zhou Xiao Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

DunAn Department Broken Arms for Survival: Assets have been sold many times before the crisis detonated

DunAn Department “Broken Arms for Survival”: Assets have been sold many times before the crisis detonated
Dun’an Department of “Broken Arms for Survival”: Before the crisis detonated, it had sold off assets many times.  The Beijing News reporter self-assessment agency Dagong International was informed that it had downgraded the Dunan Group shareholders’ credit rating from AA + to AA- on the evening of May 4, and adjusted its rating outlook to alternative.  Dun’an 武汉桑拿 Group was founded in Zhuji, Zhejiang in 1987, and implemented rapid expansion through repeated heavy lifting. Its business covers many fields such as precision manufacturing and advanced equipment, civil explosives, new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, investment management, etc., becoming Zhejiang Province.Star private enterprises.Today, Dunan’s leveraged expansion sanctions test.  Since the debt crisis broke out on May 2nd, the star private enterprise has been in a rage. At present, the stocks and bonds of the Dunan Group have been suspended, and the incident has even been alleged to bring systemic risks to the local area.  On May 5th, the Zhuji Entrepreneurs Association publicly advocated “supporting the Dunan Group”, and said that it believed that the problems encountered by the Dunan Group were only temporary.  Dunan ‘s “Mother and Child Mutual Protection” funding chain was under pressure on the morning of May 5th. The Beijing News reporter self-assessment agency Dagong International was informed that it had downgraded the Dunan Group shareholders ‘credit rating from AA + to AA on the evening of May 4.-The rating outlook is adjusted to interest rates.  Dagong International said that Dunan Group’s available monetary funds are tight, and the redemption funds for the maturing bonds are still in the previous stage.As of May 4, Dunan Group’s existing bonds totaled US $ 11.3 billion, of which the total restructuring of bonds due in 2018 was US $ 7.3 billion, and the maturity of bonds was concentrated.  On May 3rd, the debt crisis of Dunan Group was made public.  According to media reports, Zhejiang Dunan has a debt crisis of 45 billion yuan, and the Provincial Financial Office has coordinated efforts to guarantee it.Reports show that on May 2nd, the Zhejiang Finance Office convened local financial institutions, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and the China Development Bank Zhejiang Branch and other financial institutions to coordinate and discuss solutions to the Dunan debt crisis.  Regarding the above-mentioned debt turmoil, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange quickly sent a letter of concern to Dunan Environment, asking for clarification on whether the above-mentioned report concerning the financial situation of Dunan Holdings was true and “whether it involves your company’s debts and guarantees”.  For this, Dunan Environment should be balanced. As of May 3, the balance of Dunan Environment’s guarantee for Dunan Holding Group was 82228.The balance of Dunan Holding Group’s guarantees for Dunan Environment and its subsidiaries is RMB 707.5 million.  Dunan Group’s subsidiary listed company Jiangnan Chemical repeated at about the same time. On May 3, the balance of the company’s guarantee for the Dunan Holding Group was 200 million yuan, and the balance of the guarantee provided by the Dunan Group for the company was RMB 41 million.As of May 3, 2018, the balance of the guarantee provided by Dun An Holding Group to Zhejiang Dun An New Energy Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, was 453,221.RMB 320,000.  According to preliminary calculations, the two listed companies, Dun’an Environment and Jiangnan Chemical, together provided the parent company Dun’an Group with guarantee balances exceeding 10.At the same time, Dunan Group provided guarantee balances of more than US $ 5.2 billion for Dunan Environment and Jiangnan Chemical (and its subsidiaries).  Regarding the issue of Dunan Group’s debt crisis and its relationship with listed companies, a person from Dunan Environment Securities Department told the Beijing News reporter on the afternoon of May 3 that no correction has been received. The authenticity of the pictures on the Internet is obvious.There are disclosures, please pay attention to subsequent announcements.  In addition to the mutual protection of internal companies of the Dun’an Department, whether the local enterprises in Zhejiang Zhuji will be affected by the Dunan debt crisis has also attracted much attention from the outside world.  As recently as January of this year, Zhou Jiancan, chairman of Jindun Group, also located in Shaoxing, was killed when he sat down in a hotel. “Fed to death by usury” was considered to be one of the chief reasons for Zhou Jiancan’s death.  On May 3, the market was rumored that the Hailiang Group, one of the world’s largest copper companies in Zhuji, was involved in the Dunan crisis and involved mutual protection with the Dunan Group.  In the evening of May 4th, relevant persons from Hailiang Group responded to the Beijing News reporter exclusively, saying that Hailiang Group and Dunan did indeed start from one place. Starting from multiple companies, the relationship between the two bosses is also good, but the economyThere is no affair on the board. “Mutual guarantees existed in the early days, but now they are not. Media reports are not true.On May 5th, Zhuji Entrepreneurs Association publicly stated that they believed that the problems encountered by Dun’an Group were only temporary and “certainly and soon could be resolved”. I hope that the party committee and government can pay attention to Dunan Group and activelyCoordinate financial institutions; I hope that all financial institutions will be patient with Dunan Group and exchange time for space.  Zhuji Entrepreneurs Association has suggested that in the context of “de-leveraging”, it is recommended that member companies make reasonable use of financing instruments and pay attention to controlling the risks of bond financing.  Under the leverage expansion, the performance decreased and the loss increased. On September 26, 1987, the 23-year-old Yao Xinyi set up a revitalization spring factory in a small pig house with a 900 yuan fund, mainly engaged in the production of agricultural machinery parts.Prototype.  Thirty years later, the headquarters of Dunan Group has been relocated to Wanjiang, Hangzhou. The core industries have covered precision manufacturing and advanced equipment, civil explosives, new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, and investment management. The total number of employees in the group is about 2.90,000 people.  The official website shows that Dunan Group has been ranked among the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” for 9 consecutive years, and ranked among the “Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises” for 16 consecutive years. In 2017, it ranked No. 283 and No. 81, respectively, and ranked among the Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang27th.  