In the trial of Mistaken Killing, the police officer Chen Chong is afraid to cause psychological shadows to the little girl

In the trial of “Mistaken Killing”, the “police officer” Chen Chong is afraid to cause psychological shadows to the little girl
From left: Actors Xiao Yang, Chen Chong, and Tan Zhuo share the shooting experience. Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing / Photo On December 10, Chen Sicheng served as producer, directed by Ke Wenli, Xiao Yang, Tan Zhuo, Chen Chong, Jiang Haowen starred in the “Being Killed” conference in Beijing in ancient times.In the film, there is a scene of an iron-fisted female police officer interrogating a little girl, played by Chen Chong. There is an intimidating element that scares the little girl into tears, which is impressive.Chen Chong recalled the show’s regretful intention, “I think I have caused her a psychological shadow for a lifetime. In fact, after I finished acting, she was very uncomfortable, but she came to me after the play, Tepi Shi.”The film was remade from the Indian movie” The Manslaughter “. It tells the story of the father who played the role of Xiao Yang in order to protect his daughter, using the anti-investigative techniques learned from the movie and the police fighting wits.It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on December 13, 2019.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Liu Baoqing

The Old Summer Palace director + Wang Jinsong and other drama bones, did not support this documentary

“The Old Summer Palace” director + Wang Jinsong and other drama bones, did not support this documentary
“Country of the Warring States” is a rare documentary this year >>>, with 7 episodes about the rise and fall of the seven warring states such as South Korea, Wei, Zhao, Yan, Chu, Qi, Qin, etc.The fate of the country and the story of the hero are interspersed with it, hoping to explore the secrets of the rise and fall in the strange history of Bo Yun.Of course, these are essential elements of historical documentaries.The most striking feature of the stills is the “Factual History Documentary” titled “Country of the Winds and Warring States”, which gathers actors such as Wang Jinsong, Li Liqun, Hai Yitian, and Zheng Zeshi.Deductive drama conflict.The labeling of strength faction, documentary, and gold iron wood mixed together, which really drew the appetite of the audience.But after watching the first episode, he was greatly disappointed.Is this a TV series or a documentary?Said it is a documentary, a large number of performance plots dilute the documentary and artistic; said that it is a TV series, in addition to Wang Jinsong, Li Liqun’s performances are storytelling, the rest of the performance plot storytelling is lacking, most of them walk through the scene instead of narration.There are many definitions of documentary films, but they are all inseparable from the word “true”.In an interview with the media, Jin Tiemu said that the content and lines of the film are derived from Zhengshi, and there is no fiction or fiction. Is this really the case?The history is fascinating and confusing at the same time. Taking pre-Qin history as an example, due to the long age and the prohibition and destruction of the past dynasties, the lack of historical materials and a large number of forgeries, it is very difficult to restore, and the historical records are far less exciting than the novels.”Country of Warring States” fell into this narrative trap.First of all, in addition to the narrative framework in line with historical records, the film cannot withstand scrutiny in many plots and details.For example, the relationship between King Yanzhao and Su Qin portrayed as “CP both visual sense”, although the “Warring States Strategist Book” in the book of Ma Wangdui proves Su Qin’s life, the authenticity of the book is still one of the focuses of academic debate, More and more people tend to think that this is a falsification of the Han Dynasty.As a documentary that objectively describes history, it is easy to draw conclusions and fail to endorse from an expert’s point of view, which is very abrupt. This is a lot of retrogression compared with works such as “Daming Palace”.The switching of many historical scenes and the narrative of historical events in the film are also far from the documentary and artistic nature of the documentary. For example, the plot of Yan Wang ‘s Zen concession, lack of historical background, the plot is processed more like “over”Home”, Jing Ke stabbing King Qin’s plot, lacking the tragic suicide of Fan Yuqi-“Historical Records” contains Fan Yuqi’s “self-existence”, the film is a dagger stabbing chest; there is no “strong man go”The tragic feeling of “no return”-Jing Ke is like a mourning dog.Involving wars between princes such as Yan, Qi, Zhao, etc., they are often handled in a formal way, without narration and expert perspective, and the whole film seems to be a piece of historical reading together, “Daming Palace” and “Yuanmingyuan”There is little left for the constructed scientific spirit.”Drama-style historical documentary” is a major innovation claimed by the film side. Using powerful actors to carry the plot, it sounds a pioneering act, but it seems to be a joke.There are two difficult problems to avoid.One is that actors perform too much, unlike previous historical documentaries. Most actors are “props-like” and use expressions and actions to assist the plot.”Countries of the Wind and Warring States” went the other way, allowing actors to perform and lead the plot forward. The truth told in the past through text, pictures and animation became the bridge.The need to shape the character collides with the main purpose of expressing the truth, the former marginalizes the latter.For example, after Wang Yanzhao heard that Qi Guo was defeated, Wang Jinsong played this and ran to the temple to cry. This is completely a movie and television performance. As audiences, they often marvel at Wang Jinsong’s acting skills and ignore the seriousness of history.Second, the overall performance of the actors is lacking in performance. Wang Jinsong and Li Liqun are seniors in the film and television industry. A documentary with limited capacity is familiar to them. The performance of other actors has a gap between them. The performances of Su Qin, Jing Ke and others have no laps.It seems that the props have been given action capabilities.The cost of Wang Jinsong’s documentary is limited, and the pay of well-known actors must account for the bulk, and the remaining budget is not enough to support a good team of actors.Moreover, the director had the idea of finding actors to shape the characters two months before the start of filming. It is important to know that the schedule of powerful actors is also saturated enough-see the number of movies and TV dramas that Wang Jinsong recently played in the movie.The time of the month is too hasty for a documentary that pays attention to texture.The truth of history is stretched in front of the actor’s halo.Maybe this film is a bold experiment. How effective it is now is difficult to draw conclusions.But for now, it is not optimistic.□ He Shuwo (reviewer) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Baoqing

