Lu Weibing: The epidemic has limited impact on the mobile phone market, and Redmi will catch up with the glory this year

Lu Weibing: The epidemic has limited impact on the mobile phone market, and Redmi will catch up with the glory this year
Image courtesy of the enterprise On March 24, the Redmi brand of Xiaomi participated in the online new product launch event and officially launched the Redmi K30 Pro.As the annual flagship of the Redmi brand, the K30 Pro is paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform that is standard on the flagship products of mainstream brands on the market, and for the first time, the starting price of 5G mobile phones equipped with this platform has fallen below 3,000 yuan.At the press conference, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, president of China, and general manager of the Redmi brand, repeatedly compared this product with Huawei’s glory dual-mode 5G mobile phone V30.On many public occasions, Lu Weibing also repeatedly expressed the essence of Redmi’s glory.This brought too much gunpowder to the 5G mobile phone market in the process of popularization.After the press conference, Lu Weibing said in an interview with multiple media including Sauna Nightnet that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic will not have a significant impact on the overall market of the mobile phone market this year, and may be within 5%.Great efforts have been made in the new retail of Redmi; Redmi is going to surpass the glory this year, and the competition between Xiaomi and Huawei will be a protracted battle.The impact of the epidemic on the mobile phone market this year is within 5%. Xiaomi will vigorously promote new retail reporters: What impact has the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year on the sales of Xiaomi mobile phones?How do you see the impact of the epidemic on the mobile phone industry this year?Lu Weibing: I think the epidemic is divided into several stages. The first stage is that when our local epidemic is more serious, the local governments have also implemented stricter controls, resulting in a low opening rate of our offline stores.There are flights, and the opening rate may be only 10% -20% offline. Only the shopping centers in the central city will open. During that time, we saw that the entire offline influence is very large.However, we found that the e-commerce channel has little impact on the whole and has increased slightly.The first is that everyone has needs, and the second is that China’s logistics is also very powerful. At the time of the worst outbreak, China’s logistics system was still in operation.In the late stage of the epidemic, we found that the offline market rebounded very quickly. Overall, I think the impact of the epidemic on the mobile phone category is not that great. The main reason is that, first, the mobile phone is really in need.I have to buy it in two days.Second, everyone stays at home for a month or two, using their mobile phones every day, and may also find that a good mobile phone is still very important.So recently we found that the entire market has basically returned to normal.Therefore, my judgment is that the impact of the epidemic on the higher market of the entire mobile phone market may be just a few splits. It may be within five points, probably on such a scale, and it will not have a particularly large impact.However, there may be some impact on the product structure, which may have some relevance to everyone’s demand consumption power and so on.Reporter: Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun said some time ago that after the epidemic, he will “fight a big battle” on the sales channels. Can you reveal how this “big battle” Xiaomi is going to fight?Lu Weibing: Regarding the impact of the epidemic, have you found a particularly interesting thing, is to speed up the integration of online and offline speed.During the epidemic, our Xiaomi House quickly launched a store purchase. We opened the online Xiaomi network and the offline Xiaomi House. Everyone can place an order through and then deliver it from the Xiaomi House store. This business is oneGoing online is very, very popular.After that, we will launch several big services through the Rice Noodle Festival in April.We believe that the future development of Xiaomi’s entire business must be based on new retail, AI, cloud services, and big data as the backing to achieve the upgrade of new retail.The core of the new retail upgrade is to achieve all online and offline collaboration. This is a “big battle” that I will lead in China in the future.Redmi is going to surpass the glory in the Chinese market this year. The competition between Xiaomi and Huawei will be a protracted war reporter: You mentioned in the press conference that Redmi will surpass Glory in an all-round way. I would like to ask whether we have formulated relevant plans.Lu Weibing: I think from a strategic point of view, Redmi is about benchmarking glory, we never say anything.Relatively speaking, the proportion of the Honor brand and Huawei brand is still much worse, whether it is product, technology or other aspects.At the beginning of last year, when I took over Redmi, we were relatively glorified in terms of overall product line layout, brand power, and product power. We set a two-year plan to see if we can surpass it in two years.But frankly, by the middle of last year, we found that this opponent was not as strong as we thought.We have also made full preparations for this transcendence, not that we only said to transcend today. Six months ago we discovered that we had a chance by the end of the year.2020 is a time when we can pass by, and we have a great layout.So you will see a good show this year.It should be said that this battle is very easy to fight. It may be a press conference in a month or two. We will benchmark all of our glorious new products in terms of strategy.This year, I feel that we must achieve overtaking both in terms of products and brands.Our global sales have been much higher than glory. In the Chinese market, I think this year’s sales will definitely overtake.Reporter: As the president of China, how do you view the competitive relationship between Xiaomi and Huawei?Lu Weibing: Xiaomi and Huawei are many Chinese technology giants. It should be said that many of our judgments on the future may be similar.So in terms of layout, everyone may be more similar.For example, in the AIot layout, it should be said that Huawei is catching up faster, but Xiaomi has a leading layout of almost two years.Huawei is a very, very strong company. I myself also have great respect. Although we say that we are “fighting”, the fight does not hinder our appreciation of our opponents.This battle we believe must be a long-term protracted battle, definitely not a quick win. We also do not have this ability, and from a strength perspective, Xiaomi still has a gap with Huawei.Therefore, we must face a long-term competition with Huawei. We must plan it in the dimension of entry in five to ten years.As the president of China, I am responsible for the entire Chinese market. I do not have any luck or quick win psychology. Instead, I do this in a strategy that is aimed at opponents, recognized opponents, and long-term, steady and steady play.Sauna, Yewang promised editor Wang Jinyu to proofread Li Shihui