As of the end of September 2017, Dunan Holdings Group had total assets of 677.2 billion yuan.  According to reports, Dun An Group focused on the emergency report recently submitted to the Zhejiang Province government. It plans to complete the listing of ten business sectors during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), with annual profits and taxes of 10 billion yuan and annual sales revenue of 100 billion yuan.  The issuance documents from the Shanghai Clearing House show that as of the end of September 2017, Dunan Group had a total of 244 subsidiaries, of which 18 were first-level subsidiaries, and distributed across multiple provinces, gradually extending the industrial chain and integrating resources.The number and distribution of subsidiaries will be further expanded, which will bring challenges to the issuer’s management.  Under the rapid development, the Dunan Group’s main business is not strong in hematopoietic capacity.  According to the issuance documents, from 2014 to 2016, Dunan Holdings Group’s operating income was 503.1.9 billion, 516.3.9 billion and 525.6.8 billion yuan, with operating profit of 15.2.8 billion, 14.03 billion and 13.3.8 billion, showing a downward trend.  In essence, Dunan Group’s debt scale has expanded rapidly.According to the latest rating report, Dagong International said that from the end of 2014-2016 and the end of March 2017, the scale of operations continued to expand and the required funds continued to increase. The total interest-bearing debt scale of the Dunan Group increased year by year, and the investment requirements for new energy and new materialsDrive the debt burden up.  As of the end of 2014-2016 and the end of March 2017, the total interest-bearing debt scale of Dunan Group was 226.9.1 billion, 272.8.6 billion, 338.4.1 billion and 338.3.4 billion.  The latest issuance documents show that, as of 2014, the total assets of Dunan Group were 463.600 million yuan, to 677 by the end of September 2017.2 billion yuan, debt scale reached 437.0.5 billion.From 2014 to 2016 and the end of September 2017, the Dunan Group’s asset-liability ratio was 64.44%, 62.27%, 63.64% and 64.54%.  In 2016, Dunan Group’s interest rate expenditure was 19.6.5 billion yuan, to 21 in 2017.1.7 billion.  As of the end of September 2017, Dunan Group bank deposits increased by 292.3 billion yuan, of which short-term borrowings 84.$ 6.6 billion, 75 long-term debt due within one year.2 billion, 97 long-term loans.8.6 billion bills payable 34.7.7 billion yuan.  In 2017, as deleveraging became the subject of economic policy, Dunan’s leveraged expansion was under pressure.  On the morning of May 4, Jiangnan Chemical, a listed company of Dunan Group, issued a public notice and acknowledged that due to the macro financial environment, Dunan’s holding bonds had not been issued as scheduled, causing certain short-term liquidity problems.  The Beijing News reporter learned from the Shanghai Clearing House that Dun’an Group ‘s 2018 third-phase ultra-short-term financing bonds for the year 2018 have been cancelled (when), due to “recent market fluctuations.”  Began to survive with broken arms at the end of last year?  Dunan Department has sold 5 assets. Dunan Group ‘s Jiangnan Chemical responded to the exchange on May 4th. In response to the problems encountered today, Dunan Group has taken various measures to revitalize existing assets and activate cash flow.  On May 3, Jiangnan Chemical announced that as of April 27, it will gradually reduce its holding of 6,560,000 shares of Xuefeng Technology’s unlimited shares through a competitive bidding transaction, with an average price reduction of 4.7 yuan / share, get investment income of about 949.690,000 yuan, accounting for 11% of net profit in 2017.62%.  The Beijing News reporter noted that since the end of 2017, Dunan Group has sold a number of shares.  At the end of 2017, the Dunan Environmental Announcement stated that the company gradually reduced its holding of 29,995,45 unrestricted shares of Conch Profile through centralized bidding transactions, reducing its average price by 8.52 yuan / share, get investment income of about 1019.890,000 yuan, accounting for 12 of 2016 net profit.29%.  The Dunan Group issued documents showing that in December 2017, the equity of Zhejiang Caiyun Trading Co., Ltd. changed. The Dunan Group disposed of 17% of the shares, the disposal price was 5 million yuan, and the remaining 35% of the shares were completed after the transaction was completed.  According to industry and commerce information, some of the company’s shares held by Dunan Group changed in the past.  In December 2017, the equity of Zhejiang Dun’an Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. changed, and Zhejiang Free Trade Zone Baotai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. became a shareholder. The shareholding ratio is unknown.Prior to this, Dunan Group was the sole shareholder of Dunan Real Estate.  According to the issuance documents, Zhejiang Dunan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. As of the end of 2016, Dunan Real Estate had a net asset of 27.7.3 billion yuan; operating income for the year 6.5.6 billion, net profit 506.250,000 yuan.  The assets that Dun’an originally acquired were also sold off.  It was announced on March 23 that Dunan Environment weighed, and it planned to transfer the Jinglei shares 63 held by Dunan Environment to Daming Xinye.95% of shares with an assessed value of 12411.380,000 yuan, the transaction price is 130 million yuan.  According to public information, Jinglei was founded in 2002. It is the first company in the country to produce DC electric compressors and DC brushless fans for automobiles. The company is listed on the New Third Board.  Since 2016, Dunan Environment has continued to increase its stake in Jinglei, and as of April 2017, it has reached 63.95%.However, the performance promise of acquiring the target Jinglei shares has repeatedly failed to meet the standards.  Jinglei’s 2016 annual report shows that the company’s net profit after deduction in 2016 was -235.900,000 yuan, which is lower than the original promised net profit of capital increase (18 million yuan) and equity transfer promised net profit (25 million yuan); In 2017, Jinglei shares deducted non-returned net profit of -569.990 thousand, again lower than the promised net profit of capital increase (30 million) and equity transfer promised net profit (32 million).  In addition to failing to meet performance commitments for two consecutive years, Dunan Environment said when selling Jinglei shares that after two years of development, Jinglei still could not quickly occupy the first-class new energy vehicle market share, replacing investment recovery and striving for investment losses.Minimization is the basic starting point for the company to handle this equity investment.  Beijing News reporter Zhao Yibo

