What to eat for breakfast, healthy weight loss, 10 kinds of breakfast, easy to gain weight

What to eat for breakfast, healthy weight loss, 10 kinds of breakfast, easy to gain weight

What to eat for healthy weight loss?

Many people feel that they don’t eat much fat. The first thing may be because they have eaten too much high-conversion food for breakfast.

The following 10 types of breakfast are extremely unhealthy and will make you fat, and eat it carefully.

  What to eat for healthy weight loss?
It’s getting fatter and it’s all about breakfast!

Really did not scare you, do not believe you see: 1.

Oatmeal doesn’t know if there are too many movies in Europe and America. Many people think that the milk-flavored cereal is very healthy, and it can also ingest a sufficient amount of various elements.

However, if you choose a fruity or “sweet” cereal with too much sugar, then you are not fat, who is fat?


Yogurt yogurt is a must-have item for many people, but some people love the “low-fat” or “sugar-free” yogurt for weight loss, but it is really dangerous!

If your breakfast is just a yogurt, then such a “healthy” yogurt can’t really bring you enough nutrients and energy, and faint on the subway!


Bread If your bread is not a toast or a baguette that is “extremely simple”, then be careful!

Because those delicious sweet breads that turn over the light, although your saliva will break, too much sugar will make your weight rise and rise.


Many people in energy bars can only squeeze the breakfast time in order to sleep late, so the “new star in the breakfast world” – the energy bar becomes the life-saving straw of these “sleeping stars”.

However, however, but. since it is an energy bar, then the sugar, calorie, ah, speed change is definitely indispensable, so why give up the delicious steamed buns, choose such a “non-fuel-efficient lamp”!


Fruit juice is full of vitamins, feels a cup of belly, good skin, good resistance, everything is fine!

However, are you drinking a bottle of juice that has a shelf life of several months?

If so, please relax the sale of preservatives and really no nutritious “100% juice”!

Dear, still eat a fresh fruit or use their own fresh squeeze!


The hardships of the leftovers packed are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, but the choice of the leftovers that were mixed with friends yesterday may not be a sign of cherishing life.

After a night, those delicious leftovers have already exceeded the nitrite limit, so it is not necessary to explain too much!

Moreover, is it too arrogant to eat boiled fish or spicy pot in the morning?


Immediately whether it is M or “opening vegetables”, now the main is a healthy breakfast.

Looking at the actor who didn’t wake up in the advertisement, after eating it, “the chicken blood is on the upper body”, you are not also hypnotized, want to hurry up to a beggar?

Please do not!

If you put the crispy potato cake on a napkin and look at the oil-soaked paper, you know why the editor would have a disgusted face.


Coffee looks at the long queues in the mornings of various coffee shops, and knows how much the “fairy fairy” of coffee is caught.

Refreshing can also lose weight, feeling that this is simply the most amazing food in the world.

Although many people even stunned a cup of black coffee on the commuter bus, they plucked up 2 or 3 milk boxes and thought they would be better.

However, I hope that your body can absorb the chemicals in these fat partners.

The food on the side of the roadside pavilion is delicious, but have you considered the waste oil?
Take a look at the “Yangshengtang” or the online exposure video, see if you dare to take the “rope” adventure.

It is strongly recommended that you go to a convenience store or a large chain restaurant for breakfast. If you don’t have one, you can also learn to make your own breakfast at home!


Mother’s breakfast, you might say: How good is my mother’s breakfast!

The kitchen cooking system is very healthy, and you can have a hot breakfast. It’s just in paradise!

However, mothers generally let you “eat more!”

Eat more!
“And then as a dutiful son, you will obey, then you will eat more, and then you will be fat!”


Very popular psychological test in Korea

Very popular psychological test in Korea

This test is very popular in Korea. It also started to be popular in domestic forum sites last year. It is included here mainly because its translation design is correct and has a certain degree of reliability. The accuracy rate is based on the responses to the tests. Rough statisticsAbout 50%.

Everyone can do this test after a meal or with a couple. During entertainment, there may be occasional uncertainties.

  What is the way you hold the coffee cup?