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of One Round Tour this year

Save the match points to complete the big reversal!Lin Dan breaks the curse of “One Round Tour” this year
Tonight in the first round of the World Badminton All England Open men’s singles, Lin Dan turned against the wind in the second round and defeated Thai newcomer Kun Lawut 2-1, finally breaking the “one round of tour” curse this year.Lin Dan thrilled through the first round.After the start of the 2020 season, Lin Dan’s Olympic earning journey was quite tortuous, and all three races in January were out of the first round.Since then, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, he has lost at least three competition opportunities.The National Badminton team went to the UK for training. Lin Dan was stranded in Beijing for more than 2 weeks due to visa problems. He went to Germany earlier this month to apply for a British visa. He won the whistle before the All England Open this week.Lin Dan Air Force once played against the Thai teenager once, and he won three games.In this encounter, he had been passive since the start due to no actual battle for more than a month, and lost the first game 13-21.In the second half of the second inning, Lin Dan struck 20 to 13 after falling behind, then scored 2 key points and dragged the game into the tiebreaker on the edge of the cliff.Lin Dan’s status in the battle against the water finally broke out, and a 6-0 victory was started.Thailand’s small feet are in chaos, Lin Dan fully grasps the initiative, and finally wins 21 to 10 to complete the shocking reversal!After scoring into the top 16 in the UK, Lin Dan will have at least 4800 points into the account, and there is hope to enter the top 16 of the Olympic points list.His opponent in the second round will be the winner between teammate Chen Long and Indian player Srikante.Sauna, night net editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofread Liu Yue

Hengli Petrochemical (600346): Estimated project boosts Hengli Petrochemical’s net profit by over 20%

Hengli Petrochemical (600346): Estimated project boosts Hengli Petrochemical’s net profit by over 20%

According to the China Securities Journal, on January 30, 2020, Hengli Petrochemical’s ethylene plant was successfully commissioned for a trial run.

  Hengli 150 cap / year ethylene plant, as the largest single ethylene plant in China, has created a series of ethylene plants.

Hengli Petrochemical’s ethylene plant will theoretically bring more than 1.5 billion excess profits to the company in the event that the industry is not profitable.

If the downstream chemical plant of the ethylene plant is considered, under the condition of full plant production, the annual net profit of the chemical plant led by ethylene can theoretically reach more than 20% of the existing profit of the refinery.

  (1) The commissioning of an ethylene plant will bring significant synergistic effects of refining and chemical engineering, and theoretically can create 1.5 billion excess returns.

This effect includes but is not limited to: dry gas recovery and recovery of light hydrocarbons as raw materials for ethylene plants, theoretically saving 1 billion ethylene plants, hydrocracking gasoline as aromatics extraction raw materials, ethylene plants, by-product gas return to oil refinery plants, and (2) ethylene plantsThe effect of scale has excess benefits in terms of both plant investment and operating cost savings.

The investment in equipment can be saved by 3 trillion per year, and the operating cost should be no less than 200 million yuan.

  (3) Lightweight feed significantly improves the diene yield and high value-added product yield of the device. The diene yield reaches 48%, currently the first in the country.

Ethylene plant has the largest driving defects in chemical plants, the temperature has the largest span among all the plants, and requires high purity of materials. The successful one-time feeding of Hengli ethylene reflects the efficient execution of the Hengli petrochemical team.

Due to the continuous production of petrochemical equipment, the impact of the epidemic situation is usually small.

From the perspective of product supply and demand, due to the impact of downstream product demand, the first quarter is expected to be partially affected.

  Earnings expectations We maintain the profit forecast of profitable companies in 2019 with the company’s forecast of US $ 10.9 billion, and a profit forecast of 143 / 16.1 billion in net profit in 2020/2021.

We maintain Hengli Petrochemical’s target price of 22 in 苏州夜网论坛 the next 12 months.