Minorva (603538) in-depth report: the release of high-quality specialty drug substance exporters’ raw material drug production capacity and the preparation of new product launches continue to drive performance

Minorva (603538) in-depth report: the release of high-quality specialty drug substance exporters’ raw material drug production capacity and the preparation of new product launches continue to drive performance
Industry prospects: APIs benefit from the price increase cycle in the short to medium term. Long-term high-quality companies are expected to drive 合肥夜网 performance growth through the listing of new APIs and pharmaceutical products. Domestic environmental protection progress in recent years. Small and medium-sized API companies have withdrawn from the market, accompanied by emergencies of valsartan, swine feverFactors, some APIs have formed a certain supply and demand gap, extending the basis and trend of short- and medium-term API price increases; the pharmacological environment, such as consistency evaluation, related approval, and volume procurement, can replace the long-term gradual change of the pharmacological environmentAffecting the current pharmaceutical industry structure, hospital-side sales barriers are gradually reduced, the domestic bulk drug industry has scale advantages, technology and variety advantages, hospital sales advantages are no less than that of the Indian environment, and it has gradually replaced India as an international API power in the medium and long term.API company replicates Indian API leader Reddy’s Path to Success in Transformational Formulations.  Short-term and medium-term highlights: The production capacity of the core varieties of sartan and statins in the next 2-3 years will continue to be released. The company’s drug product line has formed a variety of products such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and central nervous system drugs.Among them, the global demand for valsartan APIs for core varieties increased from 1,030 tons in 2012 to 1,175 tons in 2015, a compound increase of 4.5%.With a growth rate of 4% per year, the demand for about 1375 tons in 2019.On the supply side, the current Huahai, Tianyu, Minorva and other manufacturers are 420 tons, 338 tons, 270 tons, 720 tons, and the total supply capacity is 1747 tons.After the Huahai valsartan incident, from the perspective of supply and demand analysis, there is a certain supply and demand gap in Valsartan, which is the basis of price contradiction; the global demand for another core variety, atorvastatin, is 350 from 2013.70 tons increased to 447 in 2015.29 tons, compound growth of 12.9%, with a 10% annual increase, about 655 tons of demand in 2019.On the supply side, the current supply of atorvastatin APIs is expanding steadily. Xindonggang Pharmaceutical and Minorva have approximately 51% and 10% of the market respectively. The current oligopolistic competition pattern is conducive to future price increases.In the next 2-3 years, the production capacity of core varieties of sartan and statins is expected to continue to be released.  Mid-to-long-term focus: integrated layout of research and development of APIs and preparations, long-term efforts to drive continuous growth through the launch of new APIs and formulations. The company’s integrated layout of research and development of APIs and formulations of the company, the industrial layout is in line with current industry trends, and the varieties of APIs tend to continueRich, PhD business is expected to achieve transformation and upgrade, long-term commitment to copy the Indian giant. Reddy’s development path has gradually improved its profitability.Among them, the research and development of bulk drugs is mainly responsible for the “Menova Pharmaceutical Research Institute”. Independently developed products mainly involve cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, central nervous, respiratory, anti-tumor, anti-infective and anti-viral systems.In the field of formulation research and development, the “Ningbo Preparation Research and Development Center” and “Hangzhou New Novartis Preparation Center” are responsible for the replacement of generic drug development, mainly involving 武汉夜生活网 cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, anti-infective, and hypoglycemicIn antidepressants and other fields, preparations are expected to be gradually marketed within 3-5 years.  Profit forecast and estimation: According to the company’s existing business situation, we estimate the company’s revenue in 19-21 is 11 respectively.6.4 billion, 15.8 billion, 21.91 trillion, 18-20 years EPS are 0.90, 1.25, 1.76 yuan, corresponding to 24, 17, 12 times PE, recommended for the first time, given a “strong recommendation” rating.  Risk reminder: the risk of fluctuations in the price of raw materials, the risk of environmental protection regulations, and the progress of research and development are not up to expectations.

