F1 UK: Hamilton wins Rosberg car and retires

F1 UK: Hamilton wins Rosberg car and retires
At the F1 British race, the home-run Mercedes driver Hamilton won the championship, and his teammate Rosberg withdrew due to a car failure under the good terrain. Bottas and Ricardo won the award together.Taiwan, Button is fourth, followed by Vettel, Alonso and Margnuson.Rosberg guarded the first Raikkonen after the crash and withdrew a red flag to warm up the lap, 22 drivers returned to the starting area to wait for the race to officially start, the red light went out, 22 drivers started, Rosberg started very carefully, he held the firstOne position, on the other hand, Vettel on the second place is not ideal to start on the dirty side. The Barton behind has already surpassed Vettel, and his teammate Magnussen also surpassed Vettel to rise to the third position, behindHamilton also grabbed fourth place.  In the back, Raikkonen’s car ran out of the track out of control. He tried to save the car back to the track. As a result, a slip occurred. His car hit the wall first and then rebounded to the other side. In the back, Massa’s carAt the earliest time to avoid it, the left rear wheel collided with the KIMI car, and Raikkonen withdrew from the race. He got on the medical car with the help of medical staff. The race showed the red flag and the race will start again.Although Massa tried to drive the car back to the maintenance area, the car was still damaged. He had to choose to withdraw from the race.After nearly an hour, the game resumed. Hamilton only took two laps to return to the second. After nearly 60 minutes of waiting, the staff successfully repaired the protective wall of the track. The game restarted. Under the impact of the safety car, 20The driver made a rolling start. After 1 lap, the safety car returned to the maintenance area and the race resumed.  Rosberg continued to lead, Button was second, and Magnuson was third, but he was challenged by the strength of home driver Hamilton, and the result was less than half a lap. Hamilton used a better speed to complete the surpass in the straight, MagNusen’s car was forced out of the track, and Xiaohan rose to third place.In the back, Williams’s Bottas came to eighth place, and he successfully surpassed Ricardo to rise to seventh place.  After 1 lap, Hamilton challenged his compatriot Patton. Mercedes’ car still had an advantage. After continuous turns, Xiaohan easily completed the overtaking and rose to second place, but he has now fallen behind leading teammate Rosberg 5Seconds.The current top ten drivers are: Rosberg, Hamilton, Barton, Magnussen, Vettel, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Ricardo, Gufate, Alonso.Alonso surpassed Gutierrez and flew Maldonado Rosberg ahead and farther and farther away. Hamilton seemed unable to catch up for the time being. In the back, Bottas also chased Vettel. Then heYou can use DRS to launch an attack.Alonso is accelerating, his condition is great, he approaches Ricardo, Ricardo wants to think ahead of Hulkenberg, but the result is unsuccessful, resulting in a small mistake of his own, waiting in the backThe opportunity of Alonso immediately overtook to overtake and rose to eighth.  Alonso did not relax because of this. His next challenge was the Hulkenberg of the Indian Force. The Ferrari driver is still older. After a few consecutive turns, Alonso rose to seventh.In the back, Sauber’s Gutierrez collided with Lotus’ Maldonado, and the other car was topped off. Fortunately, it didn’t cause too much damage. He can continue the race. In contrast, GutierrezIt was withdrawn because of the suspension problem of the car.Alonso was fined for a foul on the start. Ross Rose advanced to the eleventh lap. Vettel took the lead and replaced him with a hard tire.On the 13th lap of the race, Alonso was fined to pass through the maintenance area and stopped for 5 seconds because he did not park the car in the correct position at the start.The current top ten drivers are: Rosberg, Hamilton, Barton, Bottas, Magnuson, Alonso, Ricardo, Hulkenberg, Gufate, Vettel.On lap 16, Ricardo pitted. Both Red Bull drivers completed their first pit stop. Hamilton continued to accelerate in the front. He ran out of an acceleration speed of 1 minute, 38 seconds and 554. He is currently behind teammate 3.1 second.On lap 18, Rosberg stepped in and only spent 2.In 7 seconds, the efficiency of the Mercedes staff improved. After he was out of the station, he temporarily stayed in second place in Hamilton and Rosberg did not happen. He continued to lead in front, and Rosberg ran out on lap 21.Acceleration lap speed of 1 minute 38 seconds 309.On lap 25, Hamilton pitted in. He used a hard tire but it cost 4.Change tires in 1 second.After leaving the station, he ranked second, trailing his teammate by 5.9 seconds.On lap 26, Alonso entered the station. He successfully accepted the 5 second stop. After leaving the station, he ranked eighth.Rosberg’s car retired and Xiaohan took home the first 29th lap. Magnussen pitted. At the same time, there was also Vergney. Although Rosberg was leading, his car appeared.Failure, he reported to the team that there was a gearbox problem, Hamilton completed the situation, Rosberg has persisted, his car stopped because of a gearbox failure, and he withdrew from the race.The current top ten drivers are: Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Ricardo, Barton, Alonso, Magnussen, Gufate, Hulkenberg, Virgeny.  As other drivers pitted one after another, Hamilton had opened a huge lead for more than 40 seconds. On lap 38, Vettel met Alonso. Vettel had just completed the pit stop. His tires had an advantage, but ARonso didn’t give in and tried to defend his position.Top ten positions: Hamilton, Bottas, Ricardo, Barton, Alonso, Vettel, Magnussen, Hulkenberg, Gufate, Virgeny.Hamilton Silverstone won the championship at home Bottas and Ricardo into the first three laps 41, leading Hamilton pitted, he spent 3.7 seconds is also not ideal efficiency, but because of the obvious lead, he is still ranked first.In the back, Vettel continued to compete with Alonso, the game entered the last 10 laps, Vettel was still looking for opportunities, Alonso continued to give in.  Hamilton leads Bottas by 22.In 7 seconds, the Riders led the third-ranked Ricardo by 14.In 2 seconds, the difference between the top three is relatively large, and they seem to be satisfied with their rankings.On lap 47, Vettel seized the opportunity. He took the lead in the consecutive corners. He had already surpassed Alonso in the straight, but the Spaniard did not give in. Vettel also kept the inside line. As a result, he successfully completedThis is a very exciting competition.  In the end, after 52 laps of competition, Hamilton won the British championship. British fans once again saw the scene of the home country driver winning at home. Williams’ Bottas won the runner-up and Red Bull’s Ricardo was third., Button, Vettel ranked fourth and fifth.