Xingfa Group (600141) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Third Quarter Performance Increases MoM, Profitability Continues to Improve

Xingfa Group (600141) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Third Quarter Performance Increases MoM, Profitability Continues to Improve

Benefiting from the rise in prices of some products and the decline in prices of raw materials, the company’s third-quarter performance increased by 128% month-on-month, and its profitability continued to improve.

Considering that the severe environmental protection regulation is expected to drive the improvement of the phosphorous industry’s business climate, and the expansion of production capacity brings about the expected growth in performance, we are firmly optimistic about the company’s long-term development.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is predicted to be 0.



77 yuan, maintaining target price of 12.

6 yuan and “Buy” rating.

The third-quarter performance increased greatly from the previous quarter, and profitability continued to improve.

The company achieved operating income of 144 in the first three quarters of 2019.

47 trillion, +1 a year.

01%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

10,000 yuan, at least -23.


Realized operating income in the third quarter

4 billion, -4.

15%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.

7.7 billion, +128.

twenty three%.

Benefiting from the decline in the prices of raw materials and the rise in prices of some products, the company’s profitability in the third quarter improved significantly from the previous quarter, and the gross profit margin for single quarter sales.

49%, +3 from the previous quarter.

32pct; net sales margin 3.

84%, +1.

35 points.

The price of yellow phosphorus remained high, and the profitability of phosphorus chemical industry improved.

Affected by the environmental protection of the yellow phosphorus industry in the southwest, the price of yellow phosphorus has changed in stages and is currently at an historical high.

The average sales price of the company’s yellow phosphorus in the third quarter was 1.

650,000 yuan / ton, about +16 in the first half of the year.


The prices of overlapping raw materials dropped, and the profitability of the phosphorus chemical sectors such as yellow phosphorus, phosphate, and glyphosate increased significantly compared with the first half.

In the future, driven by the severe environmental protection supervision and the strategic protection of phosphate rock 杭州夜网论坛 resources, we are optimistic that the prosperity of the phosphorus industry will continue to increase.

The company’s advantageous mineral-electricity-chemical integration advantages and the industry’s leading layout are expected to fully enjoy the prosperity and product prices.

The price of organic silicon recovered, and the acquisition of 50% equity of Xingrui Silicon Materials increased its performance.

Affected by the peak demand season and the reduction in supply of some equipment maintenance in the industry, the price of organic silicon rebounded in stages.

The average selling price of silicone and 107 glue in the third quarter was 1.

640,000 yuan / ton, about +2 in the first half of the year.