Hisense Home Appliances (000921) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Operating Performance Meets Expectations Hisense Hitachi Consolidated

Hisense Home Appliances (000921) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Operating Performance Meets Expectations Hisense Hitachi Consolidated

The company released the third quarter report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 270 from 19Q1-Q3.

10 ‰, a ten-year average of 6.

24%; net profit attributable to mother 13.

49 ppm, a ten-year increase of 17.

62%, net profit after deduction is 10.

9.8 billion, an annual increase of 9.


In a single quarter, the company achieved operating income of 80 in 19Q3.

60 ppm, 10-year average4.

48%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

89 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

56%, net profit after returning to mother 2.

19 ppm, a ten-year average of 16.


Comment: Operating results are in line with expectations, and revenue declines have narrowed.

19Q1-Q3 company achieved revenue of 270.

10 ‰, a ten-year average of 6.

24% in the third quarter achieved revenue of 80.

60 ppm, 10-year average4.


It is said that the industry online data shows that the internal sales market: White electricity generally continued the previous weak trend. Household air conditioners were affected by factors such as sales volume and climate, and internal sales of Q3 declined.

9%, compared with Q2, the decline was slightly expanded, the performance of ice washing was flat, and the sales volume became -0 in July and August, respectively.

7% and +0.

6%; export market: white electricity generally shows a positive growth trend, and the annual growth rate of exports of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines from July to August is +4.

9%, + 6.

7% and +11.


Affected by the industry, we expect the company’s domestic sales of air conditioners to be slightly pressured, and the export of ice-washed products will maintain a good trend.

Under the comprehensive influence, the company’s Q3 revenue growth performance continued to overlap, but the decline was narrowed earlier than Q2.

Profitability was slightly boosted, and non-current asset disposal gains and losses affected performance after deductions.

19Q1-Q3 company maximized profits15.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

05%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

49 ppm, a ten-year increase of 17.

62%, net profit after deduction is 10.

98 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.


In Q3, non-recurring gains and losses from non-current assets disposal reached 1 under non-recurring gains and losses.US $ 4.8 billion, which led Q3 to deduct non-post-mother net profit.

In a single quarter, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 20 in 19Q3.

52%, ten years +0.

49pct, or benefit from the decline in raw material prices and the impact of exchange rate depreciation.

In terms of expenses, 19Q3 company’s sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, financial expense ratio and research and development expense ratio were 16 respectively.

31%, 1.

51%, 0.

07%, 2.

48%, respectively +0.

82pct, +0.

15pct, -0.

16pct, +0.

42 points.

Under the comprehensive influence, 19Q3 company achieved net profit attributable to mothers4.

83%, ten years +0.

62 points.

Hisense Hitachi’s consolidation is completed to help the company’s future development.

From September 30, 2019, the company will incorporate the scope of Hisense Hitachi’s consolidated statements and terminate the three quarterly reporting of Hisense Hitachi’s balance sheet has been incorporated, and the income statement and cash flow statement can be incorporated from October.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Hisense Hitachi achieved annual revenue growth of 12.

52%, net profit attributable to mothers is increasing by 19.


Hisense Hitachi leads the market in central air-conditioning, and Gree, Midea, and Daikin rank first in the domestic central air-conditioning camp.

After the consolidation is completed, the report quality has been significantly improved.

In addition, through Hisense’s leading position in central air-conditioning, the company’s white power sector layout has been continuously improved, and synergies have been gradually exerted to help the company’s revenue and profitability increase.