  (1) Holding the cup in one hand, holding the plate in one hand (2) Holding the handle with three fingers (3) Holding the handle with two fingers and spreading the other two fingers to hold the cup (4) Holding the handle with two fingers, the little finger is openOpen (5) Hold the cup with your whole hand Answer: (1) For serious people, the idea of marriage is equal to the idea of marriage (2) Your personality will follow your preferences to find the person you love (3) Love for lovePerson (4) you are a person with strong self-esteem and like to stimulate love (5) you seem to be able to meet each other, but actually are very subjective people

Sugarcane Five Juice Drink

Sugarcane Five Juice Drink

The weather is dry and cold in winter, the indoor heating is sufficient, and hot pot is often eaten, and many people’s bodies “fire”.

In winter, the culprit is “dryness”: first, the weather is dry; second, the indoor heating temperature is high; third, the tonic season, many people eat too warm.

In addition, at the end of the year, there is a lot of pressure and it is easy to get angry, and symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, dry nose, and dry stool often occur.

The old Chinese medicine teaches you to be a good firefighter in the winter, and through the diet conditioning, you can dry out the internal fire.

  Fire prevention in winter, Chinese cabbage and white radish are the best food that can get rid of fire.

Chinese cabbage has a sweet and flat taste, which can remove annoyance and quench thirst, clear away heat and detoxify, and is effective for some lung heat cough and constipation.

Properly eat some white radish, especially if eaten raw, not only can help greasy digestion, cough, but also Shengjin detoxification, heat and fire.

  Sugarcane juice relieves cough. Sugarcane clears heat and moisturizes. It is a good food therapy for removing fire in winter. It has a very good effect on relieving cough caused by winter dryness.

Because sugar cane is troublesome to eat, some fruit stalls now have freshly squeezed sugar cane juice for sale. Some people save the food at the fruit stall and use the machine juicer directly. Although it is cool and sweet but unhygienic, the juice is usually closed.Or it is operated in an open air environment. Secondly, sugar cane contains a lot of sugar. If the juicer is not cleaned in time, it is easy to breed bacteria. In addition, bottled sugar cane juice sold in supermarkets is not as good as fresh sugar cane because of the addition of preservatives.

Therefore, to drink sugar cane juice, it is best to squeeze it yourself, and if you buy it outside, you should choose a store or supermarket in good health.

  The teeth of the elderly are not good, and the children’s teeth are not fully developed. It is good to drink sugar cane juice properly, but for normal adults, it is better to eat directly. Not only is it more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, but because of too much sugar cane, it is chewed repeatedly.It can also remove some dirt left in the mouth and between the teeth, clean the teeth, and it is also an exercise for the teeth and oral muscles.

Before eating sugar cane, you can warm it up for a while. In addition, because of sugar cane glucose, people with high blood sugar or diabetes should eat less.

  Wu Jue Yin Qingre Qufeng In addition to juicing separately, sugarcane and other ingredients are also a good drink for clearing heat.

To eliminate the fire caused by winter dryness, there is a very good food therapy method in Chinese medicine, which is “Five Juice Drink”, which is to squeeze sugar cane and other small ingredients that can clear away heat and energy: scallion, pear, reed root, and barley.The juice will be redeemed and joined together.

  Reed root, Ophiopogon is best used fresh, but it is not easy to find in winter, you can go to a Chinese medicine store to buy some dried products.

But if you use dry products, you need to put the reed root and Ophiopogon in the pot and cook until the water in the pot is relatively long, and then mix them into the squeezed mashed juice, sugarcane juice and pear juice.

  It should be noted that hoe, sugarcane and pear must be peeled when juicing, especially hoe. The purple-black skin may have invisible ginger flakes attached to it. Be sure to peel and clean before juicing.Eyes must also be cleaned.

In addition, sugarcane can also be replaced by mash.

  Because “Five Juice Drink” has a good effect of clearing heat and refreshing energy, it can’t be overcome in winter. It is good to drink properly, especially those with yin deficiency, fire, dry mouth, and dry throat. The best is, but be carefulDeficiency, cold hands and feet and other symptoms are not suitable, it is best to drink less or not.

Spray sunscreen may cause lung disease

Spray sunscreen may cause lung disease

Spray sunscreens or sunscreens that cause lung diseases are common in summer, and spray sunscreens are popular because of their ease of use.

However, the US Consumer Rights Organization “Consumer Report” recently warned that spray sunscreens may pose health risks and should be avoided for children.

Consumer Reports points out that spray sunscreens are prone to accidental cures when used, which can irritate the lungs and cause illness, and should be avoided for children.

