2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors Center PK: Bogut touches Mozgov

2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors Center PK: Bogut touches Mozgov
On June 3, Beijing time, the 2014-15 NBA Finals was on the verge. The regular season champion Golden State Warriors will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers led by the league’s first person.In the starting level of the two teams, each has a solid seven-foot long man. Although for different reasons, the playing time of the two people is limited, but even so, the duel between them is still full of vitality.point.Although they haven’t played much time, both are the last line of defense in their respective teams. Andrew Bogut is 30 years old and 2 years old.13 meters weight 118 kg this season salary of 12.97 million US dollars playoff data: average 5 per game.3 points 8.6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.Nine blocked shots hit 57.6% victory contribution value 1.2 If it wasn’t for injury, the Warriors’ second-best player might not be able to compete with Klay Thompson or Draymond Green.As the top pick in the 2005 draft, Bogut had comprehensive personal skills, excellent defensive ability, and quite physical conditions before facing a series of serious injuries.He can sit in the penalty area and eat his opponents alone, and he can also pull outside shots. What is more commendable is that his hand organization and effort, even many defenders are ashamed.  However, if the word does not make any sense, the fact is: after undergoing a series of injuries such as footsteps, alignment, nose bones, waist, wrists, elbows, fingers, etc., today’s Bogut has not been replaced.The next Duncan genius center, and the Warriors were out of the first round of last season with the Clippers fierce seven regrets, which also has an untimely injury and an indispensable relationship with Bogut.  This season, the Warriors have been reborn, most people attribute it to the coaching of Steve Kerr, the MVP representative of the star Stephen Curry, and the rapid progress of Draymond Green.However, without Bogut sitting in the military account, it is difficult to imagine that only Green can build the strongest defense line in the league.In the playoffs, the Warriors met Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol and Dwight Howard. If there is no Bogut, you can let the Splash Brothers be allowed again.It is difficult to get through easily.  Today’s Bogut, explosive power and foot movement speed has been much worse than before, which directly led to him often easily fouled, averaging 24 in the playoffs.3 in 4 minutes of playing time.9 fouls have affected the continuity of the game to a certain extent.However, even if there are no foul rules, the current Bogut will not stay on the court too continuously. First of all, because of his physical and age relationship, his physical condition is not enough to support a 35-minute high-intensity game. In addition, the so-called thin water flows, savingUsage also helps to ensure that he stays healthy on the field and plays a key role at critical moments.  For the Cavaliers series, if the Warriors striker group can properly slow down LeBron James, Bogut’s shoulders will be much easier than the previous three rounds.The Cavaliers’ inserting players, whether they are Mozgov or Thompson, are all types of defending strong and weak, and the range of activities is limited. To deal with such opponents, Bogut is enough based on his skills and experience.  Of course, in case Green, Iguodala and others’ outer defenses were broken by LeBron, then Bogut will also be the last gate to guard the Warriors’ camp.In the past two years, the Pacers have made James and his heat very uncomfortable because of the presence of Roy Hibbert.If Bogut can control the foul well, staying physically strong, maybe it will become an important person at the critical moment to decide the final outcome.Timofey Mozgov is 28 years old and is 2.16 meters weight 113 kilograms this season salary 4.65 million US dollars playoff data: average 9 per game.1 point 7.2 rebounds 1.Nine blocked shots made 47.5% victory contribution value 1.1Last summer, LeBron announced that he would go home. Kevin Love was transferred to Keke City through a transaction. Famous veterans such as Mike Miller and Sean Marion also joined.At that time, the knight was quite ready and only owed Dongfeng’s posture.At the time, Anderson Valejo was not injured. The question of how he and Rolf and Thompson deployed the rotation was still unknown.But even with three insiders at the same time, public opinion at the time also agreed that the Cavaliers are a true guardian of the basket.  Loew, Thompson is short, and Valejo is mainly known for his mobility. The three players have amazing rebounding skills, but they can change the inside defense and block opponents’ shots, but they are not their characteristics.So from the beginning of the season, Cavaliers general manager David Griffin has been looking for a defensive fighter with height and size who can stand up to the basket.Then Valecho’s injury was just a trap for Griffin to make a decision and speed up his work.  It seems a bit exaggerated to say that Mozgov is the Cavaliers, but his joining has indeed become a critical moment for the team’s distorted decline.When the Russians were just traded, the Cavaliers were in a state of trough, and the record fell to 19 wins and 20 losses.However, after a short run-in after the trade and the return of LeBron’s injury, this team quickly found a way to win, and sang all the way to become the strongest team in the second half of the league.  Because of his physical superiority, Mozgov became the Cavaliers’ most reliable guardian of the penalty area, but also because of his height, limiting his playing time.Absolutely, the best way to form a team around LeBron is to clear the breakthrough space for this. Others are scattered outside the three-point line and are ready to take shots at any time.Although Mozgov is good, he will definitely divide the restricted area, so whenever the game enters the decisive moment, the Cavaliers often withdraw their power center to play a small gap.This is why the Russians reach 12 in every 36 minutes in the playoffs.8 points 10.1 rebound 2.Blocked 7 times, but played only 25 minutes.6 minutes.  Compared with Bogut, Mozgov has considerable advantages in height, age, physical fitness, etc., but in terms of personal ability, experience and awareness of the game, there is still a big difference from the other party.In the limited playing time, in the case where the power confrontation does not take advantage of it, even if he makes a mess, it is estimated that it is difficult to beat the teacher who is used to the wind and waves.Of course, considering that Bogut rarely takes the initiative to attack now, Mozgov will not suffer much.Conclusion As the person closest to the basketball hoop on the court, center match should have been the focus of the playoffs.However, in the context of the NBA’s continuous acceleration and highlighting the fast quasi-spirit, their tactics are somewhat marginalized.Below, Bogut will have more use because of his more comprehensive skills. After all, a majestic body who can also play the role of axis response after covering the ball is far more than just standing and defending the ball.The dunk inside can enrich the team’s tactical routines.(panda)