Investment suggestion: Considering that the domestic market for white goods is slightly weak, we slightly cut the company’s EPS forecast for 19/20/21 to 1.



38 yuan (previous value: 1).



49 yuan), corresponding PE is 10/9/8 times.

Hisense Hitachi’s consolidation is completed, the company’s product 佛山桑拿网 structure continues to be optimized, the white power layout is gradually improved, and it complements the improvement of the company’s internal organizational structure, operation efficiency and capacity promotion, and the company’s future development is expected.

Maintain target price of 17 yuan, corresponding to 13 times PE in 20 years, maintain “strong push” level.

Risk warning: The price of raw materials fluctuates greatly; the market expansion is less than expected.

Afternoon Mingbo to see the city: the long army is about to capture 3,000 points

Afternoon Mingbo to see the city: the long army is about to capture 3,000 points

Sina Finance News The two cities opened slightly lower in the early trading, and then maintained the overall trend of the volatile market.

Stimulated by the news, the cobalt-free battery concept stocks were active, and the interlaced stocks such as brokerage firms, breeding, and chips rose in turns.

The early strength may be clearly differentiated, the market speculation sentiment has cooled, and the effect of making money has declined.

From a disk perspective, chicken, graphite rubber, and diversified financial sectors saw the largest gains, while telecom operations, glyphosate, and cloud gaming saw the largest gains.

At noon, the Shanghai index rose 0.

3%, closed at 2994 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.

4% to close at 11,351 points; the ChiNext Index fell 0.

4% to close at 2160 points.

Shanghai Stock Connect net inflow 21.

Net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Exchange was RMB 0.6 billion

72 billion.

  Stock sea lighthouse: After the impact of 3000 points, it dropped again. From the analysis of technical indicators alone, the 34-day moving average of the Shanghai stock market (2998 points) temporarily became a downward trend, suppressing the rebounding stock index; MACD indicators on the 15-minute chart and 30-minute chartThe phenomenon of top divergence shows that the risk of the stock index’s pull-up and the adjustment of the pull-back will be converted into an expansion.

Therefore, when the large-cap stock index breaks 3000 points, it will rise again. In the short term, do not chase and increase the position in the short-term. Beware of stock market shocks around 3000 points.

  Naughty Tianzun: Near the three thousand points, we have to adjust the current market structure. The adjustment of the 2980-3000 points has not ended, or we can think that it has not really started!

Afternoon, the market may be more attractive after confirming the 2980-3000 point area (maybe a small breakthrough of 3,000 points). First, at noon today, but no later than tomorrow, the market will show a significant amplitude of step back after resonance in this area.

  Brother Niu: The long army under the city 苏州桑拿网 will soon capture 3,000 points. We continue to be optimistic about the market.

Bilaterally, as long as the broader market stands firmly on the 60-day line for three consecutive days today, then at the end of today, tomorrow and Thursday, there will be deterministic differences and midline trend positions and opportunities to open positions. At that time, the focus will be on chips.Inductors, software, quantum communications, Internet and game concept stocks, and heavyweight stocks focus on brokers and insurance. The performance of these two sections is highly determined and the stock is very active.

  Gold Picker: The market in the afternoon showed a breakthrough and this position may also become the short-term top. However, from the analysis of the early trading, if a new bow tie rises in the afternoon, then the market may see a wave of breakthroughs. So in summary, investors currentlySo far, the position has been reduced to the lowest level. In the afternoon, the market may rise or fall, and the focus in the afternoon will be on how to break the volume around 3000 points?

After the epidemic is over in Maotai, will Wuliangye usher in a price cut?

After the epidemic is over in Maotai, will Wuliangye usher in a “price cut”?

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  After the epidemic is over in Maotai, will Wuliangye usher in a “price cut”?

2020 is the “inflection point year” for wine companies?

  Source: Time and Finance Original Li Hongli May Day or should be a small climax of sales.

  With the further control of the epidemic, domestic liquor companies are currently returning to work.

Time and Finance preliminary statistics found that since February 10, a large number of internal wine companies including Guizhou Moutai, Wuliangye, willing wine, Fenjiu, Langjiu, Xijiu, Jinshiyuan, etc. have been divided and resumed production.

  Relevant person in charge of Beijing Niulanshan Erguotou Distillery told Time Finance that “the factory has now resumed work and sales were very good years ago. The epidemic situation has not affected us much.

“CITIC Construction Investment said in a research report that the sales target of high-end liquor during the Spring Festival peak season has been basically completed, and the impact is less 杭州夜网 than the industry as a whole.

In addition, business demand is expected to be relatively rigid after the end of the epidemic. The epidemic may only delay consumption time, with limited impact on long-term consumption.

Therefore, after the epidemic, sales of high-end liquors are expected to recover faster than sub-high-end liquors, such as real estate liquors.

  Time Finance and Economics visited some commercial supermarkets in Beijing and learned that since the Spring Festival so far, liquor sales have gradually been significant and consumer demand has decreased sharply, but the overall price performance is stable compared to the eve of the Spring Festival.