Even if it must be used, parents should spray sunscreen on their hands before rubbing it on their children.

Pediatrician Jack said that it is unclear what alternatives the chemicals in spray sunscreen can be inhaled into the lungs, but it is best to avoid using them until there is final instructions.

Doctors recommend spraying sunscreen on your hands before applying it to your child and never spraying around the face and mouth.

Consumer Reports recommends that unless adults use this product, do not spray directly on the dust, avoid eyes and mouth, and avoid accidental inhalation.

The organization has updated its list of sunscreen recommendations for children, excluding some spray sunscreens targeted at the children’s market.

Seeing his mental world from a child’s eyes

Seeing his mental world from a child’s eyes

-The child stares with his eyes and stares closely at a certain thing or person. At this time, the child is intently looking into the matter, and the parents should not disturb easily.

  It is best to follow the child’s line of sight, find what he is looking at, and find out what the child is asking, so as to guide the child and enable him to gain more knowledge.

  -The child’s eyes are bright and excited, indicating that the child understands the truth and found the answer.

  At this point, regardless of whether the child’s answer is correct, parents should praise him and explain it.

  -The child’s eyes are dull and he looks around, it is time for the child to be undecided.

  Parents should encourage their children to say what they think and work with their children to make a decision about whether or not the event is possible and reasonable.

  -The child lowered his head, his eyes dodging, and did not dare to oppose his parents’ eyes. That must be because the child felt that he had made a mistake and was afraid of being criticized.

Parents can wait for a while to see if the child can admit their mistakes; if the child does not speak, the parents can chase the child’s gaze and encourage the child to tell the truth with a smile and a look of inquiry.

After the child acknowledges the mistake, the parents must affirm his courage, believe that he can correct it, and tell him that he still loves him.

  -The child glared, indicating that the child thought his parents were unfair in handling something, and he was very dissatisfied.

At this time, children whose parents cannot resist stress should reflect on what is happening and give the child a chance to argue in order to convince others.

  -The child’s gaze is relaxed and his eyes flutter, indicating that the child is happy.

Parents should also show joy and share their children’s happiness.

Facial wrinkles hide hidden health secrets

Facial wrinkles hide hidden health secrets

Wrinkles are a sign of human growth and aging.

Medical experts have pointed out that the formation of different wrinkles can reflect different health conditions.


Cheeks appear twill and check for hypertension.


Short horizontal lines on the forehead are a reflection of neurasthenia, depression, and anxiety.


The line between the eyebrows is a symptom of a bad sinus.


The dense crow’s feet are a sign of hearing loss and migraine.


The upper eyelid is densely wrinkled and is a symptom of a bad heart.


Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, and bladder and kidney disease.


There are mouth wrinkles and deep chins. Check your stomach.


Deep neck lines, cervical spine and metabolic system.

  Remove the wrinkles in four minutes and remove the wrinkles under the eyes (one minute). First apply skin cream around the eyes, then point the index fingers of both hands on the eyes and pull firmly toward the temples until the eyes feel tight.

Close your eyes 6 times, then let go and repeat 4 times.

  Eliminate wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (one minute) Press the index and middle fingers on the double room of both eyes, slowly rub the skin on the side of the eyes, and close the eyes at the same time.

When your eyelids hang down, slowly pull your fingers toward your ears, counting from 1 to 5, then let go.

Repeat 6 times.

  Remove forehead wrinkles (one minute) with both hands together, with your thumbs in the center of your forehead.

Move with both hands.

The muscles from the thumb to the wrist begin to massage the forehead.

From light to heavy, massage from the forehead to the center, replacing 3 times.

  To build chin muscles (one minute), apply some skin care lotion on the chin, and massage the right half of the chin with the index finger of the right hand, back and forth 10 times.

Then reverse the direction and use your left index finger to massage the left half of the chin.

With your fingers, try to push your chin up to bring your lower lip to your lip, counting from 1 to 15.

Harm of online job search

Harm of online job search

Race against the clock like a test through a number of companies to apply for the job to professional recruitment sites, candidates must first enter their own education, internship, reward and other information in the standardized system of these sites, only through the “online screening”To receive an invitation for a written test or interview.

  However, in order to ensure the security of information, many “web application” pages have a time limit, and some stay on a page for more than 15 minutes will be automatically “kicked out” by the system.