Three men’s U23 men’s and women’s basketball team ushered in their first victory, but the World Cup still faces many challenges

Three men’s U23 men’s and women’s basketball team ushered in their first victory, but the World Cup still faces many challenges
The women’s team ushered in the first victory.Photo courtesy of the organizing committee Today, the 2019 FIBA Triple Basketball (U23) World Cup continues, the Chinese Basketball Association Secretary-General Bai Xilin attended the opening ceremony last night, the Chinese triple basketball U23 women’s team defeated on the first match day yesterdayThe Swiss team and the men ‘s team also defeated the Romanian team this afternoon, and the two Chinese teams both won their first match of the tournament.According to reports, the Chinese three-person basketball U23 women’s team is composed of Ha Wenqian, Pan Xuemei, Zhang Lingge and Wang Haimei. They have participated in this year’s FIBA three-person basketball U23 National League all 6 stations and won the Asian and European teams.The runner-up of 5 races and a third place, and won the third place in the finals that ended not long ago.Yesterday’s first match day, the Chinese three basketball U23 women’s team debuted with a poor offensive feel, losing 11-11 to the European powerhouse Netherlands.After a short adjustment, the girls made full use of home advantage and beat the Swiss team with a 21 to 12 disparity score to win the first victory of this World Cup.This afternoon, the Chinese trio basketball U23 men’s team defeated the Romanian team 21-16, and the first show made a good start.Although this is only the three-person basketball World Cup in the U23 age group, it is inseparable from the three-person basketball Olympic qualification.In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, three men ‘s basketball will have 8 men ‘s teams and women ‘s teams. On November 1st of the last year, the top three teams in the world will directly receive tickets for the Olympics.Depending on the adult team, and even linked to the scores of some domestic players, the performance of national teams at all levels is very critical.Therefore, the Chinese three-person basketball U23 men’s and women’s teams must strive for higher rankings and more points in this World Cup.According to the format of this World Cup, two Chinese teams need to be able to play and advance to the top 8 before obtaining the group.In the next game, the Chinese three-person U23 men’s and women’s basketball team will face no small challenges.