Jinhe Industry (002597): Sucralose technical transformation project with performance exceeding expectations put into production

Jinhe Industry (002597): Sucralose technical transformation project with performance exceeding expectations put into production
The company released the 2018 performance report and gradually realized revenue 41.3.4 billion, down 7 every year.73%; realized net profit attributable to mother 9.20 trillion, down -10 a year.01%.The company ‘s performance expectations are expected to gradually decrease in the short term because the company reduced some of its business in 2017, resulting in a higher base last year; gradually leading to macroeconomic reasons for the decline in the price of some of the company’s products. The price trend of basic chemicals was divergent.Among the company’s basic chemical products, the prices of nitric acid, synthetic ammonia, and carbon ammonia related to crop fertilizers have basically remained stable; and due to environmental protection and macroeconomic effects, the average price of other basic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde and melamine has2018年 年后半年以来出现明显的例外。It is expected that the price of agrochemical-related products will help based on the rebound in grain prices, while the prices of other basic chemical products will move to a new equilibrium. Food additives entered a new round of production expansion.At present, the company’s main product in the food additives sector, Acermi, has gone through several rounds of industry clearance, and the current price is about 5.5 million tons / ton, in the upward phase; the maltol industry, including large-scale companies within the company, plans to expand production capacity, the supply and demand layout will be converted into oversupply, and downward pressure on product prices penetrates;In the Qing Dynasty, the industry was fiercely competitive. After the company’s 1,500-ton technical transformation capacity has been put into operation, its overall competitiveness has taken another step, which is expected to replicate the growth path of Ansaimi. The circular economy industrial park is about to start production.The company’s first phase of the circular economy industrial park includes 1.The production capacity of 5 toluene furfural, 8 toluene naphthalene chloride and 5,000 tons of maltol, among which the previously 深圳桑拿网 constructed 4 ammonium chloride replacement, 1 furfural, combined heat and power, and wastewater treatment projects are expected to be put into production mid-year. Formaldehyde chloride and furfural are the company’s main raw materials for sucralose and maltol respectively. After the first phase of the project is put into production, the company will further improve the product industry chain and continue to strengthen cost advantages.In the future, the production of maltol capacity and the second phase of the project will also bring new profit points to the company. Profit forecast: Adjust the profit forecast and expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers from 2018 to 20209.20/9.54/10.50,000 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11/10/10 times, respectively, given an “overweight” rating. Risk reminder: the 南京桑拿论坛 risk of lower product prices and less-than-expected increase in production capacity.

Poly Real Estate (600048): Resource endowment and business synergy

Poly Real Estate (600048): Resource endowment and business synergy

According to the principle of prudence, it is estimated that there is still some room for the company to reassess its net assets to 18.