Xiao Wang from the Shanghai Jiaotong University Telecommunications College told reporters that he felt that “Internet application” is like a tense examination. Some companies even need detailed personal information. There are also many open-ended questions that need to be filled out in a few minutes.It’s really not easy.

However, there are also brains, because the answers to the open questions set by various companies can be applied to each other. Experienced students will write the answers in the document in advance, as long as they are copied.

  Somehow kicked out, but many graduates have expressed doubts about the fairness of the “Internet application” screening process.

“My classmate’s experience is almost the same. Why can he enter the written test and my name is unknown?

“I heard that if you haven’t won a scholarship, as long as you fill in that column with ‘no scholarship’, you will be searched by keywords and you will pass the level smoothly.

“” It is OK to write ‘pass’ in the sixth grade of English. If you write ‘high grade’, it may be screened out.

It is reported that, in contrast to the keyword screening of “I don’t recognize people,” there are also company resume screenings based on this rating.

For example, more than two months of internship experience can get 2 points, and the longer the point value is.

What is even more strange is that the experience of student cadres is also converted into scores according to grades.

There is also a certificate in English, and 4 points after passing Level 6, and only 2 points for Level 4.

The academic performance ranking also needs to count points. Those in the top 10% can get 8 points, and those in the top 10% to 20% can get 4 points, which will gradually decrease in the future.

  Suffering from “refreshing obsessive-compulsive disorder” I’ve been ‘refreshing obsessive-compulsive disorder’ these days. I refresh my e-mail every five minutes, for fear of missing important notices.

“A fresh graduate complained.

Written examination notices for online job applications are often delivered via email, but the sending time and receiving time are affected by various systems or mailboxes and cannot be synchronized. This has caused many worried job-seeking students to “bring up” the habit of checking their mailboxes frequently.Get the long-awaited “pass”.

Will you grab whatever you ca n’t get?

Will you grab whatever you ca n’t get?

I always feel that my boyfriend is good, his clothes look good, he ‘s happier than himself, and his desire is like a bottomless pit. If you encounter this situation, you ca n’t get it and want it.  1.

Are you socially experienced?

  Yes-2 No-3 2.

Are you in the crowd of flattering bosses and elders during the festival?

  Yes-4 No-3 3.

Do you have many close friends?

  More-5 Not more-4-4.

Seeing no one is better than you?

  Yes-5 No-6 5.

Will there be “more than less than the above” idea?

  Yes-7 No-6 6 Do you do everything to weigh the benefits and losses?

  Yes-8 No-7 7.

For you personally, which is more important, friendship and love?

  Friendship-9 love-8 8.

Do you know where your limits are?

  YES-9 NO-10 9 Do you cherish the person or thing at hand?

  Yes-11 No-10 10.

Do you have a persistent interest?

  Yes-11 No-12 11.

Do you persevere as one by one?

  Yes-C No-12 12.

Has everyone around you since you were young?

  Yes-A No-13 13.

Must get what you want?

  YES-D NO-B test results: A, you may develop the habit of “unavailable to grab” subconsciously.

The people around you take good care of you, and they are very accommodating to you. You have developed a habit of jealousy and robbing others from robes, whether it is a toy or a grown up.In this way, you always look at other people’s things but ignore your own things.

May wish to go home and count how many good friends you have. How many people are good to you. Contact them and you will find a strange feeling. Oh ~~~~ B, you may be the kind of “failed.Don’t “people.

The people around you often encourage you to increase your confidence and make you do not fail so much. Then you will keep growing and let you be trusted by others.

If you want something from others, you usually use your own ability to take it, but there are people outside of you. When encountering frustration, you often think about whether to challenge again. The experience of failure will make you lose interest in the things you seek.So, usually make more imaginary enemies for yourself, so that you can overcome your stronger mental endurance. ~ C, “Gentleman’s revenge is not too late for ten years” may be someone like you.

You are accustomed to being able to solve your own problems without others intervening.

I do n’t get what I like, just because you lack the ability now. You have a very clear understanding of your ability at each stage. You always improve your ability to achieve your goals.

Long-term accumulation will only allow you to have a clearer understanding of what you are pursuing, but what you like must be good. It is difficult to guarantee whether there will be a third or fourth person to grab it. Before you start, you have to lookLive ~~~ D, “Come with money .” If you have material independence, you will believe the phrase “rich money can make ghosts grind”, and the real society does work like this.