Poly Real Estate (600048): Earlier-than-expected profit in the first half of the year, with relative estimated advantages highlighted

Poly Real Estate (600048): Earlier-than-expected profit in the first half of the year, with relative estimated advantages highlighted

The first-half profit forecast was mainly due to higher gross profit margins, increased investment income, and higher carry-over equity ratios; the company has relatively significant financing advantages as a leading enterprise real estate leader, and a relatively complete internal incentive system (following investment + equity incentives) is conducive to improving the companyOperational efficiency, externally relying on central enterprises to integrate group resources, the overall operating efficiency is relatively upstream, and the ability to create endogenous cash flow is sustained; and the relative value advantage is outstanding (2019PE = 7).

0X, PB = 1.

4X, the market value is about 25% discount to the net asset value), and property capitalization is also on the agenda; the dynamic exchange rate conversion rate in 2019 is close to 5%, which is already in the historically high range; maintain the “strongly recommended-A” investment rating and maintainTarget price of 19.

2 yuan / share.

Earnings in the first half of the year surpassed expectations mainly due to higher gross profit margins, increased investment income, and higher carry-over equity.

Revenue in the first half increased by 19.

5%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 59% (after deducting non-financial growth of 58%), short-term performance was significantly higher than expected.

Specifically, the revenue growth rate is generally in line with expectations. This year is the year of completion (completion target + 24%). The previous sales growth also provides protection for the conversion from completion to delivery. There is also room for improvement in the average price (conservatively looking at the value).Drive revenue growth.

The faster-than-expected increase in net profit attributable to mothers was mainly due to higher gross profit margin / increased investment income / increased carry-over equity ratio. Increased gross profit margin and increased investment income led to an increase in operating profit by 20 percentage points earlier than earlier income growth, and an increase in equityAs a result, the growth rate of return to mother’s net profit was 佛山桑拿网 20 units higher than that of earlier operating profit.

Looking into the future, the company’s revenue will maintain a growth of about 20%, and the increase in gross profit margin and investment income will continue, but objectively speaking, under the background of increasing land and sales equity ratio, the first half of this year carried forwardThe increase in the equity ratio may be “phased”. It is expected that the growth rate of the net profit of high-level attributable mothers this year will increase to about 30% compared with the growth rate in the first half of the year, but will still exceed the income growth rate.

In the first half of the year, sales grew steadily, and the land acquisition strategy converged.

The company’s full-caliber sales area / amount in the first half of this year were 16.36 million square meters / 2526 trillion, respectively, with a growth of 13% / 17% twice, and sales grew steadily.43.6 billion, and the “land payment / revenue” decreased 31 PCT to 17% from 18, and after a few years of active land expansion expansion strategically contracted, increasing the average floor price of the project 0.

530,000 yuan / square meter (18 years total is 0.

620,000 yuan / square meter), “land price / price” decreased by 8 PCT to 34% compared with 18 years, a significant decline, that is, the land acquisition strategy has converged and the cost is controllable.

On the whole, the company has ample unsold volume and focuses on the first and second tiers and attractions three and four tiers. As of mid-2019, the company’s full-caliber unsold capacity is about 0.

9.4 billion square meters, corresponding to an unsold value of about 1.

It is estimated to be 3 trillion yuan. According to the rolling sales of the last 12 months, it can be sold for about 3 years.

Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” investment rating.