33 yuan / share, which has 18% more space than the previous one, and the company has a certain comparative advantage.

Combining absolute and relative estimates, based on the principle of prudence, we believe that the company expects a reasonable estimate of 16 to 18 yuan, corresponding to a current consensus of up to 16%.

  The residential development market has a large capacity. Leading companies have benefited from the concentration and increased the capacity of some commercial residential development markets. Without taking into account the needs of the old reform, the commercial residential development industry still occupies about 28 billion square meters of market space.

As the industry continues to mature and develop, the market scale will further focus on advantageous companies focusing on the real estate industry. It is expected that the concentration will continue to increase in the future.

  Leading state-owned enterprises, high-quality soil storage, outstanding core competitiveness2) The company has a leading sales scale, ranking among the top five in the industry for many years, the first among state-owned enterprises, and an integrated growth rate of 33 in 11 years.

4%, far exceeding the industry average and Vanke, Gemdale and other established real estate enterprises; 3) The company keeps urban cultivation, insists on focusing on first-tier and second-tier cities and core city clusters, has a good regional strategy, excellent resource endowment and rich land reserves to meet the company’s future3 to 5 years of development needs; 4) Poly property owned by the company is listed in Hong Kong. Through the power of the capital market, excellent property management capabilities 天津夜网 will form a synergistic effect with Poly Real Estate’s development business to promote the company’s core competitiveness.

  The primary indicators are excellent and benefit the new era. 1) The company’s financing cost is only 4.

99%, the net debt ratio, the asset-liability ratio after excluding advance accounts, and financial indicators such as short-term debt repayment ability are at the leading level in the industry; 2) Benefiting from the decrease in sales growth, the carry-over item price rises, and the company’s actual business carry-overThe profit level continued to improve and profitability continued to increase; 3) The company’s deep cultivation of the Greater Bay Area is a clear beneficiary of the “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area”.

  Risk Warning If the actual real estate exceeds expectations, or 杭州桑拿网 the market fundamentals decline in a cliff-like manner, the company’s future sales will be lower than expected, which will lead to the risk of overestimation of the company’s valuation and profit forecast.

  The performance is well-locked, maintaining the “Buy” rating company’s advance receipt at the end of the third quarter of 2019 to 3829 trillion. After meeting the 2019 wind consensus forecast revenue, the remaining 2496 trillion can lock 81% of the 2020 wind consensus forecast revenue.

6%, good performance lock-in.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

95, 2.

30, 2.

73 yuan, annual compound intensity of 19.

7%, corresponding to PE of 8.

0, 6.

7, 5.

7x, maintain “Buy” rating

Luxi Chemical (000830) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: High Growth in 2018 Performance, Single-Quarter Performance Improvement After 2019Q1