76 yuan, corresponding to the company’s 2019-2021 price-earnings ratio of 11.



47 times, maintaining the company’s “Buy” rating.

  Risk Warning 1.

Risk of declining one-way scale of crude oil 2.

Severe demand for textiles and clothing has deteriorated3.

Risks of refined oil sales caused by policies and restrictions on export restrictions.

Geopolitical risks 5.

The project progress is less than expected 6.

Risk of large-scale lifting of company stocks 7.

Risk of sharp fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate8.

Severe competition in the industry9.

Downside risks to the global economic cycle10.

Impact of other force majeure

Northern Huachuang (002371): Rapid growth in performance promotes domestic substitution of semiconductor equipment

Northern Huachuang (002371): Rapid growth in performance promotes domestic substitution of semiconductor equipment

Event Northern Huachuang released the 2018 annual report.

In 2018, the company realized operating income and net profit attributable to its parent was 33.

24, 2.

3.4 billion, an increase of 50% and 86% each year.

Initial profit slightly declined, Q4 performance explosive growth in the company during the period expense ratio of 32.

23%, a ten-year increase of -10.

39 units.

Management expense rate 25.

71%, a ten-year increase of -10.

07 averages.

Finance expense ratio 1.

43%, an annual increase of 0.

23 digits.

Selling expense ratio 5.

08%, a year increase of -0.

55 units.

Gross profit margin 38.

38%, an increase of 1 per year.

79 units.

Net interest rate 8.

51%, a year up 0.

98 units.

ROE (Expected) 6.

83%, an increase of 2.

96 units.

The net profit of non-returned mothers was initially deducted 0.

7.6 billion, an increase of 137% in ten years.

In 4Q18, the company realized operating income and its net profit attributable to its parent was 12 respectively.

23, 0.

65 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 82%, 43%, and a gross profit margin of 35.

15%, an annual increase of 3.

6 units, an increase of -8 from the previous month.

23 units.

Electronic process equipment: Product development and market expansion have significantly improved Electronic process equipment business revenue 25.

21 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 76%, and a gross profit margin of 34.

72%, an annual increase of 1.

52 units.
The sales volume, production volume and inventory of electronic process equipment increase by more than 30% each year. The first is the sales and orders of electronic process equipment. The production scale has increased from the previous period.
Semiconductor equipment has made significant progress in new product development and market expansion in integrated circuits, advanced 武汉夜网论坛 packaging, LEDs, new displays, photovoltaics and other fields.

12-inch etchers, PVD, ALD, monolithic annealing systems and LPCVD equipment entered mainstream IC foundries.

In the fields of advanced packaging, LED, MEMS, PV, new display, third-generation semiconductors, etc., through the application of integrated circuit equipment technology, targeted development of etching machines, PVD, diffusion furnaces, PECVD, cleaning machines for various fieldsAnd other products, widely used in various market segments.

In the vacuum equipment business, single crystal furnaces have been delivered in large quantities and successfully entered the international market; developed an automatic production line for heavy rare earth grain boundary expansion and penetration, leading the innovation of high-end magnetic material processing technology; launched a variety of ultra-high vacuum, high temperature, high pressure high-endThe vacuum heat treatment equipment has been procured by the mainstream enterprises in the industry.

The company undertakes a number of national major scientific and technological special R & D tasks, and has completed 12 inches 90?
28nm process etching machine, PVD, CVD, oxidation / diffusion furnace, cleaning machine and other technical research work, related products are already in the initial stage of industrialization.

The 12-inch 14nm process etching machine, PVD, ALD and other integrated circuit manufacturing equipment are accelerating research and development. In the next step, the company will continue to advance technology development and market development to meet the needs of downstream customers for advanced process equipment.

Electronic components: Maintain the leading position in the country, with a significant increase in gross profit margin. Electronic component business revenue7.

88 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

23%, gross margin 49.

44%, an annual increase of 5.

72 units.

In terms of precision electronic components business, the company’s advantageous products continue to grow steadily. Chip quartz crystal oscillators, chip thin film resistors, high-precision resistors and other products have a leading domestic market share in high-reliability applications such as aerospace.The largest increase in the order amount of new quartz capacitor series products; significant progress in the localization of secondary power module products; and good results in the expansion of the market for quartz MEMS products.

Develop products based on customer needs, and orderly advance the completion and acceptance of the second phase of the company’s Yizhuang Semiconductor Equipment Base. The NAURAAkrion company in the United States completed the asset delivery and began operations, which effectively enhanced the market competitiveness of high-end washing machine products. The first fair incentive planThe grant was completed; the preliminary work of the non-public offering went smoothly.

In 2019, the company will formulate product development plans around customer needs, accelerate the development and verification of integrated circuit core process equipment, seize market opportunities brought by core customers’ expansion of production and construction lines, and quickly realize industrialization.