In August this year, the company completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in Xingrui Silicon Materials, a holding subsidiary, to convert it into a wholly-owned company. This acquisition will help the company consolidate the layout of the integrated organic silicon industry chain and gradually increase the company’s performance.

The orderly expansion of phosphate ore and ammonium phosphate capacity has driven long-term performance growth.
In March of this year, the company obtained a mining license for Houping phosphate ore, which has a total phosphate rock production capacity of 760 millimeters. The reserves of phosphate rock and the scale of production capacity are among the highest in the industry.
The company is constructing new product capacity of ammonium phosphate and organic silicon monomer. Among them, the ammonium phosphate production capacity of 40 is expected to be put into production by the beginning of 2020. After completion, it will produce a total capacity of 100 tons; the organic silicon monomer under construction capacity of 16 is expected to be in 2020.Completion in June will increase production capacity to 36 inches.

The launch of new production capacity is expected to provide a driver for long-term performance growth.

Implement the stock incentive plan and improve the long-term incentive mechanism.

The company implemented a large-scale stock incentive plan on September 16, granting a total of 15.99 million shares to 354 incentive objects through targeted issuance, accounting for 1 of the total share capital.

7% grant price 5.

79 yuan / share.

The plan covers the company’s directors, senior executives, middle management personnel and core backbone employees. It will further improve the long-term incentive mechanism and be linked to the interests of shareholders, optimistic about the company’s long-term stable development.

Risk factors: Product prices have fallen sharply; global agricultural demand has fallen; new planned capacity releases have fallen short of expectations.

Investment suggestion: The environmental protection regulation is expected to be severely expected to drive the improvement of the phosphorus industry’s prosperity, and the expansion of production capacity expansion will bring about performance growth expectations. We are optimistic about the company’s long-term development.

Taking into account the company’s completion of the acquisition of 50% equity in Xingrui Silicon Materials, which will increase its performance, the company’s 2019-2021 return to its parent’s net profit forecast is increased to 4.



06 trillion (previous forecast was 3.



1.3 billion), the corresponding EPS is 0.



77 yuan.

Maintain target price of 12.

6 yuan (corresponding to 27 times PE in 2019) and “Buy” rating.

Shengnong Development (002299): Pioneering Breeder Breeding Integrated Breeding Achieves Breakthrough

Shengnong Development (002299): Pioneering Breeder Breeding Integrated Breeding Achieves Breakthrough

The core point is that Shengnong Development is a domestic white feather broiler integrated breeding enterprise. The company is a domestic modernized, high-quality, large-scale feed processing company in the same industry.As one integrated enterprise.

In 2018, the company’s sales of chicken products were 87.

At the beginning of 28, the sales volume of food processing products was 14.

46 for the first time, growing 32 each year.

8%, an increase of 3.

57 budget.

The company plans to increase the slaughter capacity of broiler chickens from 500 million to 1 billion birds in the future to double the production capacity.

Under the background of African swine fever, the boom period of the bird chain is lengthened. In August 2018, African swine fever became popular. In April 2019, the decline in the sow inventory that can be propagated by more than 20%, the output will continue to decline, and the price of pigs will increase significantly.

Among the main meat consumption of urban residents, pork accounts for about 70%, and of the main meat consumption of rural residents, pork consumption accounts for more than 80%.

Poultry is an effective substitute for pork. In the period of rising pork prices in 2016, the proportion of pork consumption declined and the proportion of chicken meat increased.

The price of live pigs hit a record high, forming a long-term support for the price of poultry chains.

Fast new retail boosts demand for high-quality white-feather broilers, making China’s Little Tyson fast food chain one of the major consumer channels for white feather broilers. In 2003, the number of fast-food restaurants broke out in China, and it began to stabilize after 2013.Add stages.

Under the development of the new retail format, the fresh-food sales platform headed by Hema Xiansheng has provided more sales channels for better-quality fresh meat. The consumer demand for white feather broilers has increased and is expected to continue to be released.

For the benchmark Tyson Foods, the company merged to grasp the core provenance, efficiently expanded, reorganized, and continuously deepened its own meat processing capabilities. Therefore, high-margin processed foods became the company’s new source of profit growth.

The “overweight” grade company covered for the first time is an integrated enterprise of white feather broiler breeding and slaughtering. In the future, the production capacity of white feather broiler chickens will be steadily increased, the city share will increase, and its own meat processing capacity will be continuously deepened.