Luxi Chemical (000830) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: High Growth in 2018 Performance, Single-Quarter Performance Improvement After 2019Q1
Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved a total operating income of 212 in 2018.8.4 billion, an increase of 35.04%; operating net cash flow 52.65 trillion, an increase of 31.41%; net profit attributable to mother 30.670,000 yuan, an increase of 57 in ten years.29%, after deducting 31.480,000 yuan, an increase of 60.60%; single Q4 company achieved revenue of 55.1.3 billion, net profit attributable to mother 7.1.6 billion, performance in line with expectations.The company also released the 2019 first quarter report, achieving revenue of 49.69 trillion, with an increase of 1.54%, net cash flow from operations 6.04 trillion, with the same increase of 21.99%, net profit attributable to mother 3.62 trillion, a decrease of 55 a year.73%. Comment: A model of industrial transformation and upgrading, asset quality 深圳桑拿网 improvement The company actively implemented major projects for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in 2018, and projects such as caprolactam phase II went smoothly into production, realizing the optimization and filling of the industrial structure.The long-term stable operation of all production units, the increase in revenue of high gross margin products, and the improvement in asset quality are the main reasons for the company’s 2018 performance growth.In terms of business, the revenue of internal new chemical materials in 2018 increased by 72% year-on-year.62%, accounting for 69% of overall revenue.23%, an increase of 15 per year.07pct, the company’s industrial transformation and upgrading effect is significant. R & D fundraising maintains high growth. In 2018, the company steadily improved technology research and development and results transformation applications, and R & D investment7.49 trillion, an increase of 39.43%, accounting for 2018 annual revenue3.52%, including R & D expenses6.3 billion, an increase of 236.84%.The enhancement of the company’s innovation ability will provide a strong endogenous driving force for subsequent development.The company was identified as the second batch of emerging enterprises in Shandong Province in 2018, and Sun Co. Luxi Chemical Engineering Design Co. was re-identified as an emerging enterprise, and could enjoy the preferential policies for the replacement of emerging enterprises within the specified period. The prices of main products have rebounded, and the single-quarter performance may be affected by the previous drop in oil prices and weaker demand. In the first quarter of 2019, product prices showed recent lows. We observe that the current average price of the first quarter changes respectively.0.4%), n-butanol (+1.5%), octanol (-0.7%), caustic soda (-15.9%), DMF (+6.4%), caprolactam (+5.0%), DMC (+12.0%), urea (+9.3%), formic acid (-1.5%), hydrogen peroxide (+10.1%) and methanol (+4.0%), product prices are picking up, and projects such as the reform of polyol raw material routes are expected to be put into operation, and the company’s performance turning point can be expected to rise. Maintaining the “Buy” rating is affected by the recent changes in product prices, lowering the profit forecast for 2019, maintaining the profit forecast for 2020 and increasing the profit forecast for 2021, and EPS are expected to be 1.66, 2.24, 2.40 yuan (the previous time was 2).19, 2.24, — yuan), of which the PE correspondence in 2019 has only been completed 10 times. Due to the overall upward movement of the market’s estimated center, the rating of “Buy” is still maintained. Risk warning: macroeconomic fluctuations, raw material price fluctuations, new capacity releases exceed expectations.

Why did Foreign Capital buy Maotai and Wuliangye and sell Ping An and CMB?

Why did Foreign Capital buy Maotai and Wuliangye and sell Ping An and CMB?

Source: This week (February 17-February 21), after a lapse of nearly ten months, the A-share turnover once again broke through the trillion mark.At 2,200 points, the GEM Index took the lead in hitting a new high in three years.

With the strengthening of A shares, many investors floated too much.

  In fact, the pace of northbound capital additions continues, with a net purchase of 6.5 billion yuan this week and a gradual net purchase of 40.9 billion yuan this month.

This week, except for February 18 and February 21, the net inflow of foreign exchange was replaced by the other three trading days.

For details, please refer to the merger: From the perspective of individual stocks, according to the data of the top ten active trading stocks listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the gradual control of the epidemic situation was transformed.Stocks, rare metals, home appliances and other industry stocks also suffered from foreign lightening.

  Among the stocks that added positions, Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye, BOE A, China International Travel Service, Ningde Times and other stocks were all fully funded.

Among them, Guizhou Moutai and Wuliangye were both net bought over 1 billion, showing that after the import control of the epidemic, confidence in consumer sectors such as liquor has gradually rebounded.

  It is worth noting that the recent GEM hot stock Ningde Times also ranks among the top foreign foreign investors.

On February 19, the Financial Times quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Tesla had agreed to purchase lithium iron phosphate batteries from the Ningde era.

The Ningde Times Securities Office also said that the current cooperation with Tesla is only at the stage of intent agreement, and specific details have not been determined.

Subsequently, the Ningde era continued to be popular in the market, and foreign countries continued to increase their positions.

  List of net foreign stock purchases this week: It is noteworthy that some financial stocks have been net sold by foreign countries this week. According to the No. 1 financial institute, this week Ping An of China, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Securities, and Ping An Bank were net sold by foreign countries.Out.

In addition to financial stocks, Gree Electric Appliances, which was “buy” by terrorism abroad, was also lightened by foreign countries this week.厦门夜网

  List of recent foreign exchange net stocks sold: Source: Oriental Fortune Chioce’s continued purchase of A shares in foreign countries, CITIC Securities said that in the long term, the long-term strategic allocation area of the A-share market is estimated to be a US stock alternative advantage; short-termJudging from the fact that A-shares are currently at a low point in a round of earnings growth cycles, while U.S. stocks are at a high point, the return of A-shares is expected to significantly exceed that of U.S. stocks.

  In the current major global markets, A-shares have high relative value, good economic fundamentals, good safety margins, and higher allocation values in the medium and long term. This is also the ratio of A-shares divided by the various overseas indexes.The fundamental reason for enriching and 北京夜生活网 increasing the allocation ratio of A shares.