A liquor dealer in Beijing told Time Finance that “we sold well before the Spring Festival and we can say linear displacement after the Spring Festival.

Until now, very few customers have come to the store, and many of the goods stocked years ago have not been sold.

Liquor is different from other consumer goods. It doesn’t matter if you stock it. There is no shelf life. It can be sold at any time. We are most worried about the overall price reduction of the winery.

“In terms of countermeasures, liquor expert Cai Xuefei told Time Finance that liquor companies should do everything possible to reduce costs and increase capital turnover.

At the same time, establish an online distribution network as soon as possible, and start planning experience scenarios to prepare for the next stage.

  Price reduction?

  Time Finance learned from the federal dealers that the eve of the Chinese New Year every year before the 15th of the first month is the peak season for wine sales.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, on the whole, the sales price is basically the same as the Spring Festival, but after the year, the sales volume is obvious, resulting in an increase in inventory.

  A dealer in Chiping District, Liaocheng City, Shandong told Time Finance: “Liquor still sold the most in the previous year, and the sales volume the previous day was 4-5 times that of the year after.

At present, there is some pressure on inventory. After the epidemic situation, May Day may drive sales.

“As for whether the price of liquor will be reduced in the future, the said dealer said,” In fact, we also divide the price into different types of wine. If the sales volume is good, the price will not be reduced, and the price may increase.In fact, manufacturers are still increasing prices. Previously, the retail price was 350 yuan per box, but now it has risen to 390 yuan per box.

Some wines that don’t sell well will definitely drop prices.

“Rongze Consulting Liu Xiaowei told Time Finance that from the time of the recent epidemic, basically most liquor manufacturers and brands have completed the sales process of products from manufacturers-distributors-terminals, but consumer demand during the Spring FestivalThe sharp decrease has led to a serious reduction in terminal sales, which also means that liquor stocks generally exist in sales terminals such as tobacco hotels and supermarkets.

After the epidemic is over, the first is to restore the growth of terminal sales and the clearing of inventory, and then the rest of the industry can play a gradual recovery.

This means that liquor dealers “cut prices” to clear inventory may not be effective, because terminal inventory is also at a high level.

  Liu Xiaowei believes that most mainstream liquor manufacturers will not choose the “price reduction” method, and the scope of inventory reduction by distributors will be very small, which will not cause large price changes of products or brands.

Generally speaking, after the epidemic situation recovers, liquor will not usher in a wave of price reduction, but the trend of some high-end brands and products will gradually return to rationality.

  Liquor expert Cai Xuefei partially agrees with the above view.

He told Time Finance that because liquor dealers are mainly integrated dealers, they have been affected by the shrinking of the overall consumer goods market, including wine, and due to the increase in frozen stocks due to market consumption, it is certain that for some non-selling products, dealersIt is possible to deal with low prices, but because of the strict monitoring of manufacturers, the star products have certain needs, and there is not much room for exploration.

  Judging from the high-end liquors such as Maotai, Wuliangye, Dream Blue, Guojiao 1573, and Shuijingfang, Time Finance and Economics visited the offline Supermarket and found that there would not be a price reduction.

Taking Feitian Maotai as an example, it is still a scarce commodity in major smoke hotels and large shopping malls, and the terminal price is still in a high range.

  Since the off-season in the summer of 2019, domestic first-line wine companies and regional leading companies have raised their prices, and even individual wine companies have conducted multiple rounds of price increases for their products, which will continue until the end of 2019.

  In Cai Xuefei’s view, the epidemic overlaps with the price increase cycle of Chinese wine companies. In addition to the fact that first-line famous wines may continue to grow after they continue, a large number of regional wine companies have to face stagnation in sales and insufficient prices to cause problems such as falling prices and out of control.Industry price increases were interrupted, and regional wine companies that completed price upgrades faced new challenges.

  Zheshang Securities also released a research report saying, “We expect that the first-line famous wine Moutai, Wuliangye will be least affected by the epidemic in the short and medium term, and the real-time liquor and sub-high-end leader’s short-term Q2 performance may be significantly under pressure, but Q3 is expected to retaliate due to demand for banquets.The medium- and long-term is expected to benefit from the expansion of sub-high-end structural upgrades; there is room for expansion in the second-tier expansion period; famous wines in the second-tier expansion period are expected to continue to be restrained; the short-term performance of low-grade light bottle wines is significantly damaged, and recovery takes time.

“If the end of a future epidemic occurs, can the liquor industry rebound? Cai Xuefei said that referring to the current trend, the end of the epidemic may limit the country’s collective consumption behavior, and consumers in the prevention and control psychology will reduce the frequency of consumption.

Except for markets such as conferences and wedding banquets, a large amount of consumption will not be concentrated, but it is clear that there may be some “small peaks (Jin Qilin analysts)” in the routine of May Day.