It is estimated that the operating income for 2019-2021 will be 157.



300 million, EPS is 2 respectively.


75, 3.

13, PE is 11, 10, and 9 times.

In terms of relative estimation, referring to the PE of companies in the same industry as 21, 16, and 18, the company’s PE must have certain room for improvement.

In absolute 无锡桑拿网 terms, it currently stands at 27.

86 yuan / share is lower than the predicted value of 31.

2 yuan / share, currently expected to be in a low estimate.

The first coverage was given an “overweight” rating.

Risk Warning: Epidemic risk, the price is lower than expected, and market demand is lower than expected

Yinhua agricultural industry’s top returns in July before the top stock base winners rely on agricultural stocks

Yinhua agricultural industry’s top returns in July before the top stock base winners rely on agricultural stocks
Source: Financial Investment News Original title: The top July fund ranking winners rely on agricultural stocks and stock-themed agricultural theme funds to win. WIND data shows that in the first seven months of this year, the stock fund with the highest conversion return was Yinhua’s agricultural industry, which transformed its income.Is 63.At 17%, the fund is also the highest yielding active equity fund. At the end of June this year, the fund’s cumulative return for the year was 55.46%, ranking second in stock funds, and only ninth in active equity funds.The agricultural sector continued to be strong in July, and the fund ‘s net value rose by about 5%, which means that the fund ‘s income increased rapidly during the year and ranked first in its class.  From the configuration point of view, its top ten heavy stocks include Wen’s shares, Muyuan shares, Haida Group, Shengnong Development, Zhengbang Technology, Wuliangye, Guizhou Moutai, Juewei Food, Jinshiyuan, Tsingtao Beer.  It was 56 at the end of June.The 33% yield topped the stock fund’s first place in the E Fund consumer industry. The fund’s heavy storage of food and beverages has been adjusted since July, which also drove the fund’s performance to slightly retreat to 0 in July.5%, with its first 7 months return replacing 55.55%, currently ranked 5th in equity funds.  Immediately after Yinhua’s industrial industry, ranking 2-4 ranked Chuangjin Hexin’s consumer theme A, Nuoan New Economy, and Penghua’s pension industry, with a yield of 59 in the first seven months.48%, 57.83%, 57.19%.Among them, the Chuangjin Hexin consumption theme did not enter the top 5 of the same category at the end of June, but it was able to achieve an increase of 5 against the market in July.With 54% results, the ranking jumped to second place.Among its top ten heavy stocks include Makihara, Wen’s, New Hope, and China National Travel Service, which performed well in July.  On the whole, in the first 7 months of this year, stock funds did not have negative fund returns (excluding new funds established during the year). The lagging gains included Xinyuan’s core assets A, Qianhai’s top 50 open yields, and Chuangxinxin Energy Vehicle.A, Changsheng’s multi-factor strategy is optimized, and the return 南宁桑拿 increases by 1.56%, 5.12%, 5.28%, 6.61%.Among them, the stocks allocated by Xinyuan’s core assets at the end of the second quarter include Shandong Gold, China Merchants Bank, Gree Electric Appliances, Zhongju High-tech, Liling Mustard, etc., which are concentrated in the consumer sector.  The top three earnings gaps for hybrids are less than zero.The situation of 1% hybrid funds is similar to that of equity funds, and the funds that are at the forefront of the previous July income list have also changed their face.According to WIND statistics, the accumulated earnings of Baoying Xinrui A in the first 7 months reset 62.09%, ranking first in hybrid funds.The fund had a cumulative return of 54 during the year at the end of June.06%, once again entered the top 10 list of hybrid funds.However, the fund rose 5 in July.21%, its ranking also jumped to the first place.Also benefiting from the surge in agricultural stocks, Makihara, New Hope, Wen’s and other stocks were allocated in the top ten heavy storage stocks.It is worth mentioning that the fund also allocated New City Holdings at the end of the second quarter, accounting for 7 of the fund’s net worth.13%, however, due to the suspected illegal explosion of the new city holdings, in July it is expected to fall by nearly 34%, from the change in the net value of Baoying Xinrui A, the fund may have impaired new city holdings.  Replaced by Baoying Xinrui A is E Fund Daruiheng. At the end of June, the fund was 58.The return rate of 52% ranked first in the hybrid fund. Due to the slight overlap of the fund’s net value in July, the fund’s cumulative return in the previous July was 58.39%, currently ranked 8th in hybrid funds.  The growth of domestic demand for Invesco Great Wall is 贰, and the theme of rich nations ‘consumption gradually returned to the 2nd and 3rd place in the first seven months, with a return of 62.08%, 62.01%.The two funds’ gradual returns in the first 6 months also ranked among the top 5 in similar funds.Hui’an Fortress A, Invesco Great Wall’s emerging growth was 61.73%, 60.The 07% yield is ranked 4th and 5th.  On the whole, the top fund returns have little difference, and some even differ by less than 0.1%.Changes in the market in the future will change the ranking on the leaderboard.  At the end of the first 7 months, the cumulative return rate is Hua’an Xintaili A, Minsheng Jiaying New Power A, Greenbury A, Jinxin Quantitative Selection, Hui’an Assets Rotation, and cumulative returns are -8.64%, -8.33%, -7.16%, -6.73%, -5.84%.