As China’s capital market becomes more open, the extent of foreign inflows into A-shares will continue to deepen.

  Zhang Qirao, chief strategy analyst of Guosheng Securities, also pointed out that the recent supervision continues to release warmth and clearly protects the real economy and the capital market.

The huge return of foreign countries has supported the market.

After short-term adjustments, the A-share market risk premium has once again returned to a high level and has a higher safety margin in the medium and long term.

Yili Co., Ltd. (600887): Control fee reduction promotes higher-than-expected profits, raw milk prices rise or competition is eased

Yili Co., Ltd. (600887): Control fee reduction promotes higher-than-expected profits, raw milk prices rise or competition is eased

Event: The company achieved operating income of 685 from January to September.

17 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

6%, net profit 56.

31 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

5%; net profit margin 8.

22%, a decline of 0 every year.

08 averages.

Core viewpoints: 1. Revenue maintained double-digit growth, expense ratio dropped, and performance exceeded expectations: Of which, in the third quarter, it achieved operating income of 235.

52 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

8%, net profit 18.

500 million, an annual increase of 15.

5%, net profit margin 7.

86%, rising by 0 every year.

32 units.

The gross profit margin in the third quarter increased by zero.

For 19 units, the selling expense ratio decreased by 2.

The four tiers are the leading positions in profit growth exceeding expectations.

In 18 years, the expansion of new categories such as health drinks increased, and expenses increased. In 19 years, under the background of increasing income volume, sales expenses showed a scale effect, so the expense ratio decreased.

2. Market share continued to increase: the company’s operating income in the first three quarters increased by 12.

6%, sales growth contributed 6-7%, product structure improvement contributed 4%, unit price increase contributed about 1-2%, Q3 volume and price structure have positive contributions.

According to Nielsen data, the company’s room temperature / low temperature / milk powder market shares in the first three quarters were 38.

8% / 15.

8% / 6.

4%, up 2 each year.



6 units.

The room temperature market share increased by 0 compared with the first half.

1 unit.

Is it expected that the revenue growth of Amherst and Jindian will reach 15% from January to August?
20%, the golden quarter continued to maintain rapid growth in the third quarter, An Muxi slightly inclined in the third quarter, but the growth was between 15% -20%.
In addition, the consolidation of New Zealand’s westland company began in August, which also contributed slightly to revenue growth.

3. The price of raw milk continues to rise, and the industry’s promotion prospects are slowing down: According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the average purchase price of raw milk in the main milk producing areas is 3.

64 yuan / kg, which will increase by 7.

03%, compared with 3 in the second quarter.

56% has further improved.

The company’s product promotion in the third quarter decreased slightly during the same period, and the overall product structure was upgraded, resulting in a slight increase in overall gross profit margin.

Looking forward to the next year, the domestic raw milk supply gap will still exist, and the price of raw milk is expected to be on the rise, and competition in the industry will ease slightly.
In terms of cash flow, instead of the impact of financial business, the growth rate of operating net cash flow in the first three quarters was -19% /-33% /-2%. The cash flow was mainly due to the increase in raw milk costs, the increase in wages paid to employees, and the VAT rate.Factors such as a decline in cash flow improved in the third quarter.
In addition, the company paid nearly 7.2 billion US dollars in cash from investments in fixed assets from January to September, which has doubled from the same period of the previous year. It is mainly used for the construction of liquid milk production capacity, and the construction period takes 1-2 years.

4. Investment rating and estimation: The company’s 杭州桑拿 EPS for 19-21 is expected to be 1.



27 yuan, corresponding PE is 24/24/21 times, maintaining the “strongly recommended” level.

5. Risk reminders: food safety risks, increased competition in the industry, risks of falling market demand, and risks of increasing raw material costs.

Post-fit diet decisions

Post-fit diet decisions

A meal after training is essential for fitness.

Improve proper carbohydrates (burning muscles to provide energy) to transform into anabolic states (increasing muscle volume).

Success or failure depends on how you capture platinum.

Supplementing plasma energy after training promotes the secretion of insulin (an anabolic hormone). Insulin plays thirty important roles in muscle recovery: 1.

Can “drive” sugar from carbohydrate food into the muscles and reserve energy for the next training session.


Can “drive” amino acids from protein foods to muscle tissue and promote muscle growth.