Tap the market segment of vacuum equipment, upgrade new technologies, develop new products, and increase the market sales of single crystal furnaces, magnetic materials equipment and vacuum equipment.

Carry out targeted technical improvement and market development of new energy lithium battery equipment.

According to the market requirements of new application fields, the layout changes the research and development of strategic electronic component products, and enhances the promotion of the core component product market.

Profit forecast and investment advice forecast to 2019?
In 2021, the company’s net profit attributable to the mother will be 3 respectively.


1, 8.

1.2 billion, a year-on-year growth of 58%, 65%, 33%.

EPS are 0.

81, 1.

33, 1.

77, corresponding P / E ratios are 83, 50, and 38X.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk Tips 1. Risks of periodic intervention in market demand; 2. Risks of less than expected R & D progress.

Tongwei (600438) 2019 Interim Report Performance Preview Comment: Interim Report Significant Pre-increasing Profit Exceeds Market Expectations

Tongwei (600438) 2019 Interim Report Performance Preview Comment: Interim Report Significant Pre-increasing Profit Exceeds Market Expectations
Core point of view The company’s interim report performance increased by 55% -65%, exceeding market expectations, and gradually or sustained high growth.Maintain EPS forecast for 2019-2021 of 0.杭州夜网论坛90/1.12/1.42 yuan, corresponding to 15/12/10 times the PE, given a target price of 18 yuan (corresponding to 20 times the PE in 2019), maintaining the “Buy” rating.  The interim report had a good performance and the growth rate exceeded market expectations.The company announced the 2019 semi-annual results pre-increasing announcement, and it is expected that H1 in 2019 will achieve net profit attributable to mothers14.23-15.1.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 55% -65%, after deducting non-return to the mother’s net profit13.79-14.68 ppm, an annual increase of 55% -65%; Q2 single quarter net profit attributable to the mother.32-10.US $ 2.4 billion, an annual increase of 56% -71%, and net profit after deduction is 9.05-9.0.94 million yuan, an increase of 55% -71% in five years.The company’s H1 performance growth was in line with our expectations, but exceeded market consensus.  The profitability of battery cells has improved significantly, or it has contributed to the increase in major performance.We expect the substantial growth of the company’s performance mainly due to the favorable volume of 2019H1 battery chip business.Since the beginning of Chengdu 3.2GW and Hefei 2.After the new 3GW battery chip project was put into production, the total battery cell capacity increased to 12GW (9GW single crystal and 3GW polycrystalline). The overall capacity utilization rate of H1 reached 78%, and the corresponding volume was expected to exceed 5.5GW, the current capacity utilization rate exceeds 110%.Although the monthly price of products based on monocrystalline PERC cells has continued to decrease from the beginning of the year, various process indicators and non-silicon costs continue to be optimized, and gross profit margins have risen at a monthly average level of about 20% in history. We estimate thatThe company’s H1 battery chip gross margin is about 30%, and H2 is also expected to remain at about 25%.  Silicon material business remained profitable, and profitability improved in the second half of the year.The company’s combined business still maintained continuous profitability under the price of 2019H1, and it has become one of the very few silicon material companies in the industry that remains profitable.The company ‘s H1 Baotou and Leshan have released a total of 6 tons of new production capacity of about 20%. It is expected that H2 will be fully released. Leshan’s old production capacity will continue to be full and sold. It is expected that the production and sales of H1 silicon materials will be close to 20,000 tons.Will reach more than 6 additives.At the same time, the centralized start-up of the domestic photovoltaic market in H2 led to further improvement in silicon demand, continued price rises, and continuous optimization of product quality and costs, and the company’s alternative business profitability improved markedly.  The structure of agricultural and animal husbandry products was optimized, and the sales of aquatic feed increased significantly.The company continues to optimize the product structure of the traditional agriculture and animal husbandry sector, highlights the competitive advantages of the core product aquatic feed business, strengthens the sales of special feeds and the development of major customers, and the proportion of puffed feed, shrimp special feed, and functional feed exceeds 55%.In 2019H1, the sales volume of aquatic feed of the company will increase by 25% each year, and its market share will exceed 12%.As the H2 feed business enters the profitable peak season, the company’s agricultural and livestock sector profits are expected to be concentrated.  Risk factors: The photovoltaic development is less than expected, the capacity release is less than expected, and the cost decline is less than expected.  Investment suggestion: The company foresees an increase in the interim report performance, which is expected to be mainly driven by the significant increase in the profit of the battery business, and the silicon material business is expected to contribute to the increase in performance in the second half of the year.We maintain the company’s 2019-21 net profit forecast at 34.9/43.4/55.0 million, corresponding to 0 EPS.90/1.12/1.42 yuan, corresponding to PE 15 / 12/10 times, given a target price of 18 yuan (corresponding to 20 times PE in 2019), maintain “Buy” rating.