You have a strong appetite for what you like, and from your previous experience, you must have powerful power to get them, so you always use these powers to obtain, and ignore the politeness.
“Like” this kind of mood, regardless of people and things, you need to use your own emotions, if you only use material to oppress, you will get the opposite effect ~~~

The most deadly behaviors in the workplace

The most deadly behaviors in the workplace

1. I always feel that I am not good enough. Although such people are smart and experienced, once they are promoted, they have no confidence and feel incompetent.

In addition, he does not have the ambition to climb up, and always feels that his position is already too high, maybe one or two levels lower may be more suitable.

  This self-destructive and self-limiting behavior is sometimes unconscious.

However, as a senior executive in an enterprise, such unconscious behavior can cause a large price for the enterprise.

  In a modern society with more and more outstanding interpersonal interaction and interaction, it seems more and more impossible to open up a new living space based on your own ability, or just do your own job, to stand out and succeed.

The only way is to bravely follow out and implement your own ideas and ideas, safeguard your dignity and rights, and then do everything possible to affect colleagues, supervisors, subordinates or customers, use their words and actions to move them and form an interactionCollective self-confidence.

  2. The world is black or white when looking at the world like black or white.

They believe that everything should be judged objectively like a test with standard answers.

They always feel that they are defending faith and adhering to principles.

However, these principles may be completely ignored by others.

As a result, such people are always fighting alone and often defeated.

  3, the endless pursuit of excellence This kind of person requires himself to be a hero, and also strictly requires others to reach his standard.

At work, they asked themselves and their subordinates to “more, restart, better.”

As a result, the subordinates were exhausted and “jumped for survival”, and those who remained were even more tired.

As a result, the turnover rate is steadily increasing, causing a burden on enterprises.

  This kind of person is suitable for independent work. If he is a supervisor, he must hire a special person. When he asks his subordinates too much, he boldly reminds him.

  4. Avoiding conflicts unconditionally. Such people generally avoid conflicts at all costs.

In fact, different opinions and conflicts can stimulate vitality and creativity.

A supervisor who has proven to be a subordinate’s argument may, in order to avoid conflict, be despised by subordinates or other departments.

In order to maintain peace, they suppress their feelings, and as a result, they seriously lack the ability to face and resolve conflicts.

In the end, this inability to resolve conflicts spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood, and friendship.

  5, arbitrarily suppress the opponents. They are tough and ruthless, just like a bulldozer. Anyone who blocks the way will be leveled, because the rampage is too aggressive, and they do not know the detour skills, which may hurt theirCareer.

  6. Naturally like to attract people’s attention. This kind of person strives for some kind of ideal.

In a stable society or business, they always take a stand quickly and feel that compromise is humiliation. If no one pays attention to them, they will become worse until someone pays attention.

  7, overconfidence, eager to succeed This kind of person is overconfident and eager to succeed.

They are unrealistic, and when they are looking for work, they are not the leading companies to avoid talking, otherwise they will stand on their own.

When working in large companies, most of them volunteered and demanded to be responsible for work beyond their capabilities.

As a result, the mission was not fulfilled, and he would not stop swinging the stick. Instead, he wanted to use higher achievements to make up for the previous promise, and the result became a general defeat.

  This kind of person is mainly lack of psychological affirmation, and must find the psychological roots in order to stop constantly wanting to swing.

In addition, you must also force yourself to “do nothing, do nothing.”

  8. Being tied up by difficulties, they are typical pessimists and they like to worry about others.

Before taking action, he would imagine every possible outcome and be worried.

Such persons act as supervisors and will be delayed if they are in trouble.

Because he was too concerned about the sense of shame, and even worried that his subordinates would be in a state of embarrassment.

  Such people must train themselves, and when they think of anything, they must control the fear in their hearts and make themselves more and more mobile.

The most effective way to survive in the workplace!

  9, negligence, such a person does not understand human nature at all, it is difficult to understand the emotions of fear, love, anger, greed and compassion.

When they talk on the phone, they usually do n’t even say hello, go straight to the topic, and lack the ability to compare hearts to hearts. They want to exclude emotional factors from the decision-making process.  This kind of person must do an “emotion audit” for themselves and understand that they are more sensitive to certain feelings; ask friends or colleagues if they find that you ignore the feelings of others, collect actual cases of their behavior patterns, re-execute the entire situation, and changebehavior.