Can inhibit the catabolism of adrenocortical hormone (a hormone secreted by the human body during high-intensity training).

Plasma supplementation is generally 2-2 per pound of body weight per day for women.

5 grams, male 2.


5 grams.

In order to make better use of the anabolic opportunity after training, it is best to arrange 25% of daily glucose immediately after training.

Combining composite polycarbonate and simple complications after training in a ratio of 3: 1 is conducive to rapid and long-lasting compression and avoidance of hypoglycemia.

Don’t absorb simple carbohydrates lightly, because they digest quickly, and the secretion of alternative islands quickly peaks and falls.

In itself, it stimulates terrible catabolism, because the body will secrete another hormone in order to prevent rapid changes in insulin levels, which can cause catabolism and damage muscle tissue.

  Heavy training consumes muscle amino acid and glycogen reserves (in addition, it is the main energy source during training).

As the training progresses, the body continuously consumes muscle glycogen reserves.

If glycogen reserves are too low, it will cause the body to change its energy source: using more protein as fuel.

A part of the protein comes from food and most comes from muscle tissue.

After training, the self-quality supplementation of eggs should avoid ingesting protein foods that are more difficult for humans to digest, such as chicken, beef, steak, etc., but should choose milk, eggs, high protein powder and other easily digestible food.

The purpose of eating at this time is to deliver excess amino acids to muscles and provide raw materials for muscle growth.

Interpersonal mentality is annoying


Interpersonal mentality is annoying

When people are in the workplace, they must participate in social interactions. The scope of socialization has a lot to do with everyone’s occupation, hobbies, lifestyle and location.

In real life, some people can’t make friends in social life, or they don’t make friends for long, their friends leave him again, and their relationship with colleagues is usually not harmonious.

The reason is that the bad psychological state in social affairs hinders the normal development of interpersonal relationships, that is, the socially ill psychology caused by psychologists.

The more common ones are the following, which should be avoided: 1.

Inferiority: Some people are prone to inferiority, and even look down on themselves, lack self-confidence, do not have the courage to do things, be fearful, and echo, without having their own opinions.

If this psychology is not overcome, it will wear away the unique personality of the person.


Cowardly Psychology: It is mainly found in people who are not deeply involved in the world, have relatively little experience, are introverted, and are not good at speaking. Due to cowardice, they even think that they are right in social affairs, but after careful consideration, they are afraid to express it.

This kind of mentality can also be observed by others, and as a result, they have an opinion on themselves and do not want to be good friends.


Suspicion: Some people are social or entrusting their friends to do business. They often like to look at each other with distrustful eyes. They have no reason to doubt, catch the wind, and make irresponsible remarks. For example, some people ask friends to do business, but ask other people about their work.What happened, the result affected the relationship between friends.


Rebellious psychology: Some people always like to raise the bar with others to show that they are different. For any matter, right or wrong, I think it is bad; if you are right, I say it is wrong, so that others have a problem with themselves.Disgusting.


Psychology of play: Some people treat friends as if they are playing in the field. When they are in the Qin Dynasty, they change their minds and cope with each other. They love bragging and love to talk beautifully. When they have met someone, they will say how deep they have been with someone.

This kind of person-to-person interaction is just a superficial article, so there are no deep-seated friends.


Money greed: Some people think that the purpose of making friends is to “use each other”, only to see friends who are useful to them and can bring benefits to themselves, and often “break bridges across the river.”

This kind of bad psychology for gaining money and gaining the light of others is enough to damage one’s personality.


Indifferent psychology: Some people treat indifferent things as long as they have nothing to do with them, or ignore them, or mistakenly think that their words are sharp and arrogant, that is, “personality”, which makes others dare not approach themselves, thus losing some friends.

Can I get a high salary at the end of the year?

Can I get a high salary at the end of the year?

One of the purposes of work is to make money.

Choose from thousands of choices, you must choose a good career; which line of investment is not as affordable as career investment.

Good careers are like real estate investment. They are scarce resources and will only increase in value and rarely depreciate.

In a word, career needs investment and financial management!

  Youth is fragile and work is volatile. With spending a lot of money on cosmetics, it is better to find a golden rice bowl that gets older and more valuable.

But where do you start?

What kind of occupation in the military can not be “eliminated” by age, or the more money it gets, the more it does?