Dafeng Industry (603081): Leading Digital Arts and Performance Business

Dafeng Industry (603081): Leading Digital Arts and Performance Business

The growth rate of the sports and sports equipment industry is remarkable. The company’s absolute leader in the overall integration of sports and sports facilities solutions continues to extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The development of digital art technology and performance brokerage business is expected to exceed market expectations.

  The first coverage gives an overweight rating with a target price of 19.

12 yuan.

The company is an absolute leader in the overall integration of cultural and sports facilities solution providers, and continues to extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Digital Arts Technology and the performance brokerage business promote rapid growth.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.



14 yuan, target price 19.

12 yuan, corresponding to the PE estimate of 21 in 2020.

24 times, the first coverage given an overweight rating.

The company has obvious competitive advantages in qualification brands, R & D design, industrial integration, project contracting, etc., and is an industry-leading 杭州夜网论坛 integrated solution provider for cultural and sports facilities.

The company has rebuilt the cultural industry, sports industry, digital arts technology, cultural media, cultural and tourism integration, and the “two-body, four-wing” industry pattern of rail transit, covering early planning and creativity, mid-term design and construction, and later operation management.

As an emerging enterprise in military intelligence stage, building acoustics engineering, seat stands and other businesses, the company has industry-leading cultural and sports facilities research and development, trial production, production, testing bases, and overall strength advantages.

  Especially in the field of stage machinery, the company has become an absolute domestic leader through years of brand effect accumulation and technology research and development.

The company’s performing arts industry chain has been extended up and down, and digital art technology and performance brokerage business have developed.

With the improvement of people’s entertainment consumption and continuous technological innovation, there is a strong demand for the upgrading of traditional stage facilities, and a large number of new theaters and equipment conversions will bring increased demand for smart stages.

With nearly 30 years of operating strength, the company has accumulated rich theater channels and operational experience in the upstream and downstream of the performing arts industry. From content incubation, IP creation, product packaging, entertainment marketing and tour planning, it delivers accurate performances around market dataProducts, committed to becoming the explosive production and operator of the performance industry.

Catalyst: The growth rate of the sports and sports equipment industry is remarkable, and the company has obvious advantages as an industry leader. It has exceeded market expectations in terms of performance growth and the industry’s upstream and downstream expansion.

  Risk Warning: Receivables Recovery Risk, Market Competition Risk

How long will the turnover continue to break through trillions of historical data?

How long will the turnover continue to break through trillions of historical data?

Deal breaks trillion trillion technology stocks and starred in structural cattle!

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post.

  Original title: Customers are dumbfounded!

Brokers continue to say they need to adjust, but the market is slamming!

The turnover has continuously exceeded one trillion yuan. How long will the historical data reveal this round of market secrets?

  Source: Every bulls-eye bulls continue to stage a vacuum, but some brokers continue to send text messages to customers, prompting the market to adjust. As a result, the market has continued to rise, and the turnover has also broken trillions.

Can this market continue?

Historical data tells you the answer.

  The bulls continued to force the bullish market. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets once again increased their volume today. The daily limit of the two cities exceeded 100. Big financial broke out across the board. Oriental Fortune, Hongta Securities, National Securities and other nearly 10 stocks.In addition, consumer electronics have also been sought after. Popular stocks Xiuqiang shares have counter-contracted, the market popularity is bursting, and the turnover of the two cities exceeded one trillion yuan for two consecutive days.

  The final close, the Shanghai stock index rose 1.

84% reported at 3030 points, Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.

43% reported 11509 points, the ChiNext Index rose 2.

21% reported at 2186 points.

  For A shares, the CSI’s recovery of 3,000 points is significant.

In the just past 2019, the long and short sides fought more than ten times around the 3,000-point Shanghai Stock Index.

  In addition to the Shanghai Index recovering 3,000 points, the recent strong performance of the Shenzhen and Shenzhen stock indexes has made investors even more amazed.

SZSE Component Index, GEM refers to today’s intraday highs.

Among them, the GEM refers to a new high in the last 10 trading days after rising to a high of more than three years on February 6.

  Brokers also noticed that some investors said that they did not expect the index to fill the gap after the holiday so quickly, and there was no obvious adjustment.

For example, the GEM index completely took the decline after the holiday as an accident and quickly returned to the original growth channel, as if nothing had happened.

  The recent strong market has been short, and some investors can’t understand it, 武汉夜生活网 and even the brokerage firms frequently look away. Some investors have said that they have received short messages of investment advice from the brokerage firms after the holiday.

  The securities firm said on February 3 that it is inevitable that the broad market will be inevitable in the short term, and the Shanghai Index can then pull out 8 consecutive Yang.