The company as a leading real estate company in the central government has a relatively strong financing advantage, and a relatively complete internal incentive system (following investment + equity incentives) is conducive to improving the company’s operating efficiency. Externally, it can rely on central enterprises to integrate the group’s resources.Creative ability; and the relative estimated advantage is outstanding (2019PE = 7).

0X, PB = 1.

4X, the market value is about 25% discount to the net asset value), and property capitalization is also on the agenda; the dynamic exchange rate conversion rate in 2019 is close to 5%, which is already in the historically high range; maintain the “strongly recommended-A” investment rating and maintainTarget price of 19.

2 yuan / share.

Risk warning: Sales growth is lower than expected, and settlement is lower than expected.

After the Spring Festival, the average profit of shareholders was nearly 20,000

After the Spring Festival, the average profit of shareholders is nearly 20,000: the attention of stock account opening has soared, Hubei ranks sixth

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to Cheng Jun ‘s “Guide to Outperform Stock Market Operation Guide”, which will guide you to understand the nature of contradictions and increase the hit ratio of bull stocks. A shares have risen again!

Recently, the market’s money-making effect has been prominent.

Finally closed yesterday, the average profit of A-share investors since the Spring Festival has reached 1.

97 thousand yuan, 98.

64% of active equity funds also made money for investors.

  In the early morning today, the A-shares fluctuated upward again, the three major indexes rose across the board, and the GEM index rose by 2.


In the industry sector, technology stocks are making a comeback, with computers, communications and electronics leading the gains.

Under the general rise, it means that the average earnings of A-share investors have increased again since the Spring Festival.

  Data source: Wind At the same time, Baidu search index shows that the user’s attention to “stock account opening” has almost linearly increased recently, and has now reached the end of February 2019 and early March levels.

Funders believe that short-term or A-shares may turn into a volatile trend. Fundamentals and earnings have become the main influencing factors. Although the recent money-making effect is significant, investors should still focus on medium and long-term investments.

  The average profit is 1.

Wind data of 970,000 yuan shows that as of February 20th, the total city of Wind ranked 68.

64 trillion yuan, an increase of 3 from January 23, the last trading day before the Spring Festival.

15 trillion.

According to the data of China Clearing’s official website, as of the end of January 2020, the number of A-share investors was 15,991.

800,000, based 都市夜网 on this rough estimate, since the Spring Festival, A-share investors have made an average profit of 1.

97 thousand yuan.

  In less than 3 weeks, A-share investors made an average profit of 1.

970,000 yuan, what is the “sense” of ordinary investors, will they feel “averaged”?

In fact, investor sentiment has been heating up significantly recently.

Looking at the changes in the Baidu search index with “stock account opening” as the key word, it can be found that user attention has increased significantly since February 3, and when the volume of A shares increased on February 17, the attention has reached a recent increase.

  Data source of Baidu search index change of “stock account opening” in the past 30 days: Baidu index level since 2019, and significantly higher than the average level in more than a year.

  Sources of changes in Baidu search index for “stock account opening” since 2019 Source: Baidu Index Institutional investors have also replaced the enthusiasm of individual investors for account replacement in recent market analysis.

Kaifeng Investment said that household deposits increased at the end of last year, but consumer and house purchase demand was suspended during the Spring Festival, and the current rate of resumption of work is still relatively low, which has led to a recent rise in risk and a sharp rise in market capital.

If the short-term resumption rate is the highest and the demand for home purchases continues to be suppressed, then capital entry into the market will not stop.

  Obviously, from the Baidu search index attention ranking of “stock account opening”, Hubei Province ranked sixth.

  The top ten regions of Baidu Search Index for “Stock Account Opening” Source: Baidu Index 98.

64% of active partial equity funds have made money. Not only investors have made money, but fund investors have also made a lot of profits.

Wind数据显示,2月3日-20日,3459只(A\C份额分开计算)主动偏股型基金中有3412只获正收益,占比98.64%, the average net share growth rate is 6.

26%, so if you buy one of the above funds for 10,000 yuan on February 3, you can earn 626 yuan.

In addition, there are 95 funds with a total net worth growth rate of more than 15%, and 667 funds with a total net worth extension of more than 10%.