Recently, in a survey conducted by Lianhe Hexun.com, 10 types of occupations with “seniority as a treasure” were selected.

  Nearly a thousand people participated in the online voting, and among the data obtained, the “doctor” occupation received 89.

A 6% click rate, in fact, nearly 90% of the survey participants believe that “physician” is definitely a “older and more valuable” profession.

The first is the antique appraiser (81.

19%), auditors, accountants, cashiers and teachers are all comparable, all 64.


Beyond that, lawyers (76.

13%), scientific researchers (62.

38%), actuary (56.

69%), skilled workers (54.

04%), consultants (48.

61%), architectural designers (48.

12%) also won the top 10 “employee is a treasure” occupation.

  In fact, “older and more valuable” “antique” occupations are mostly empirical industries. There are no shortcuts to success, and “older and older are not afraid of losing their jobs.”Go downhill.

Xiong Ge, executive director of Shanghai Guanpu Management Consulting Co., believes that the survey results are of great significance and basically cover the existing “older and more valuable” occupations, and the salary trend of these occupations will not change much within the continuous change.

He made a specific analysis of each type of occupation, starting from the current market compensation market, and analyzed the reasons for “older and more valuable”, hoping to speed up the acquisition of high-paid practitioners to make some suggestions.

  Physician: The most profitable “doctor” occupation for medical treatment and health care has always been envied by people.

Doctor surgery is a high-tech and high-risk occupation, and the talent training cycle is also larger than other industries. Therefore, it is natural that doctors are more and more valuable.

Under normal circumstances, the monthly income of the attending physician is around 2,000 yuan; after “boiling” as the chief physician, the income also rises to 3500-4000 yuan, and some senior professor-level chief physicians can reach 6,000 yuan.

  Of course, if you can’t wait to “boil” so slowly, you can also “speed up”.

For example, private hospitals generally openly recruit young backbone doctors as training objects, and may also be placed abroad for further studies.

In addition, foreign hospitals generally stipulate that physicians need to provide patients with daily nutritional health advice. Therefore, if you have knowledge of health nutrition, you may have the opportunity to enter foreign hospitals and get high salaries.

And from the perspective of long-term development, no matter what type of hospital, it is a development trend for practitioners to have health and nutrition knowledge, because modern people pay great attention to self-care.

  Lawyers: Two doctors who work in the professional field to develop lawyers. They belong to the experience industry.

All trainee lawyers are bound to experience a relatively short period of “poverty”, but once they turn positive, their income will rise rapidly year by year.

With the increase of working hours, the popularity of the industry will continue to increase, and income will enter a gradual process.

  The future development of lawyers should strive to develop in a certain professional field, grasp the development trend in this field, and become an expert in some fields.

In particular, professional directions such as business lawyers and corporate legal consultants are relatively easy to get high salaries.

  Teachers: Application-type + methodology is popular In many large, medium and higher cities, teachers’ income levels have exceeded ordinary white-collar workers.

Taking universities as an example, the monthly income of teaching assistants is between 1500-2,000 yuan; the lecturer is between 3,000-4,000 yuan; the associate professor is between 5,000-6,000 yuan; and the monthly income of professors is 8,000-9,000 yuan.

In the general education system, in addition to the normal salary income, a part of the income comes from supplementary courses other than 8 hours.   In the future, application-oriented teachers will be more likely to get high salaries, but teachers who teach such courses must be rich in cases, the teaching content represents advanced ideas, and is instructive.

Therefore, teachers must also often enter the enterprise and continuously accumulate “practical combat” experience to enrich their knowledge structure.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools are facing students who are under pressure to advance. Therefore, it is extremely important to teach “methods”. If they can improve their academic performance in a short period of time, it will inevitably increase the sampling code for quickly obtaining high salaries.

  Antique appraiser: It is equal to “antique” occupational identification treasures.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call this profession “older and more valuable”.

  There is only one quick way to grow fast in the antiques appraisal industry: “Look at it, study it more, study it more.”

In addition, according to the current market operation mode, if you can become a senior appraiser, you can contract a certain department to conduct auctions independently, and the pawn business will become flexible.

  Actuary: The starting salary is 200,000 yuan. Now that the economy is becoming more and more dynamic, the demand for economic talents is naturally increasing.

The general and junior financial staff are currently in oversupply, but the senior financial talents are hard to find.