  On February 12, the securities firm also stated that the broader market entered a pressure zone, and the probability of short-term adjustment increased, and the stock index accelerated growth that afternoon.

  On February 20, at noon today, it was said that in the short term, the broader market may have some pressure to adjust, but the Shanghai Index rose in the afternoon to recover the 3,000 mark.

  Although the brokerage has been reminding investors to adjust the market, from February 3 to the present, 佛山桑拿网 the Shanghai Index has gradually expanded by 11%.

5%, GEM refers to the emerging 23.


  How long will the market last?

  Since the end of 2018, the Shanghai stock index has hit 2440.

Since 91, it has been rising for about a year. How long will a round of bull market last?

  Let’s take a look at the two big and powerful market in history.

  On June 6, 2005, the Shanghai Stock Index began to stop falling at 998 points. This is the bull market that is most remembered by investors in the history of A-shares. It started to grow from 2005 and continued to the high on October 16, 2007.At 6124, this point is still the historical high of the Shanghai Index, and this bull market has run for 2 and a half years.

  The 2015 bull market is the closest round of bull market to the present.

This round of bull market really started from 1849 on June 25, 2013, all the way up to June 12, 2015, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index saw a high point of 5178 points, the entire round of bull market running time is 2 years.

  If we refer to history, then the market is not over in terms of time. Moreover, the northbound funds, funds, and insurance funds of the long-term investment market continue to enter the market, which is bound to change the previous investor structure.Falling or turning into a slow bull market.

  In addition, in terms of funds, the turnover of A shares in the past two days has exceeded one trillion yuan for two consecutive days.

The first single-day trillion-dollar turnover in the history of A-shares was born on December 5, 2014. That was the beginning of the rise of the last bull market. The real amount of money was May 28, 2015.2,377.6 billion. At that time, there were 5 days of transactions that exceeded 2 trillion. Both occurred from the end of May to the beginning of June 2015. Then on June 12, the Shanghai stock index peaked at 5178.

19 o’clock.  It can be seen that the 1 trillion turnover is not a sign of madness. Today’s A-share market is huge, and there are more than 3,700 stocks. If they are evenly distributed, there are not many.

  The bull market is inseparable from the broker-dealer section. The reason why the broker-dealer section is called the “bull market benchmark” is that the broker-dealer section can exert its strength every time the index overcomes important points.

  Recalling that on February 25 last year, in the afternoon, a general rise has been formed, and it is difficult to distinguish who has increased prices and who has increased less.

All stocks in the securities sector had daily limit, the securities ETF (512880) was strongly closed, and the brokerage leader CITIC Securities had a turnover of 11.8 billion yuan, driving the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets to release trillions of transactions.

  A similar scene emerged today, with brokerage stocks making a comeback. Huaxin shares were closed before the noon break. Eastern Fortune, Huaxi Securities, Huaan Securities and other daily highs followed suit. Billboard brokers such as CITIC Securities also rose sharply.

  The continuous increase in turnover has always had a positive impact on the brokerage business of brokerages. After all, any bull market needs real gold and silver. The reaction in the market is the surge in trading volume.

  According to the historical data statistics of CICC’s strategy team, the recent 1 trillion single-day transactions, the corresponding single-day turnover rate is about 3.

About 2%, slightly higher than the historical average of 2.

The level of 4%, but the historical “danger zone” 5.

There is still a certain distance in the area of 5% or more turnover.

The resumption of market trading volume indicates that market sentiment has improved in the recent epidemic situation, and liquidity is relatively abundant. It is further repaired with the support of various policies.

However, based on a comprehensive estimation, from a cyclical point of view, the market may exceed the “danger zone” and the mid-line trend may remain positive.