  Ranked first among active partial stock funds is Golden Eagle Transition Power, which has expanded its net worth by as much as 21 since February 3.

97%; Wanjia Economic New Energy A and Wanjia industry are preferred to follow closely, and the net share value can be 20 respectively.

17% and 20.

  There are also passive index funds that make money. In the context of the main index’s growing since the Spring Festival, people who hold this type of fund have also made money.
  High short-term sentiment should focus on the medium and long-term investment outlook. How long can stocks make money?

Fund sources believe that A-shares may turn into a short-term or volatile trend. Although the market has made good money recently, investors should still focus on medium- and long-term investments.

  A public equity fund source said that the emotional impact of the epidemic on A shares has passed, and the market may move into shocks later, and fundamentals and corporate profits have become the main variables affecting the outlook.

The current market sentiment is high and the effect of making money is obvious, but investors should still focus on investing in the medium and long term.

In fact, out of short-term investment ideas, some investors panicked and redeemed the funds they held during the market crash on February 3. It was a small loss.

  Chen Pengyang, a proposed fund that has been operating for two years and is closed for two years, believes that the short-term epidemic will have a certain impact on the domestic economy and some industries, but it is still optimistic about the future economic development potential.

The overall performance of the A-share market is expected to show an upward trend in index shocks, and structural opportunities will continue to stand out. It is predicted that the increase will spread to high-performance industries and individual stocks.

The overall liquidity of A-shares is relatively abundant, and the inflow of funds to the north gradually increases, and market sentiment will gradually turn to optimism.

  Xin Bin, industry cycle fund manager Liu Bin, said that the medium and long-term is not pessimistic about future economic development.

Although the “Lewis Inflection Point” has appeared and the total labor force is decreasing, the proportion of highly educated people in the labor force employment population has continued to rise, and the “engineer bonus” and “innovation bonus” will continue to exist and become China’s economic growthSource of power.

In the coming quarter, new energy vehicles, Apple’s industry chain, games, and some cycle industries where inflection points are aligned will be the key configuration direction.

  Edit: Yawen Hui

What should I add to my feet?With these things, the health effect is doubled

What should I add to my feet?With these things, the health effect is doubled
As everyone knows, hot water soaking feet can improve local blood circulation, expel cold, promote metabolism, and achieve the purpose of health care.However, did you know that adding different “seasonings” to the foot bath will have different effects?Next, let’s find out what the role of different foot bath raw materials is.  1. Ginger Ginger is spicy, mild in nature, and can warm through the cold.Soaking the feet with ginger can warm the meridians, effectively improve the microcirculation, alleviate the symptoms of cold hands and feet, and have obvious effects on rheumatism and cold paralysis.At the same time, ginger has the effect of relieving the cold and can effectively prevent and treat mild colds.  Second, in the view of Chinese medicine, peppercorns can be used to relieve pain and relieve coldness.Soaking feet with peppercorn water and soaking with angelica and safflower feet have the same effect. They can promote blood circulation, make the whole body blood flow unblocked, and the body is warm and fused.In addition, Zanthoxylum is a natural disinfectant. Soaking the feet with Zanthoxylum can also help treat athlete’s foot.  Third, Ai Ye Zhi Ai Ye has a bitter taste, warm nature, and is non-toxic. It has many functions such as returning to the sun, purifying dampness, regulating qi and blood, and stopping bleeding, and is also commonly used in acupuncture.Wormwood feet can improve lung function, which is good for people with chronic bronchitis and easy to cough up white sputum.  Fourth, white vinegar white vinegar is a very good foot soaking material.After adding warm water, white vinegar can be absorbed through the skin of the feet more quickly. It plays a role in softening blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. It is suitable for the treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and can also soften the cutin.White vinegar has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis. Frequent foot soaking can soften the stratum corneum of the skin of the feet, improve the rough condition, and make the skin smooth and elastic.  Fifth, the salt water can often soak the feet with salt water to sterilize and prevent beriberi, and also keep the skin on the feet smooth and clean.  6. Lemon We all know that lemon can be used to soak water in life, but we can’t imagine that lemon is also a good material for soaking feet.The lemon flavor is sour and flat, and it can relieve heat and calm the stomach.Lemon is rich in citric acid and vitamin C, which can promote metabolism, effectively relieve fatigue and delay aging.In addition, often use lemon to soak your feet for beriberi, corns and other foot skin diseases have a certain effect.  After you understand the benefits of different foot bath ingredients, there are some things to pay attention to: First, the foot bath time is not as long as possible, it should be red on the instep and the body sweating slightly.Second, the temperature of the feet varies from person to person.A person’s normal body temperature is 36 ° C-37 ° C. The water temperature of the feet is 2 ° C-3 ° C higher than normal body temperature, which is about 40 ° C.For those 南京桑拿网 with more cocoons on the feet, the water temperature can be appropriately higher; for children with tender skin, the water temperature should be lower; for diabetic patients, because the skin on the feet is not sensitive, the water temperature should also be lower.Third, you need to soak your feet with enough water to reach your calves, at least not over your ankles.  This article was scientifically checked by Song Ge, the deputy chief physician of the Chinese Medicine Clinic Department of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the leader of the reserve discipline of traditional Chinese medicine in the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a doctor of Chinese medicine, and a postdoc.