  Liu Xiaowei also told Time Finance that during the Ming Dynasty, May 1 will likely lead to a small climax in liquor consumption. During the epidemic, everyone will “retreat” at home, visit friends, and family gatherings will be completed during the Spring Festival.And Qingming, the May Day holiday, just provides everyone with the opportunity to visit and walk around, family gatherings, and get together.

This small consumption climax also depends on the trend and development of the epidemic situation, and even a small consumption peak, and the loss of the Spring Festival consumption peak ranking, its consumption is much lower.

  The turning point?

  From the perspective of the leading wine companies, Guizhou Moutai, Wuliangye, and Luzhou Laojiao have recently set up work conferences to set targets and carry out the next work.

Among them, Moutai, Guizhou stated that it would adhere to the goal of “unchanged plans, unreduced tasks, unadjusted indicators, and unreduced employee income”; Wuliangye said that it would stick to its goals and strive to maintain more than two growth in operating income;Said that the company’s long-term goals remain unchanged, and fully support the majority of dealers to minimize the impact of the epidemic, and work together to complete the 2020 annual development goals.

  In this way, Cai Xuefei said that because the offline sales market has not fully recovered, and the online sales account for a relatively small amount, the current resumption of work in wineries is more in the production and internal training stages.Will affect expected performance and corporate goals.

  Time financial statistics found that as of February 21, seven companies in the liquor industry have announced their 2019 performance forecast.

Except for the gold seed wine which is expected to meet expectations, and the outside of Qingqingyu wine’s net profit, the remaining 5 companies have different degrees of growth.

The performance of leading wine companies is still growing rapidly, and some regional wine companies have replaced, even occasionally.

  Among them, Guizhou Moutai is expected to realize a net profit of about 40.5 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of about 15%; Shuijingfang is expected to achieve a net profit of about 8.

26 trillion US dollars, an increase of about 43%; this world margin is expected to achieve a net profit of about 13.

8.1 billion to 14.

9.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20% to 30%.

Shanxi Fenjiu is expected to achieve a net profit of 20.

2.4 billion yuan, an increase of 37 over the same period last year.


Suspension of listing * ST Huangtai is also expected to turn losses into wins, achieving net profit of about 45 million to 55 million.

  Zhu Danpeng believes that from the fundamentals of the liquor industry in 2019, high-end wine companies have shown successful price increases for many times.Price, increase channel profits, but naked swimmers continue to appear; regional leading wine companies have presented a continuous price war strategy, shrinking the market front, focusing on the core market; and regional wine companies are facing the trend of integration.

“Therefore, it is judged that the liquor industry will accelerate differentiation in 2020.

“According to the data provided by the China Wine Association, the profit of the liquor industry from January to October 2019 has reached 111.2 billion US dollars. The top 50 companies in the liquor industry account for more than 90% of the industry profit.

In essence, the number of enterprises above designated size in Chinese liquor decreased from 1593 in 2017 to 1176 in January-October 2019, a decrease of 26.


  From the situation of existing liquor-listed companies, the competition pattern of national brands + regional strong brands is roughly the same. Among the top three “Mao Wuyang”, Luzhou Laojiao, Gujing Liquor, Shanxi Fen Liquor, etc.The second echelon of tens of billions of grades, and the regional wines with a smaller non-ten billion volume include Kouzi Warehouse, Yingjia Gongjiu, Jinshiyuan, Laobaigan, Shuijingfang and so on.

  Cai Xuefei believes that the epidemic situation overlaps with the upgrade of China’s alcohol consumption. With the impact of the epidemic, it will promote and differentiate alcohol consumption, which will strengthen the market advantage of famous wine and accelerate the development of famous wine.

However, regional wine companies and low-end wine companies will face multiple pressures such as the squeeze of famous wines and market fragmentation.

Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001) Pricing Report: Panel Business Continues to Develop

Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001) Pricing Report: Panel Business Continues to Develop

Report Literature: Huaxing Yuanchuang is a typical R & D-driven science and technology enterprise.

The company has achieved great success in the field of display panels and still has room for growth. It is still in its infancy in the field of integrated circuit testing but is making rapid progress.

Comprehensive application of two relative estimation methods of price-earnings ratio and price-to-sales ratio, combined with the company’s own growth, we judge the company to set the pricing interval to 20.


73 yuan.

Huaxing Yuanchuang is a typical science and technology enterprise.

Except for the high proportion of R & D personnel and highly educated employees, the R & D expense ratio of nearly 14% is rare in a listed company. Huaxing Yuanchuang is a typical science and technology enterprise.

With high R & D investment, the company’s product gross profit margin exceeded 55% in 2018 and has remained at a high level, thus becoming an important driving force for the company’s strong profitability. At the same time, it has promoted the company to acquire top overseas customers and become a global high-end equipment manufacturer.

The flat panel display testing equipment is integrated and consolidated to develop the potential of staying power.