Ten ways to use milk diet

Ten ways to use milk diet

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is sweet and slightly cold, and has the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, nourishing the intestines, clearing heat and purging, and tonicing the spleen.
Properly processed milk or blended with other foods can be made into a variety of “therapeutic milk”.
  do you know?
Eating too much milk may also affect health 1.
Milk congee, 250 ml of fresh milk, 60 grams of rice, and moderate sugar.
  First cook the rice into half-boiled, remove the rice soup, add milk, cook the porridge with gentle heat, add sugar and stir, fully dissolved and serve.
  Take warm morning and evening, keep it fresh and don’t spoil it.
  Can make up for deficiencies, strengthen the spleen and stomach, moisten the internal organs.
It is suitable for the symptoms of weakness and strain, insufficient blood and qi, false victory after illness, old and weak, malnutrition, etc.
Milk jujube soup with 500 ml of milk, 25 grams of jujube, 100 grams of rice.
  First boil rice and jujube together to make porridge, then add milk, boil it to replenish qi and blood, and strengthen the spleen and stomach.
250 grams of mutton, mutton, 20 grams of ginger, 100 grams of yam, and 250 ml of milk
  Wash and cut the mutton into small pieces, cut the ginger into pieces, put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 7-8 hours, stir well to remove the unrotten residue, leave the mutton soup, add sliced yam, cook, and pourAdd milk and boil.
  This product is used for tonifying deficiency and warming tonic energy, and is good for invigorating qi. It is suitable for post-ill (postpartum) limb cold, tiredness, shortness of breath, etc.
Can be taken several times a day, even for 5 to 7 days as a course of treatment.
It is not advisable to take other medicines at the same time, it is best to supplement Xiaomi Jujube and lotus seed porridge once a morning (60 grams of millet, 10 jujubes, and 18 grams of lotus seeds).
60 grams of fresh milk and indica japonica rice, 80 grams of fried walnuts, 45 grams of raw walnuts, 12 grams of sugar, and 200 ml of milk.
  Wash the japonica rice, soak it for 1 hour, remove it, filter the water, stir and grind with walnut kernel and milk, add a small amount of water, filter with a funnel to extract the juice, pour the juice into the pot, add water to the boil, stir with sugar, and wait until it is completely dissolvedThe residue is filtered off, and the filtrate is poured into a pot and boiled.
  This product can nourish the spleen and kidney, moisturize and nourish the lungs, and is suitable for cough, asthma, low back pain and constipation due to intestinal dryness. It can also be used as post-ill body weakness, neurasthenia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, low sexual function,Diet for elderly patients with constipation.
It can be taken on an empty stomach or served sooner or later.
Ginger Leek Milk Leek 250 grams, ginger 25 grams, 250 ml milk.
  Chop and smash the leeks and ginger, twist the juice with clean gauze, pour it into the pot, add milk and boil.
  This product can warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for stomach cold ulcer, chronic gastritis, epigastric pain, vomiting, etc. It can be taken daily in the morning and evening.
Thick milk ravioli boil the milk and add 3% to 7% starch or dried cake powder, rice flour, etc. to thicken the milk, just add a little sugar.
  This product is suitable for patients with habitual vomiting, nausea and need to increase energy.
For egg custard, first boil the eggs, remove the eggshell and egg whites, use a spoon to grind the egg yolks, add milk and mix well.
  In addition to protein, fat, and vitamin A, egg yolk also contains iron and phosphorus.
  This product is suitable for infants with iron deficiency anemia and those who need calcium supplementation for four or five months.
Homemade skimmed milk boil and boil the milk, let stand for several hours, remove the upper layer of milk skin (ie fat, this method can generally remove 80% of fat) and serve.
  This product is suitable for feeding infants and young children suffering from intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and enteritis.
  Because fat-removed milk is low in calories and lacks vitamins A and D, it can be supplemented with other foods. After the illness, you should continue to feed whole milk.  9.

Milk tea Milk tea is prepared by pouring it into the boiled milk.

Add sugar or salt, depending on personal taste.

After adding tea to milk, the unique flavors of the two are integrated, and the nutritional components complement each other, which suppresses the fishy taste of the milk and the bitterness of the tea, making it richer and longer.

  Milk tea can be greasy, help digestion, refreshing, diuretic and detoxify, and eliminate fatigue. It is also suitable for patients with acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenal ulcers.

It also has a detoxifying effect on those poisoned by alcohol and narcotic drugs.


Milk weight reduction method is suitable for athletes to lose weight.

Weightlifting, wrestling, judo and other sports are classified according to weight. Athletes must adjust their weight before the competition to limit it to the corresponding level. The methods often used in the past are to limit the amount of heat absorbed, sweat and diureticsWait.

  The earliest foreign people used the milk weight reduction method. There are two specific methods. One is called the Procop’s method. That is, one day a week is a milk day. On this day, you only eat milk 1?

5 liters, yogurt 0.

5 liters of cheese?
200 grams, and a small amount of cream; the other is called Karel’s method, drinking milk for 1 liter in 5 times a day for 3 consecutive days, while eating some vegetables, fruits, and meat.

It is said that the use of milk to reduce weight can reduce water in the body, and there is no osmotic interference, which will not affect the performance of athletes.

Experts identify tips for working out in the gym

Experts identify tips for working out in the gym


Relaxed aerobic exercise If you master the strength and weakness rhythm in a half-hour aerobic exercise, then you can achieve twice the result with half the effort, that is, add a gentle recovery time to the interval of high-intensity exercise.

It is also a half-hour aerobic exercise. This kind of rhythmic exercise will consume twice as much displacement as a rhythmic exercise.

Dr. Katherine Jackson, director of the Department of Motor Performance at California State University, said: “If you continue to do high-intensity exercise, you will soon be exhausted, but interrupted rest and recovery can help you maintain this high intensity level.

“Time spent on a elliptical machine for 30 minutes of smooth movement: 1222 jog time with strong and weak rhythms 30 minutes: 2444 joules 2.