Yili shares (600887) 2018 annual report comment: key products maintain rapid growth and market share continues to increase

Yili shares (600887) 2018 annual report comment: key products maintain rapid growth and market share continues to increase

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report.

In 2018, total operating income was 795.

5.3 billion, an annual increase of 16.

89%; net profit attributable to mothers was 64.

400 million, an annual 杭州桑拿网 increase of 7.

31%, performance in line with expectations.

Comment: Q4 performance growth has picked up.

The company achieved total operating income of 182 in 2018Q4.

2.6 billion, an annual increase of 16.

93%; net profit attributable to mother 13.

USD 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 30.


In the first quarter of 2018, total operating income for the second and third quarters increased by 25.

1%, 14.

05% and 12.

68%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21 each year.

1%, -17.

47% and 1.


The growth rate of Q4 performance rebounded from the previous month, mainly due to the decline in expenses and sales growth.

Gross profit margin has increased and net profit margin has decreased.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin increased by an average of 0 in 2018.

54 good 37.


The period expense rate is increased by 1.

21 perfect to 29.

27%, of which the sales expense ratio increases by 2 every year.

04 excellent to 24.

85%; the management expense rate drops by 0 every year.

59 perfect to 4.

28%, the financial expense ratio drops by 0 every year.

27 good -0.


Affected by the increase in the expense ratio, the net interest rate fell by 0.

72 good to 8.


Key products maintained rapid growth.

In 2018, the company’s liquid milk revenue increased by 17 in ten years.78%, with sales increasing 11 per year.

18%; revenue from milk powder and dairy products grows 25% annually.

14%, with sales increasing by 15 per year.

78%; cold drink revenue increased by 8 in ten years.

49%, sales increase by 2 every year.


Sales revenue of key products such as “Golden Code”, “An Muxi”, “Chang Yi 100%”, “Chang Qing”, “Happy Day”, “Golden Collar”, “Qiao Le Zi”, “Rare Selection” and so on increased significantly.

3%; during the same period, new product sales accounted for 14.

8%, an increase of 5 per year.

6 averages.

Market share and penetration continued to increase.

In 2018, Nielsen Zero Research data showed that the company’s market share of retail sales of normal temperature and low temperature liquid milk business was 36.

8% and 16.

6%, an increase of 2 each year.

3 and 0.

5 blends; the company ‘s infant formula sales market share is 5.

8%, an increase of 0 a year.

6 averages.

Kantar research data show that as of December 2018, the company’s market penetration of liquid dairy products at room temperature penetrated 82.

3%, an increase of 2 per year.

2 averages.

During the reporting period, the company directly controlled nearly 60 village-level outlets.

80,000, previously increased by 14.


Continue to advance the internationalization strategy.

The company continues to advance the three international strategies of “global resources, 杭州夜网论坛 global innovation, and global markets.”

In 2018, the company’s “Joy Day” ice cream was successfully listed in many cities; in November, the company acquired Thailand’s largest ice cream company THE CHOMTHANACOMPANY LIMITED; maintaining the recommendation level.

The company’s 2019-2020 EPS is expected to be divided into 1.