Flat panel display testing equipment is the current business entity. The company has a rich and mature product reserve in this field, high-quality customer resources, and industry consolidation.

With the continuous investment in domestic display panel production capacity and the advancement of technology-driven equipment localization, the company still has strong development momentum in the field of OLED and LCD testing equipment.

The integrated circuit test equipment business is still in the expansion phase, and it is expected to become an important profit growth point in the future.

The company’s integrated circuit test equipment revenue in 2018 was less than 4 million in the early stages of development, but the company has made breakthroughs in power management chip testing, and the Soc test field has rapidly and rapidly developed its strength.

The huge market space for chip testing will inject continuous development momentum into the company.

Estimated analysis and investment recommendations: Estimated revenue for 2019-2021 is 12.

48, 16.

04 and 20.

5 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 2.

87, 3.

70 and 4.

7.1 billion yuan.

Using the two relative estimation methods of price-earnings ratio and market-sales ratio, the company’s 四川耍耍网 market value interval is (83,103) trillion and (75,106) trillion. Take the overlapping area of the two and consider the growth of individual stocks and market participation to obtain the company’s overallThe market value range is (83,103) trillion, and the corresponding price is (20.

73, 25.

73) Yuan.

Risk warning: The sales scale of existing large customers is expanding, the domestic display panel investment is rapidly changing, the investment and construction of integrated circuit capacity is blocked, and the company’s new product research and development and market development are progressing slowly.

Shape Crystal Litchi Skin


Shape Crystal Litchi Skin

In the summer when the sun is shining, people are most afraid of tanning their faces. They often focus all their attention on the sun care of the skin on the face. It is unknown that the skin of the body exposed to the sun also needs special care.Facial skin contrasts with exposed body skin in black and white, affecting the overall image and becoming an awkward “black and white match.”

Therefore, if you want to create perfect skin from head to toe, you should first solve the “color” problem of different shades of skin.

  Shaping the crystal “litchi skin” We know that the moisture in the skin epidermis is an important factor in maintaining the normal shape and texture of the skin.

The complete cuticle and the multilayered structure of the skin prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture.

As the skin exposed to the sun in summer is affected by ultraviolet rays, the stratum corneum increases, affecting the skin’s absorption of moisture, making the skin easy to dry, and it is difficult to present a fresh and tender state like lychee.

At this time, you should choose a moisturizing bath product to fully meet the moisturizing needs of different skin types, keep the skin hydrated for a long time, and let you easily have fresh and tender “lychee skin”.

  Enjoy Bath Conditioning Tips 1.

Drink a glass of water or juice before bathing to replenish body moisture and promote metabolism.


When bathing, the water temperature should be controlled between 38 ℃ -42 ℃ as much as possible, so that the body can feel cold and hot.


Bathing time is appropriate, just a simple shower for 10-20 minutes in the morning and 30-40 minutes at night.

Do not take a bath immediately after meals, or the blood that promotes digestion will be concentrated on the skin surface, causing indigestion. Wash at least one hour after eating.


Bath products are very important. When the climate is dry or you spend too much time in air-conditioned rooms, it is best to choose a good moisturizing bath lotion.

Men’s pectoral muscles

Men’s pectoral muscles

Boys often practice push-ups to increase the volume of the pectoralis major and deltoid muscles, which is conducive to the formation of upper and lower widths of bodybuilding men. Girls often practice push-ups, which are beneficial to the development of the chest and the middle-aged middle-aged men. They can also maintain upper limbs.the power of.

  As long as the elderly can persist in training, they can also maintain their youthful vitality.

  The standard practice is for a person to push up on the ground or a pad, with the forefoot on the ground, the body straight, the hands spaced slightly wider than the shoulders, and then use the strength of the arm to flex and stretch the elbow joint, bringing the body together.

The key is to keep the body taut and straight all the time. When the body parts are apart from the hands and feet, the other parts cannot touch the ground.

Push-ups in particular increase the strength of the upper limbs, shoulder straps and pectoralis major.

When the number of consecutive times is large, it has an accompanying promoting effect on the cardiovascular system and the like.

  Push-ups in particular increase the strength of the upper limbs, shoulder straps and pectoralis major.

When the number of consecutive times is large, it has an accompanying promoting effect on the cardiovascular system and the like.

  Many people have a poor training base, and it is difficult to do standard push-ups all at once, their arms are hard, but people are paralyzed on the ground and cannot get up at all.

For these people, as long as they practice step by step, they will get good results.

  At the beginning of push-ups, you can practice your feet on the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart, one arm away from the wall, and the face merged with your palms in between, then do elbow flexion and extension exercises.

When you are proficient, you can increase the distance between your feet and the wall, then you can change the movement from the wall to the table, and then you can redirect from the table to the stool or chair, and then change the chair to the small stool or sofa.To form a head-to-foot effect.

However, this will cause a large amount of blood to flow to the brain, and older people should be especially careful.