In particular, the monthly income of senior actuaries can reach more than 10,000 yuan, ranking first in each position.

As the actuarial industry is still in its infancy in some countries, there are currently only 43 national actuaries and 18 quasi-actuaries in the country.

  If you want to develop in this industry, getting the corresponding qualification certificate is only the first step. Rich experience can realize your efficient management ability and emergency response ability.

Since the actuarial industry in China started late and the working environment is not very mature, the second step towards a high-million salary is to grasp the industry trends in time, absorb advanced foreign ideas, and accumulate experience in the industry.

  Architects: scarce talents Architects are scarce talents.

Because, the architectural designer must have deep cultural heritage and extensive experience, because the architecture reflects only the shape of the building itself and the internal spatial relationship, and it also reflects the designer’s outlook on life and the art and culture contained in the architecture.

Therefore, most of the architectural design talents in the market currently require more than 5 years of work experience, with years of research and practical experience support, the salary must be able to climb higher.

  Consultants: Emerging industries have opened up markets in China through the consulting industry, and consultants’ salaries have increased rapidly.

At present, the annual salary of consultants in Shanghai is conservatively estimated at more than 150,000.

The job of a consultant is to diagnose “difficult diseases” and prescribe “prescriptions” for enterprises, and to use the most cutting-edge vision to make the most strategic analysis for enterprises.

Therefore, paying close attention to cutting-edge science and cutting-edge theories is of great benefit to consultants in obtaining high salaries.

  In addition, “researchers” and “skilled workers” supplement the annual increase in funding while “rising to higher levels” needless to say.

In addition to the above 10 categories that are generally recognized as “older and more valuable” occupations, the “editor” and “horticulturalist” also received more than 40% of the votes.

It’s best not to put these 7 things in the kid’s bedroom

It’s best not to put these 7 things in the kid’s bedroom

With the improvement of living conditions of modern people, children in ordinary families have their own rooms, so many parents also know the decoration of children’s rooms.

Some things, if placed in a child’s room, will indeed have a certain impact on their body, and should cause parents to know enough.



Do not place objects that emit sharp noises in children’s rooms, because children’s auditory system is not fully developed, and sudden sharp sounds can completely cause discomfort in their eardrums. Once they are suddenly shocked, they may easily cause fever, Crying and so on.


Exposed mirror.

Do not place open, shelving mirrors in children’s rooms, because children are generally less courageous. If they are just awake or the room is dark, they can easily be scared by moving people or objects in the mirror.Then, over time, it may cause physical discomfort.


Buddha statue.

Generally, families who worship Buddha statues are designed to protect the health and safety of their families.

But the boundless Dharma can be said to be a very heavy spiritual connotation, and the fragile limbs of children cannot be endured.

In addition, children are curious and lively, and they cannot guarantee that they will inadvertently transform the Buddha to cause disrespectful things, so parents are still careful not to put such important items in the children’s room.



Do not put any items such as knives, swords, daggers, cones, needles, etc. in the child’s room, because the sharp weapon itself has a kind of unresolvable evil spirit, and the child’s body is weak, these evil spirits will easily interfere with the child’s QiField, causing the child’s physical weakness, chronic illness and difficult to heal.

In addition, once these things are played by children as toys, they can easily cause harm to children and other people’s bodies.



If there are antiques and antiques in the home, don’t put them in the children’s room. Because the ancient toys have a long history, they are all older things, which means that their practical significance is equivalent to”Outdated” and “outdated”, and the child is a small life that is thriving and growing every day. This “outdated” thing is in conflict with the vigorous vitality, so it is not appropriate to stay with the child for a long time.


Thin-necked vase.

Do n’t put decorative objects like thin-necked vases in children ‘s rooms, because everyone also knows that “always” is a state that people have always been afraid of, so it ‘s the same for children. They have good health and education.The formation of personality should naturally develop in a relaxed and gentle state. Don’t let some invisible constraints restrict their physiological growth.


Plants and fish tanks.

Plants and fish tanks are all related to water and belong to the heavier objects. If these items are placed in a child’s room, they will conflict with the child’s yang. Over time, it will naturally be extremely detrimental to the child’s health.

  Many things have been verified and summarized by previous generations. Moms and dads should not simply regard it as a sealed superstition. Our purpose is to let the baby grow up healthily and happily, so we must overcome all other unfavorable factors.To avoid.