  10. People who don’t know how to pretend to work, like to say, “These jobs are really boring.

“But what they really felt was,” I can’t do any work well. ”

“They want to be successful at a young age, but they don’t like studying, asking for help, or asking for advice, because they will be considered” incompetent “, so they have to pretend to understand.

Moreover, their demands for perfection were severely delayed, resulting in severe work paralysis.

  11. Some people who can’t control their mouths often don’t know. Some topics can be talked in public, and some content can only be said in private.

These people are usually good people and have no intentions, but in organizations that pay attention to the organization level, such uncontrollable people will only kill their careers.

  They must at all times set up warning signs for themselves to remind themselves of what they can say and what they cannot say.

What kind of MM is best to find a job . 12, is my path right?

  Such people always feel that they have lost their career direction.

“Is it the right path?

“They always doubt it.

They feel that their role is optional, can’t keep up with others, and has no sense of belonging.

Should newborns hug or lie down?

Should newborns hug or lie down?

My friend is so happy recently that the whole family is very happy.

However, a friend complained that her mother-in-law would hold the child in her arms whether she was asleep or awake.

There are relatives at home to see the children. When they see grandma, they always want children. They also persuade them not to have children often, so as not to form a habit.

But grandma said that the child likes to accumulate and is uncomfortable lying down.

  The old man takes the baby, and some old ideas will inevitably conflict with the new mother. The older generation has the habit of the older generation. They feel that they have raised their own children. The experience is better than you. There is no problem in taking the baby.

  However, the parenting concept in the new era often conflicts with the older generation, and contradictions will occur if it is not handled properly.

Here is an analysis for everyone, whether the newborn lays better or hugs more.

  What harm does a baby under 1 year old often abuse?

  Affects skeletal development: In newborns, skeletal development is immature, and when the baby is inevitable, the baby’s spine is curved.

In the long run, it will affect the baby’s bone growth.

  Affects brain development: The baby’s development needs to go through some major motor developmental stages, which is what we often say that two lifts, four turns, six turns, seven rolls, eight climbs, and nine rises.

If often enough, a baby’s lack of exercise can cause slow movements and affect the brain’s development in older people.

  Affects the quality of sleep: Babies are often released and shaken to coax. When they form a habit, they will “wake to the ground” as soon as they are put on the bed.

  Develop suspicion of dependence: often hold the baby, the baby will get used to, robes become dependent, no one can cry.

In the long run, the baby suffers from excessive psychological dependence of parents, unwilling to contact new partners or new things, and the robe leads to irritability, willfulness, which is not conducive to the development of the baby’s healthy character.

  Easy to cause obesity: The baby is always supplemented and lacks exercise, the development of large sports will be slow, and the baby is easy to overweight and become redundant.

  If you want to hold your child, how to hold it safe. Some parents like to always admit their children, while some parents worry that their children will often become dependent. They will ignore the baby and even cry for a long time.not good too.

Newborns have a need to be abused, and you can hold it safely.

  The baby should be held horizontally within 3 months. The newborn baby within 3 months should be held horizontally. This is because the cervical spine and spine of the newborn baby are not yet formed, and the bones are very soft. Holding the baby vertically will increase the baby’s cervical spine and spine.Pressure, and horizontal holding can reduce the pressure on the baby’s cervical end.

  After breastfeeding, you can hold the baby in a vertical position while eating. When a newborn baby is breastfeeding or crying, it will swallow a large amount of air. The accumulation of air in the body will cause intestinal flatulence and the baby will have a stomachache.

Therefore, pat your baby after breastfeeding. The vertical clap is the most common lap position. Let your baby sit on the front, lean forward, support your baby’s head with your thumb and forefinger, and support your baby’s chest with your palm.Then pat with your other hand.

  With the exception of clapping and holding in the vertical position, it is not recommended in other situations.

  After waking up, you can hug your baby appropriately. After waking up, you will find your family. Then you can hug, touch, and talk to him. Your baby will know the sense of security, and language communication can stimulate your baby’s language development and brain development.

  [Editor said]Every little baby is as cute as an angel. The tender and delicate feeling makes parents who are new parents put it down, admitting that there is not enough love in their arms, not enough to see, not enough love.

However, for newborn babies, most of the time is spent in sleep, so it is better to lie down.

It’s not just not to hug, just pay attention to the timing and method of hug.