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): Chemical Industry Leader Value Analysis Series 2: Hualu Hengsheng

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): Chemical Industry Leader Value Analysis Series 2: Hualu Hengsheng

The company is a leading company in the coal industry. In the past 10 years, the average profit rate of the industry was close to 0, and the compound growth rate of profit was still more than 20%. The reason is that the cost-leading strategy is rooted in technological and management advantages.

In the future, we judge that not only the company’s cost advantage will continue to be strengthened, but the replacement of projects such as caprolactam and glucose will open up new growth space for the company. It is expected to create another Hualu, as follows: Leading companies with core point-of-view technology have cost advantages in traditional coal water slurry technologyIn addition, the company’s latest three-atmosphere exchange platform has the advantages of scale and efficiency, and the ability to flexibly adjust the structure of end products is more difficult to replicate.

At the same time, the company’s equipment investment intensity, number of workers and period expense rate are also at the lowest level in the industry, and the cost advantage of the integration of the park is also very significant.

Based on the above advantages, we estimate that the cost advantage of the company’s existing production capacity over its peers is about $ 1.8 billion.

Future growth prospects: Hualu Development’s past development model is to continuously realize the upstream and upstream gas production capacity by extending the downstream industrial chain.

In the future, the caprolactam project will be gradually put into production, and the company is expected to achieve capacity expansion without excessive consumption of synthesis gas.

According to our calculations, the cost advantage per ton is more than 2,000 yuan. Assuming that the forward million metric tons capacity is measured, the increase in profit scale is 2 billion yuan.

Great price elasticity: Judging from the price difference, most of Hualu’s products have approached 深圳桑拿网 or even exceeded historical average levels. Not only will there be little room for future reduction, but the overall growth rate of coal chemical industry will accelerate and may increase.

Especially if it is over 1,000 tons / ton, the industry will return to normal and may have great upward flexibility.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We predict that the first EPS of Hualu Hengsheng will be 1 in 19-21.


58 and 1.

70 yuan, in accordance with the comparable company’s December 19 times P / E ratio, for the first time covering the target price of 17.

04 yuan and buy level.

Risks indicate fluctuations in prices of products and raw materials; progress of new projects is not up to expectations.

CNOOC Engineering (600583): Performance turning point benefits upward CNOOC’s capital expenditure growth

CNOOC Engineering (600583): Performance turning point benefits upward CNOOC’s capital expenditure growth

The company is a core subsidiary of the CNOOC Oil Services Group. The domestic CNOOC engineering service leader: The company is one of the largest offshore oil and gas engineering EPCI (design, procurement, construction, installation) in the Asia-Pacific region. It is listed on 3 of the professional services of CNOOC.One of the companies.