25 yuan and 1.

46 yuan, corresponding to PE and 21 times and 18 times.

Maintain recommended level.

Risk reminders: food safety issues, excessive cost increases, etc.

5 Day Funding Plan-Net Inflows of Main Funds 7.3 Billion

5th Fund Scheduling: Net Inflow of Main Funds 7.3 Billion Dragon Tiger List Institutions Raise 4 Shares

[Five-day fund plan chart]The main fund net inflow of 7.3 billion Longhu ranking institutions grabbed 4 shares Source: Securities Times Network On September 5, the overall A-share market rose.

The final close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2985.

86 points, up 0.

96%, SZSE Component Index closed at 9783.

5 points, up 0.

86%, the GEM index closed at 1689.

05 points, up 1.


The total turnover of the two cities was 7975.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 1916 over the previous trading day.

7.3 billion.

  1 The two cities’ net inflows of funds throughout the day were 73.

2.7 billion today ‘s Shanghai and Shenzhen cities ‘main funds opened with a net inflow of 33.

07 billion, a net decrease of 24 in late trade.

4.5 billion yuan, the net capital inflows of the two cities throughout the day 73.

2.7 billion.

  2 Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 today ‘s main capital inflow of 63.

6.3 billion CSI 300 net inflows of main funds today 63.

6.3 billion yuan, GEM net inflow 23.

8.6 billion yuan, with a net inflow of SME boards9.

4.4 billion.

Shanghai Stock Connect net inflow of 57.

1.3 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 39.

7.2 billion US dollars (here the China-Shanghai Stock Connect, Shenzhen Stock Connect net net amount is based on the amount used on the day, slightly different from the transaction net purchase amount, but the meaning is generally consistent).

  3 Non-bank financial industry net inflow 49.

Of the first 28 Shenwan first-tier industries of 0.3 billion yuan, 11 industries realized net capital inflows, of which 49 were non-bank financial industry net inflows.

03 billion.

  4 FTSE Russell concept net inflow of 130.

In terms of the top 6.1 billion concept blocks, today FTSE Russell concept, MSCI broad market, S & P Dow Jones concept, MSCI China and other concept sections showed a net inflow of funds, of which FTSE Russell concept net inflow was 130.

6.1 billion.

  5 ZTE’s main net inflow of funds9.

4.7 billion (Note: The main force of this table is the net inflow of funds, which is different from the net purchase statistics of the institutions in the previous and next tables).The data showed that the 杭州桑拿 institution appeared 10 shares, of which 4 shares including flush flush showed a net purchase of institutional funds, and 6 shares including Mingyang Circuit showed a net sale of institutional funds.

  7The top ten active stocks of Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect today

Feike Electric (603868): Adjustment of Q4 operation stage optimistic about long-term value

Feike Electric (603868): Adjustment of Q4 operation stage optimistic about long-term value
Q4 business phase adjustment, optimistic about long-term value events: Feike Electric released the 2018 annual report.The company’s Q4 single quarter revenue reached 11.600 million, 重庆耍耍网 YoY-2.7%; achieve performance 2.200 million, YoY-4.8%.We believe that the company’s operations are expected to improve after Feike launches lifestyle products.  Q4 single quarter performance growth rate is low: Feike Q4 performance growth rate has declined, we analyze, from this: 1) Q4 revenue decreased.2) Massive low-end products, Q4 gross profit margin -0 per second.3 points.The well-known reference is: According to the announcement, in 2018, the vPro brand achieved revenue of nearly 3.800 million, a year-on-year increase of +50.4%, accounting for 9% of total revenue.5%, the proportion of ten years +3.0pct.3) Expenses increased.Due to the company’s increased advertising expenditures, the selling expenses in the fourth quarter increased by 11 year-on-year.8%; due to the increase in salary and welfare expenses, the fourth quarter management 都市夜网 expenses (excluding R & D expenses) YoY + 41.9%.At present, the company has gradually introduced new products for living and home furnishings, and revenue or performance may add new growth points. We are optimistic about the long-term development of Feike.  Maintain a high dividend payout ratio: According to the announcement, the company plans to propose a cash dividend to all shareholders1.5 yuan (including tax), a total of 6 cash.500 million, accounting for 77 of the 2018 performance.3%, the dividend reset corresponding to the closing price on March 28, 20193.2%.We believe that a higher dividend ratio will help build investor confidence in the company’s development.  Investment suggestion: We believe that Feike has leading advantages in terms of brand, product, and channel. After operating adjustment, future performance may resume rapid growth.What do we expect the company to do in 2019?The EPS in 2020 will be 2.14/2.35 yuan, maintain Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price of 53.50 yuan, corresponding to a dynamic P / E ratio of 25 times in 2019.  Risk reminder: rising raw material and labor costs, increasing industry competition