Single-legged force while cycling When you are exercising on a scooter, intermittently making one leg harder can increase the intensity of the exercise.

At the beginning, you can step on the pedal with the medium leg for 4 minutes, and then focus on the left leg with high intensity pedal.

After 30 seconds, change the right leg as the main force leg and step on for 30 seconds.

Then, press your legs together for 4 minutes at medium speed for adjustment and recovery.

In this way, press one leg for 1 minute every 4 minutes to exercise for a total of 30 minutes.

According to Michael Yusef, fitness education manager at Chelsea Pears Sports Center in New York, this kind of single-leg cycling can help you burn 20% more energy.

  Energy consumed on a scooter for 30 minutes: 950 joules. Energy consumed after 30 minutes of motion with a single leg forced interval: 1138 joules 3.

Drinking Water Method Neil Maki, spokesman for the American Gymnastics Association, said: “If you just sit down and drink water one glass after another, how many drinks you drink won’t help your metabolism.

But if you exercise, the situation is different!

During exercise, the metabolism rate in the body increases, and the body will start to burn uncle. At this time, the human body needs a lot of water to maintain a balanced temperature, so you must drink plenty of water, preferably mineral water or boiling water.

“Especially when sports water is very popular today, Nestle Water is nourishing, energetic queer, and pulsating water with a maintenance factor, which can effectively promote internal circulation, adjust metabolic conditions, and allow you to experience the inherent beauty of cleanliness and resistanceIt can suppress harmful bacteria and increase beneficial flora, thereby promoting gastrointestinal health.

In this situation, drinking water can cost you 10% more conversion.


Breakthrough movement time breaks down the usual movement into two stages.

For example, if you used to run 5 kilometers a day, you can break it down to 2 in the morning.

5 km at night 2.

5 kilometers.

“When exercise time is shorter, you can try to increase the intensity so that you can increase the cost of conversions over the same distance.

“Running once a day (running at 40 seconds / 100 meters for 30 minutes): 1356 joules running twice per day (running at 30 seconds / 100 meters for 15 minutes): 1528 jokes 5.

Fitness instructor Casey Stevens, who walks with weights at the California Wilders Center in California, said that wearing a weight-bearing vest while walking can help you burn 10% more energy.

Load-bearing vests can carry a maximum weight of about 36 kilograms, and these load-bearing objects are block-shaped and can be directly loaded into the vest pocket.

Stevens said that weight-bearing vests are better than strapping sandbags on their legs or lifting dumbbells in their hands, which helps bodybuilders control their posture.

For safety reasons, do not carry more than 20% of your weight.

If you don’t like this method of weight bearing, you can also try to hold two long poles in your hand.

Although they weigh only 0,5 kg, they can help you burn 20-25% more conversion without any impurities.

  Energy consumed for 30 minutes of sprinting: 883 Joke Energy consumption for 30 minutes of wearing a weight-bearing vest: 971 Energy for 10 minutes of long pole walking: 1059 Joke 6.

Key poses Ken Fitzgerald, director of the Gymnastics Club at Lovret Jem in New York, says when you’re working out on a stepper, elliptical machine or treadmill, let your arms swing naturally or gently hold your hands on the machineOn the handle.

Helps you burn 10% more energy.

He said: “When your body is leaning against your handle, your exercise volume is discounted.

”Energy consumed by walking on a stepper and leaning on the armrest for 30 minutes: 732 joules Energy consumed without moving on the armrest for 30 minutes: 812 joules

Yoga breathing method shakes out your bad mood

Yoga breathing method shakes out your bad mood

I recommend a simple and practical yoga technique especially suitable for white-collar women.

This group of exercises can be completed in about 30 minutes, and the time is up to you.

You can do it during work breaks or during breaks.

  Basic breathing method: Yoga believes that humans rely on the energy of the universe to survive, and in the air, sunlight, soil, moisture and food known as vital elements, breathing air is the most important. Breathing contains magical power.

  Method: Sit on a chair with your legs together.

With one hand on your thigh and one on your abdomen, lower your jaw and straighten your spine.

First relax the abdomen, inhale with the nose, and expand the throat and chest with force to fill the chest, abdomen, and belly; then relax the jaw, exhale, and relax at the same time, the belly gradually goes down.

When exhaling, slowly exhale from the nose for two hours when inhaling, and hold your breath after exhaling 1?
2 seconds.

  Consciousness: Place on the abdominal breath.

  Note: Yoga breathing has deep breathing, light breathing and quiet breathing.

Different breathing methods are used depending on the magnitude and difficulty of the action.

Absolutely what to do, adjust the breathing like this before and after training for 5 seconds each time.

  Efficacy: It is beneficial to the stable and happy mood and feels very comfortable.