海上油服迎来复苏周期,勘探开发投资增长扩大:据Rystad Energy统计,未来全球海洋油气资本支出恢复2018年的1550亿美元的谷底开始回升,到2022年达到2300亿美元,较2018年 年增长48.


National Energy Security Strategy!

CNOOC’s capital expenditure plan has increased significantly: the dependence of foreign oil and natural gas on the foreign countries before 2018 has climbed to 70% and 44%, respectively.

CNOOC’s “Seven-year Action Plan” proposes that by 2025, the amount of exploration work and proven reserves will double.

In 2019, CNOOC planned capital expenditure of 70-80 billion yuan, an increase of 13% -29% year-on-year.

In the first half of the year alone, capital expenditures reached US $ 33.7 billion, an increase of 61% year-on-year, of which exploration investment was US $ 8.6 billion, a long-term increase of 110%.

The highest historical capital expenditure of CNOOC in 2014 was 105.7 billion.

CNOOC is the company’s largest customer, accounting for 60% to 70% of its annual revenue, directly benefiting from the significant increase in CNOOC’s capital expenditures.

The workload has picked up, supplementary orders have grown rapidly, orders in hand have reached record highs, and a turning point in performance is expected to occur 1) The company will replace 6 in the first 3 quarters of 2019.

35 ppm, expected from the same period last year.


Primarily, the 3648 project in Saudi Arabia fell short of expectations.

From July to September, the company has achieved small profits continuously.

  2) The company’s business volume achieved rapid growth: gradually completed in the first 3 quarters of 201911.

90,000 structural tons, an increase of 32% per year; 11,052 ship days have been gradually expanded, a 30% increase over the same period last year.

  3) High-speed growth of the company’s new orders: in the first three quarters of 2019, the cumulative market contracted value was US $ 18.3 billion, an annual increase of 76% (in 2018, new orders increased by 69%, a two-year high growth).

As of the end of the first three quarters, the budget for outstanding orders in hand was 28.7 billion, reaching a historical high.

  4) After the company’s value-added (increase in orders and workload), the price is expected to drive up in the future (the price level will rise), and the company’s current risk will be basically cleared, and a turning point in performance will appear.

  Investment advice is expected to the company’s net profit in 2019-2021 -1.

6, 8.

8, 19.

300 million, corresponding to PE is -196, 35, 16 times.

The company’s 2014 performance reached a record high, with revenue / net profit of 22 billion / 4.3 billion.

The first coverage, giving the company a PE estimate of 45 times in 2020, corresponding to a market value of 40 billion.

Target price from June to December is 9.

00 yuan, given a “buy” rating.

  Risks 都市夜网 indicate the risk of sluggish international oil prices; the risk that CNOOC’s capital expenditure is less than expected; the risk of deep-sea oilfield project development being less than expected; the risk of international market operations; the risk of natural disasters;

Pediatric summer cold may wish to use some Chinese medicine

Pediatric summer cold may wish to use some Chinese medicine

The baby has a cold in winter and spring, and sneezing, runny nose, and fever are common. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this belongs to the wind evil’s lungs, while in the summer, it is sneezing, the runny nose is not obvious, fever and headache are common, and the spleen and stomach are dysfunctional.Nausea and vomiting and thin stools. Reader Ms. Chen said that her child was 7 months old. The effect of western medicine and cold medicine was basically to relieve sneezing and runny nose, but it could not solve the baby’s symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Professor Wang introduced that for the cold of summer heat, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the method of clearing the summer heat, such as adding and subtracting fragrant tea, the medicine is composed of silver flower, forsythia, citron, tempeh, magnolia, lentils, perennial, and fragrant incense.

The citron has antipyretic and anti-dampness properties, and is used for the treatment of summer colds, colds, fevers, headaches without sweat, abdominal pain, vomiting, and urination.