Six movements of shrugging up and down to improve brain blood supply to relieve dizziness

Six movements of shrugging up and down to improve brain blood supply to relieve dizziness

Due to the continuous acceleration of life rhythm, some people often feel dizzy and bloated after getting up in the morning. This is mainly caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. The following are some simple exercises that are effective to relieve dizziness.

  Shrug your shoulders up and down with your feet standing apart, about the width of your shoulders. Both shoulders try to lift up, and for a moment, your shoulders suddenly occur.

Do it 8 times.

  Lift your arms in the back. Cross your arms and straighten behind them. Then lift them up hard, like pushing the root of your head with your shoulder blades. After holding for two or three seconds, your arms will fall suddenly, as if you are hitting your waistCan run into).

Do 2?
3 times.

  The fork hand stretches forward and bends its elbows. The ten fingers cross the chest. Both hands are extended forward swiftly. At the same time, they lower their heads forward so that their heads are sandwiched between the straight arms.

Do 5?
10 times.

  Cross your shoulders with your fingers crossed your chest, palms down, and try to turn your shoulders left and right.

Turn your head backwards. Pay attention to maintain the initial posture. The rotation must be equal to or greater than 90 degrees.

Alternate left and right, do 5?
10 times.

  The forward and backward curved shoulder movement first makes both shoulders try to bend backwards, as if the two shoulder blades should meet together.

Then force the shoulders to bend forward, in which both shoulders will close in front of the chest, and become two hands leaning back together, do 5?
10 times.

  Turn your shoulders forward and backward to move your elbows at right angles. Rotate your shoulders from front to back, then back to front.

  The purpose of the above 6 small movements is to fully open the shoulders and improve the blood supply to the brain.

It’s better to do it once a day, it takes about 6?
10 minutes.

Seven ways to raise beautiful eyes

Seven ways to raise “beautiful eyes”

Eye care is a very important lesson in women’s beauty.
Puffiness, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are enough to make you look in the mirror for a long time.
  Do n’t think that you do n’t need it now. In fact, the modern working and living environment is very unfavorable to our maintenance. For example, working in an air-conditioned room, facing a computer for a long time, bringing contact lenses and so on.
Our eyes are fragile and must be given special care.
Here are seven eye protection recipes provided by experienced people, let’s enjoy it together!
  1. Don’t “keep your eyes closed”, pay attention to frequent and complete blinking movements. Frequent blinking can reduce the time that the eyeballs are exposed to the air and avoid tear evaporation.
  2. Don’t blow the air conditioner for too long, avoid air flow from the seat, and place tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.
  3, eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits, should also eat more green vegetables, food, fish and eggs.
Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce dry eyes.
  4. Maintain good habits, get enough sleep, and stay up late.
  5. Avoid continuously operating the computer for a long time, pay attention to the rest, usually operate continuously for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes.
Look at the distance or do eye exercises during breaks.
  6. Maintain a good working posture.
Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with your eyes upright or a slight downward gaze, will ease the neck muscles and minimize the area of the eye exposed to the air.
  7. Adjust the distance of the screen.
The recommended distance is 50-70 cm, and the phosphor screen should be 10-20 cm below the eye level, showing a lower viewing angle of 15-20 degrees.
Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refractive power and reduce the chance of eye fatigue.
  If you have less secretion of tears and your eyes are prone to dryness, it is not suitable to use contact lenses in front of a computer. Wear frame glasses.
People wearing contact lenses in front of a computer are also better off using high-permeability varieties.
People over the age of 40 are best equipped with bifocal lenses, or with lower power glasses when typing.
If you have red eyes, burns or foreign body sensations, heavy eyelids, blurry sights, or even eye pain or headache, and you still have no obvious improvement after rest, you need to go to the hospital.