  For summer baby diarrhea, Chinese medicine should also be typed to treat it. For example, babies with hot and humid diarrhea have thin stools, lots of water, yellowish smell, or see a small amount of mucus. Children have abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Pueraria huanghuang Huanglian Tang is the preferred choicePueraria, Pueraria, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, talcum, and licorice can relieve heat and dampen heat. If the baby vomits, add Pinellia ash and Chenpi, and if the baby is wet, add Atractylodes, Aquilaria and Magnolia.

For babies with hot and cold diarrhea, if you want to take a medicine, you can alternate the Gegen Qinlian pellets.

If the diarrhea is caused by the cold, the baby’s stool color is thin, there are many foams in the middle, the smell is not too smelly, and the child’s bowel sounds and abdominal pain. At this time, Huoxiangzhengqi powder can be added and subtracted.

Professor Wang specifically pointed out that babies can also eat Huoxiangzhengqi liquid, but can not eat Huoxiangzhengqi water, because water is a tincture, and some components are extracted by alcohol, so the water contains a small amount of alcohol, so it cannot be taken by the baby.

Some people are not short of sleep. Why are they still tired?

Some people are not short of sleep. Why are they still tired?

There are too many engineers who work mentally and yawn before sitting at work in the morning, showing that they don’t sleep well. In fact, their sleep time is not small, and they can sleep to 7?
8 hours.

Why is this?

  There are two types of fatigue.

One is simple physical fatigue, such as heavy manual workers and athletes.

The other is physical fatigue caused by excessive brain fatigue. Modern people are mostly the latter type of fatigue, which is mainly due to a variety of stress factors: drinking, coffee, night life (including continuous TV, reading .) and other sleep qualitySignificantly increased, so even not sleep less, but still feel lack of sleep.

Modern people, especially in Western societies, have less than 10% of purely manual laborers, and they use intense mental labor for the army. For them, it is mainly not a problem of physical fatigue, even mental fatigue and stress.

So what modern people need most is deep sleep in slow-wave sleep to fully restore brain fatigue, rather than fast-moving eye sleep that allows the body and muscles to rest.

  Deep sleep in slow-wave sleep mainly exists in the first three sleep cycles.

Professor Inoue Changjiro of Tokyo Medical and Dental University believes: “To eliminate physical and mental fatigue, only the first three sleep cycles are sufficient (4-5 hours), and it is almost some extra sleep.


The decline in sleep quality caused by stress is mainly due to the reduction of slow-wave sleep (ie, non-rapid eye movement sleep), especially deep sleep, and a corresponding increase in rapid eye movement sleep.

During REM sleep, the brain is in a dreaming state.

As a result of this “not enough quality”, there is too much sleep but still the cause of drowsiness.

Seeing his mental world from a child’s eyes

Seeing his mental world from a child’s eyes

-The child stares with his eyes and stares closely at a certain thing or person. At this time, the child is intently looking into the matter, and the parents should not disturb easily.

  It is best to follow the child’s line of sight, find what he is looking at, and find out what the child is asking, so as to guide the child and enable him to gain more knowledge.

  -The child’s eyes are bright and excited, indicating that the child understands the truth and found the answer.

  At this point, regardless of whether the child’s answer is correct, parents should praise him and explain it.

  -The child’s eyes are dull and he looks around, it is time for the child to be undecided.

  Parents should encourage their children to say what they think and work with their children to make a decision about whether or not the event is possible and reasonable.

  -The child lowered his head, his eyes dodging, and did not dare to oppose his parents’ eyes. That must be because the child felt that he had made a mistake and was afraid of being criticized.

Parents can wait for a while to see if the child can admit their mistakes; if the child does not speak, the parents can chase the child’s gaze and encourage the child to tell the truth with a smile and a look of inquiry.

After the child acknowledges the mistake, the parents must affirm his courage, believe that he can correct it, and tell him that he still loves him.

  -The child glared, indicating that the child thought his parents were unfair in handling something, and he was very dissatisfied.

At this time, children whose parents cannot resist stress should reflect on what is happening and give the child a chance to argue in order to convince others.

  -The child’s gaze is relaxed and his eyes flutter, indicating that the child is happy.

Parents should also show joy and share their children’s happiness.